Tuesday, April 08, 2014


And it's T Stands For Tuesday already again over at Elizabeth's and I never even made it around from last week!  With all my good intentions...no...I did not get caught up online this weekend.  :(  It's a beautiful morning again, though. 
 We've hit the 50s the past few days--supposed to get there today, too.  See this picture below of Karma keeping me company while I wrote a letter?  See the snow outside the window?  That was just on Friday, I believe.   
I've been catching up on correspondence and thank yous.  Have written 15 notes and letters in the last four days...and still have five more to go.  There was a birthday influx.  I usually don't have this many lined up at a time--LOL!  So very sweet, though. 
And I do journal every morning...with my trusty thermos of coffee. 
I have till June to wean myself off of the coffee.  That's the cut off date I gave myself, as you know.  If I can do it sooner--fine.  Makes me sad to look at my mug now, though.  And I sip so slowly I have to reheat the coffee a couple times because I find I am trying to make it last all day--LOL!  I have managed to stretch out my one mug till almost dinnertime--ROFL!
The box of the six-month's worth of supplements arrived yesterday.  I haven't even sorted through them yet.  I am still moving at a snail's pace with this cold hanging on by it's fingernails.
I won a set of stencils from Christy Sobolewski on youtube and they arrived yesterday!
She received some complete sets to give away from the company and instead of giving away the whole sets she split them up so there would be a whole slew of winners!  How sweet of her to do that because it took a lot more time and effort--not to mention shipping costs.  You didn't know which ones you were going to get--just a larger one and a smaller one.  I was one of the lucky winners!!  :)
Oh, and I was going to show you!  The tiny egg cup candles are too small for a tea light.
I'll clean them up and see if I can think of how to use them.  Just too cute!  I hate to say this, but what just went through my mind is that bumpy rim would make an odd, clumpy, dotted circle on some mixed media...the paint would wash off...humm...?  I may have to at least try that for the heck of it.  ;)
I had ordered a set of metallic acrylic inks on Amazon and the company cancelled the order because they were out of stock.  Odd.  They usually tell you they'll send it when it comes in.  Was one of those satellite companies who sell through Amazon.  Anyways, I guess I was supposed to use that money on healthy stuff--LOL!  Now I will have a little extra when I go with Leah to Tochi's on Thursday.  ;)
It has been gorgeous here for the past three days!  In the low 50s (low teens in C) for highs and the snow piles and banks are melting fast.  We've even had some light rain and there was a first thunderstorm of the season one evening!  It even cleaned off the windows enough that I could take that first shot through the glass again. 
Karma's been in seventh heaven!   
Catching late morning rays. 
She's been spending time on the porch until the sun beams are gone, too.  Still chilly to sit outside.  I did go out and read a short while yesterday.  But the rumor is that it is supposed to be in the 70s tomorrow!!  (20s celsius!)  There will definitely have to be some porch time tomorrow!
Dagan and Leah are coming over tomorrow night.  Leah and I will be working on cards.  I'll try to remember to get some pictures.  I'm just terrible for remembering when I have company or go places, aren't I?  I wonder if I will improve when McBaby arrives as an enticing new camera subject, eh?  ;)  LOL!
Well, now I am hoping to catch up a little online this week.  But for right now...my coffee, Puffs, and I are heading back to continue my paper conversations.  Just an old-fashioned girl in love with pens and inks and the quiet, intimate, contemplative (sometimes silly and shallow) conversations letters afford.  ;)
Have a special day!  
Catch some rays if you can.  :) :)
"The true harvest of my daily life is somewhat as intangible and indescribable as the tints of morning or evening. It is a little star-dust caught, a segment of the rainbow which I have clutched."
Henry David Thoreau    


  1. Good morning! I'm glad to hear you are slowly recovering from that nasty cold. Karma does look to be very content, doesn't she? And I'm also glad you are cutting yourself some slack so you aren't stressing so much about not catching up on all your blog reading! :-)

  2. I hope you feel all better soonest!!

    That box of supplements looks so yummy (not!) :) I hope there aren't any that taste really, really bad!

  3. If you get up to the seventies, then you can pretend you're in Florida.


  4. My dog loves sitting in the sunny spots on the floor just as your Karma does :) Glad your weather is improving as is ours. I was wondering-do you have to give up coffee-or are you doing it for yourself? Looks like you're well on your way to great health. Lucky you to win the stencils. I'm sure you'll be putting them to good use in the near future. Happy T day to you.

  5. maybe you'll need to melt your own wax, hold in your own wicks to fill those tiny egg shells. :)

  6. I am glad you are feeling better Rita. I do love the shots of Karma. The sun is hiding here right now and is actually chilly here in the house.

  7. So glad to hear that things are warming up for you and Karma! It's good you are getting over your cold. Looks like you take some of the same supplements that hubby and I take. Have a good afternoon and enjoy that sunshine! Best to Karma!

  8. Nothing like a little warmer weather to put some pep in our step ;)
    and nice to see Karma enjoying it too!
    Congrats on winning those stencils...they look like fun...
    Wishing you a Happy T Day

  9. Glad your weather is warming up, and karma looks so comfy and cute in the sunshine. Congrats on winning the stencils--can't wait to see how you use them.

  10. I'm excited for the warmth too! they say 72° here in the cities! Maybe you could put taper candles in the tiny egg cups. I'm sure it wasn't what you originally had planned but it could be really cute.

  11. Hello and Happy T DAY!! What cute little egg. I better get the rest of my Easter stuff out now that I think of it.
    COngrats on the stencils, YAY!!
    Sorry for the cold still lingering, enjoy the warm sunshine.

  12. What a gorgeous blue sky :) oh happy day! We still have some snow and soggy grass, but it rained today so that'll help.
    It's very flat in N. Dakota!
    Karma looks like good company :) my cat doesn't usually lay in the sun, not sure why.
    Not sure if I could actually quit my coffee :) good for you tho!
    Happy Tea Day.

  13. Just had to come back and say that Christy does wonderful art! And those stencils you won are super :)

  14. Happy T-Day!
    Glad that you are getting better. Silly critters ... they can be content so easily. Sweet pic of Karma.
    You are so lucky to win those stencils. Hope Christy gets some ad money from them to cover her shipping cost.

  15. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Hi Rita,

    We didn't make it into the fifties this week yet. That's just weird, ya know?

    :-) Susie

  16. I take Flaxseed Oil for my eyes to help with the dry eye disease. It was recommended by my opthamologist over another omega 3 supplement I was using. The other stuff doesn't sound appealing to me. LOL I hope it helps you, tho.

    I don't drink coffee, so I wouldn't have a hard time going without it. ;)

    Karma looks content laying in her warm sunny spots. :)

    Hope you feel better soon.

  17. Hanging on by its fingernails. Not funny for you, but a big laugh for me. Hope you get better soon, though.

    I'm really loving the photos of Karma. I keep telling Bleubeard I'm going to replace him if he doesn't get less camera shy. He just looks at me with that look on his face that says "bet you don't."

    I fear I can never give up coffee. I can give up anything else, but my caffeine is too addictive. I hope by slowly weening yourself off it, you'll improve your health.

    There are so many conflicting studies that either call coffee the worst thing that could happen to you, or a life saver. I have no idea what to believe, but I know I'm not giving it up, even when I was told how horrible it was for me (grin).

    Thanks for sharing your sips here and there of coffee today for T!!

  18. Ohh, weaning off coffee would be hard for me. I did just recently switch to decaf though and honestly can't tell the difference so that is good.

    Happy T Day a day late!


  19. Glad the cold is getting better even if it's a slow process. I had to go off coffee last summer due to stomach issues and I must admit it was the hardest thing I have ever done. The issues have cleared up but I have refrained from returning to my coffee addiction and only drink it as a special treat even once in a while. Our weather here has finally become Spring like and we've had some truly glorious sunny days :) FINALLY ♥

  20. PS.... Forgot to mention how great those stencils look :) I can see lots of fantastic art coming from them and can't wait to see it all ♥

  21. That's one bit I'd have no trouble with; I don't drink coffee, so going without it is no big deal for me. I drink mostly herbal tea with the odd cup of regular tea or cocoa if I fancy them. Anyway, hope you feel better soon, and that the new diet works out for you.

    I'm pretty sure McBaby will give you plenty of reason to remember to take photos. Admittedly there will be almost none without McBaby in them, but at least McBaby's life will be well documented, LOL!

  22. Karma looks like she could just lay around all day, I love pens, just saying I like buying them if only I used as many as I buy........lol

  23. Hope you kick that cold to the curb soon...maybe the sunshine today helped! :)

  24. The weather was beautiful here yesterday too. It's about time! I got your lovely card and letter...thanks! So nice to get something in the mail. :) Best of luck with your new food choices (and lack of coffee)!!


  25. Glad you are feeling a little better. I hope Karma soon moves better now the warmer weather is here.
    Love those egg cups. Why not melt the wax and pour it in and pop the wicks in?
    Sorry I am late but I have just come home from a quilting AGM since Wednesday!


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