Monday, July 02, 2012


Been so hot!  90s and air so thick you could cut it with a knife.  
Karma likes to go soak up the heat in the mornings before it gets too hot. 
 And how can she still hear me sneaking up on her with the door closed and the air conditioner on?  Maybe she had her eyes cracked open to watch for swooping swallow shadows?
There were two police cars and an ambulance here for the better part of an hour on Thursday afternoon. 
I noticed they eventually backed the ambulance up to the sidewalk but I never saw them wheel anyone out or noticed when they left.  I'd make a absolutely dreadful spy.  An ambulance is a rarity here.  Well, as far as I know.  Admittedly I don't pay close attention and if I'm looking at anything it is usually the sky--LOL!  If this one hadn't been here for so long I probably would have missed it.  ;)
Here's the 37 year old denim shoulder bag I made when Dagan was a baby.  This photo shows the actual color.
I took a close up of the embroidery that's on the front and back pockets (in the sun) and it looks all washed out.  The above colors are more accurate.  That big center flower is more sky blue.  Oh well.  You can see how well the embroidery thread has held up after all these years and many washings.  Don't ask me what kind of thread it was, though.  Too long ago for me to remember. 
Dagan and Leah came over Wednesday night for Sacred Circle.  The first thing we do is pass around the talking piece, which can be anything you can hold in your hand.  This time we used the crystal that's in front of Dagan on the table.  No one else is supposed to talk while the person holds the talking piece.  Okay.  I admit it.  I often have a terrible time with this part because I always have questions.  I was miming so much I had them both giggling because it turned into charades--LOL!  
Then we write down on slips of paper the things we either need help with or are grateful for.  We silently think about each one of them before we take turns lighting them one by one and dropping them in the burning bowl (the little copper bowl in the center of the table and why we need a candle).  It's like sending up your prayers up in the smoke.
  You can write down negatives you want to release, but we kind of quit doing that years ago because it seemed better to us to phrase it in the positive--what we need assistance or help with--and not to focus on the negative, you know?
We don't always do the Healing Rune Stones, but we tried them first this time.  They weren't working very well or we had too specific of questions--LOL!  
So, we went to our old standby--The Angelic Messenger Cards (by Meredith L. Young-Sowers).  You can see each card has a close up of a different flower and a word.  With these we try to be less specific, just ask what it is we need to focus on right now on our spiritual path, and pick one card. 
And they were truly right on that night!  We each got something pretty specific and personal.  Was a wonderful evening!!
What is Sacred Circle?  
It's just gathering to connect and support each other on a spiritual level.  A time to refocus and ground yourself--to think and talk about choices and the direction of your path.  Everyone in Circle is there to be a positive support to everyone else in the circle on a soul level.
For several years before I left Minneapolis I was in a Women's Spiritual Group.  They told me about this book: Sacred Circles by Robin Deen Carnes & Sally Craig.  
Now, I haven't gone back and read this book for a dozen years (makes me think I should read it again), but I have to say that Sacred Circles are not just for "women".  We even had guys come sometimes to our group in Minneapolis, too.  I think stating that it is just for women is sexist.  I think the most important thing is to have people who fit into that particular group.
You can adapt the Circle format any way you wish.  Can even change it up every time if you wanted to.  Usually you have a way to begin that you stick with and a way to end (which we usually forget, to be honest).  I remember the book had a lot of ideas and suggestions.  You can do guided meditations, share knowledge (even have a class on something), have guest is really up to the group.  We even went on little "field trips" together--not on Circle night, though.  
The Women's Group in Minneapolis was very into Native American practices and so I am not sure if the burning bowl ceremony isn't something I picked up from that Circle?  It might not even be in the Sacred Circles book.  I just love doing the burning bowl!  And Dagan and Leah have a little bit of pyro in them, so they like to do that every time, too--LOLOL!
I do my own thing alone on New Year's Eve every year, but I guess you can't call that a Circle.  Maybe that's me doing Sacred Space?  ;)  I have to say that when the Circle gets much larger than 10-12 people it really loses the intimacy.  I thought it was better with about 8 or less, actually.  We only have the three of us--and that's probably why we get a little less formal, forget to have the ending, and I mime or blurt out questions (shame on me!).
Regardless, it is such a wonderful thing to have people who care about your soul and want to help you to be the best person you can be.  What people discuss in Sacred Circle is private within the Circle.  It's a place where you are safe and supported and not judged.
Because I sat up at the table for about four hours that night, my back is still recovering--but I'm much better today.  Washing clothes, in fact.  They're talking 106 degrees!  Lordy!  Lordy!  You might as well say the sky's on fire to this Minnesotan!  ;)
Heaped blessing upon whoever invented air conditioning!
Stay cool--or warm, depending on where you live.  :):)
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.  Security is mostly a superstition.  It does not exist in nature."
Helen Keller 


  1. It sounds like you had a fantastic time with Dagan and Leah! Oh, I would not make a great spy either- I can't keep a secret and that seems to be kind of important to that job.

  2. Thanks for explaining Sacred Circle. It looks and sounds sacredly cool. The denim bag is still beautiful after all these years. It's so hot and humid here in Florida that it's too hot to go out. Franklin has a rash and he's sick to his stomach. I think we might be visiting the vet tomorrow.


  3. Thanks for explaining the Sacred Circle. I think it sounds very nice.

  4. Dear Rita, a Sacred Circle seems to be a lovely tradition--being with others and sharing concerns and supporting the dreams and hopes and wishes of others.
    Thank you for telling us about this. I'll see if I can find the book in the library. Peace.

  5. The Sacred Circle concept is a really good one. It sounds like you had a wonderful evening! I ccan only imagine how difficult it would be not to ask questions, though.

    It has been in the hundreds here (110 the hottest) for over a week now. I am so ready for rain and cooler temperatures!

  6. Glad you finally got to do sacred circle. I do sacred space by myself sometimes, but not sacred circle; I don't tend to feel like opening up with others around.

  7. The sacred circle idea sounds wonderful!!

  8. Thank you for explaing the sacred circle, I was wondering but didn't want to be too nosey! I think I might put into practice the writing things down and then burning them, I have heard of that before! Pet Karma for me, and psssttt...she can probably feel the floor vibrations of you walking! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  9. I think the girls would like to do Sacred Circle--I would have trouble, too, with not asking questions when it wasn't my turn! The girls would love that part!

    Supposed to be up over 100 here next week--but was really a beautiful June. I don't count it as hot here until it's over 100!

  10. The Sacred Circle is something wonderful to share, not only with family members, but with those of us connected to you through the electronic vibrations. I love the idea of it, and I'm glad you got it done. :-)

  11. The denim bag is really nice. It has kept very well over the years.

    Your Sacred Circle sounds interesting. I'm glad you, Dagan, and Leah finally had the chance to do it.

    We had a couple of cooler days the beginning of last week, but it's been hot since then. Upper 80s to lower 90s. Tomorrow starts the hazy, hot, and humid stuff for us again. No significant rain in a long time and the grass is burning up. Looks like August out there in that lawn. The gardens are in desperate need of water, too.

    I feel so sorry for the people who had to go thru those storms last week and are now without power and the ability to cool down. I can't imagine what they must be going thru. Pray for cooler weather and rain...without the thunder and lightning and winds.

  12. I like the bag you embroidered so many years ago Rita! Very nicely done and you still have it, that's amazing in itself! I'm sure I would have "dumped" it by now in one of our moves. I too would have been a bad spy; I am just too blatant, I stare a lot when I should be looking away when I see ambulances and police cars!


  13. I'm so glad you were able to have your Sacred Circle!! Sounds like a lovely thing to do.

    It's HOT here too! It was 99 here yesterday and so humid you just couldn't breathe outside. Then we got rain and hail, and things cooled off. I'll be posting about it later today. Hopefully it will NOT rain on Thur & Fri for the packers!!!!


  14. I don't know what type of spy I would make it would depend on the day some days I take a lot of notice of things going on around me other days I more intersted in my own shit to worry about what is going on with anyone

    I like the sound of Sacred Circle and the talking peice but I don't know how I would go I would be wanting to ask questions

  15. I'm so sorry for you in that heat! I just saw a US weather map and we were in the only little tiny corner with livable temperatures, which is one thing I'm grateful for. Grew up in a hot humid climate without any AC, so I know it can be done, and maybe when we're done cooking this world, we'll remember how we did it.

  16. It sounds amazing, your Sacred Circle meetings. It is obviously very beneficial. I believe we are all more spiritual than we think we are and being positive is so good for health.

  17. That is such a beautiful ritual Rita - so wonderful that you cans share such intimate thoughts and wishes in a caring supportive environment.

    LOVE the denim bag - hasn't it lasted well! I wished I looked as good after several decades!

    Our police cars are all white here, with blue cheques down the side. Highway Patrol vehicles are the same, but with fancy orange highlights. Ambos are white with a touch of green.

  18. i am so glad that the 3 of you have this connection. wonderful practice.

  19. I hate when the heat and humidity feel like you can cut it with a knife. In our summer, we go to the shopping centre to escape the heat as it's air-conditioned. BUT, as soon as we walk back outside, the hot, humid thickness of the air hits you like a ton of bricks.

    I'm always curious when I see an ambulance pulled up in the street. I immediately think of the person they're there for and say a little prayer hoping they'll be okay. With police cars too it's more of worry...I'd be wondering if someone was injured in a fight or perhaps, someone died??

    I love the bag you made, Rita! It has certainly held up well over the years.

    LOL as I'm picturing you miming because you weren't allowed to talk. As you know, I LOVE hearing about your Sacred Circles. I really like the burning bowl idea too. I agree, always better to turn the negatives around. Glad to hear the evening was a success. Those Angelic Messenger cards sounded like they did a good job. :)

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  20. It's so nice you can share the Sacred Circle. I love my Spiritual Sacred Space :)
    I posted, a while back, my painted Rune stones, check under Rocks on my blog :)
    I have the Sacred Circle tarot cards and love them.

  21. Thank you for explaining the Sacred Circle. That sounds like such a meaningful and affirming spiritual practice. I'm going to check out the book you mentioned. It looks like one that I would enjoy reading.

    I had to laugh about your reaction to the ambulance. You sound just like me. With an ambulance a rarity in the country, I'm always curious when I see one drive by with its lights on. I've been known to take Sophia and Olivia with me if we see fire trucks go by with sirens - an even rarer thing to see.


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