Saturday, July 21, 2012


A few days ago one of those big moths was out flapping against the porch screen to get out.  Yup!  Somehow it found a way into the porch/balcony.  Karma was happy to watch it for a while before the murderer came out armed with a paper towel.
Then this morning...a wasp! 
I have mentioned several times how I am afraid of wasps and bees...well, I finally worked up my nerve to go out there and catch it in a jar.  I am too afraid of trying to swat them or any other such insane foolishness.  I am a much crueler and more devious killer...sneak quietly up on them...trap them...and leave them to die in the jar.  I tried carrying wasps downstairs and letting them go...twice...and they came right at me out of the jar!  Almost got into the building and scared the everlovin' sh*t out of that was the end of my mercy attempts.  Now I wait until they are dead...for a couple of I am dang sure they are stone-cold-dead.  Fear is a terrible thing.  Talk about revealing your shadow self.  
I am going to ask Dagan and Leah to scout around out there tomorrow to see if they can find the gaps where these random bugs are still gaining access to my sanctuary.  I can't tell where they are getting in.  Has to be along the edges of the carpet someplace.  
I have a ton of pictures of the work on the foundation/basement walls on Dagan and Leah's new house.  Truth--I got busy sorting, cleaning, and organizing paint supplies all morning--frankly--I am too tired and sore to sort through these, so I posted them all.  They are all exciting to us, of course--but you can just skim past if you want to.  Here you go!

I can hardly wait to see the next set of pictures!  Not that I can tell exactly what I'm looking at--LOL!  ;)  That's it for today.  Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!  :):)
"Chance is always powerful.  Let your hook be always cast; in the pool where you least expect it, will be fish."


  1. hooray for foundation work! :)

  2. I hate wasps and bees too! Found a wasp nest right outside my bedroom window yesterday afternoon, sprayed it with Raid, hopefully have killed them all. Next I'll have to have maintenance come and knock it down so more don't come and move in.

  3. Well, I can honestly say that it looks like a building site, but I love your sky!
    I'm looking forward to the finished house.

    I hate creepy crawlies to, especially wasps...but I let my cats take care of them. I wonder why they don't get stung. If they don't sting or bite, I usually just let them alone...they will find themselves back outdoors eventually. It's flies, the huge buzzing ones that drive me crazy!
    But my windows are always open during the Summer, so they get in there. I even get the odd visit from a strange cat!
    I have told my two about bringing their friends home, but they never listen!

    Hugs to you and Karma.

  4. A good start on the foundation!

    I hate wasps too. Look around and see if you can see any of their mud nests.

  5. looks like foundation for Dagan/Leah's house? (are they having a basement, looked like it, but not sure?) When we lived in Montana we had bees coming in through the chimney, we had to board it up during the summer months; they do scare me too!


  6. I'm not fond of stinging bugs in the house, either. I can understand your fear of them. I'm thinking that if you allow for a bit of air in the jar (a couple of tiny holes in the lid), and place it in the freezer for a little while, they'll go somewhat dozy/dormant and allow you to release them safely shortly afterward. You'll be long gone by the time the wake up. At least, that's my theory - which may or may not have any merit. ;)

  7. How exciting that the foundation is down!

    I have an older home with an enormous chimney that is pulling away from the house. It is too heavy for the home so I have a 3 inch gap between the chimney and wall that lizards are getting into and welcome themselves into my home. Ugghhh...and yes one day the chimney will rip apart my house.

  8. How exciting to see the house going up! And it looks like the house is in a beautiful area.

    In California every house has a million places where creepy crawlies can get in. Ugh. I've almost given up the battle!

  9. i guess no matter how hard you try to keep those little critters OUT...ONE or two...will always find a way to sneak in! oh well.

    the foundation looks great! coming along nicely...and quickly!! yay!!

  10. I love to see a project unfold from the ground up in my runs. Firs the digging of the foundation and everyday there is something else until finally there are cars parked outside and people inside and every time I ask myself, how did that happen so quickly?

  11. Glad to hear you are catching the wasps before they get to you. That's quite a project going on, the house is definitely on its way to completion! Well, sort of. :-)

  12. Ah, so now we get to see your true nature... You're a bug killer!

    Sorry, had to, LOL!

    For the record, though I wouldn't do that myself (I'd feel sorry for it before it could die) I don't blame you; I hate bugs!

  13. If I think I can trap a wasp or bee that's inside, either against the window or wall, I'll use a small 5 ounce paper Dixie cup (i have a dispenser in my kitchen for those kind) in one hand and a card or something thicker than normal paper to slide between the window (or wall) and the cup to capture it, and then I toss it out the door. But my door to the outside isn't far away. It would be a bit harder for you to do that. I do that with ladybugs when they come around, too, but sometimes they get too bad (too many which is bad) and out comes the vaccum.

    Dagan and Leah's house's foundation is looking great so far. Amazing how those things start from nothing and end up being something. :) Can't wait to see the progress as the house is being built. Very exciting. :)

    Hope you're having a great Sunday!

  14. Spray a wasp with hairspray. Or napalm.


  15. YAY for the foundations under way!!! SO exciting!!

    I can't help but feel sorry for those poor wasps...dying a slow, suffocating death. A pity there isn't an easy way to release them. I like Hilary's suggestion. I catch and release all the insects I find indoors, however, I do admit that I have no qualms about killing cockroaches. A definite fear for me there so I do understand yours.

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  16. The foundation work has begun! It will be fun to watch it to completion!
    Kill the bums..swat the buggers and smash them into bits. I am amazed that you caught it in a jar. Catch and release is for fish..wasp stings hurt so bad..oh they don't need much of a spot to get in either.
    Hot day I am sun burned:(

  17. You cruel beastie you! It is not much fun, though, when you are being persecuted by stinging insects. I do like moths though, some are very beautiful!
    Have fun and I hope you find their way of ingress!


  18. Foundations are good!

    Of all my fears, wasps are not one of them. Jim on the other hand has about come off ladders the hard way because of wasps.

    Can't wait to see the next stage of house building.

  19. I remember watching my house being built. It was fun to see the foundation go in and then everything else. Dagan and Leah are going to have fun with this :)

  20. Dear Rita, I'm glad that you said that you couldn't tell what you were looking at because I couldn't either!

    It's going to be such a treat to watch the house rise over the foundation. (I think that's at least part of what we were seeing--the foundation. Right?)


  21. I got bees/wasps in my house from time to time. They come into the attic under the eaves and through the gable vents. Usually they stay up there and don't bother anything, but when it rains a lot, they fly down the chimney and end up in the wood stove room - at the back door trying to get out! Ugh. I spray 'em every couple years to keep their numbers down.


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