Tuesday, January 26, 2016


It's Tuesday already?!
And almost the end of January?!
Good grief!
Well, I actually spent the weekend working on The Postman's Knock January challenge/contest.  [Note: The T-Stands For Tuesday group will recognize the red coffee mug at my side--LOL!]  I drug out the old binder from the adult evening calligraphy class I attended over 20 years ago.
Using Lindsey's frame that I colored, I made up the goal list. 
Nothing worked right...not all weekend.   
I'm sure when you've done anything creative that you have had those days where nothing worked right--whether it was sewing, baking, crafting, painting, whatever.  I am soooo out of practice that my hand just wouldn't work the way I wanted it to and nothing turned out right.  But I kept plugging away--because I know it is exactly because I need to just get back into the swing of things again. 
I did the illustration--challenge number two.  Lindsey had samples she had done and I chose to try a letter.
Even though nothing was turning out well, I was having a lot of fun.  I'd play a little and needed lots of breaks... 
...but I worked on the hand illustrated card and envelope (parts three and four). 
It was dark on Sunday night by the time I finished...
...so no matter how I arranged these I got shadows from the big kitchen light (that I am so glad is working again--LOL!). 
I am just so glad I finished!!  Whoohoo!!  :)
Karma was too busy snoozing to care--LOL! 
Anyways, some exciting news! Midcontinent is now available in the building!  They left little info-bags on all the doorknobs.  I called yesterday to switch over my internet service.  CableOne is more evil than I thought.  In the new buildings they are keeping all the keys to the cable boxes!  Usually the management/office at the building has them.  This means that in order to switch companies I have to arrange to get CableOne out here to open the box for Midcontinent.  Apparently they have not been very cooperative about this box opening for other companies, either.  The Midcontinent lady, Tammy, told me that sometimes it can take up to four days to get them out to open a box--and that's even after they have picked a day and time.  They keep changing it or not showing up so the Midcontinent people have to waste time waiting around for them.
Also, it is illegal for them to tell people (like they told me) that they have a contract with the apartment complex to be the sole provider for Cable and Internet.  It was an outright lie, but they do it all the time, she said.
So, I called CableOne yesterday to arrange for them to open the box on Wednesday at 3pm--which is when Midcontinent can be here to switch me over.  I not only wanted CableOne to come and open the box for Midcontinent, but I wanted them to come and get the modem I was renting from CableOne, too, as long as they were here (which they usually make you return).  I played up the old, disabled and housebound thing to the hilt, baby.  Hey--I am not lying!  I was sweet as could be and just expecting them to be helpful with all my gratitude for them going out of their way.  Will it work?  Don't know.
I never got a call back from Cable One yesterday.  Oh, and I asked if they had to come earlier than 3pm could they just leave the box open for Midcontinent when they came later?  Time will tell.  I am hoping to get more flies with honey, as they say.  ;)
My former good memory pre-fibro is long gone.  I cannot even remember now who suggested I look to see what the grouse and jackrabbits mean as totem animals or spirit animals in native cultures.  But I did it--and took notes from several websites--and, no, I didn't write down where the notes were from, but you can google it.  Or google your own animal.  Was very interesting!
 Grouse, also known as Prairie Chickens  
If grouse keep showing up in your life: you will be learning lessons that entail understanding and connecting with the Sacred Spiral, one of the oldest symbols of personal growth.  Grouse medicine can be imagined like a whirlpool or a tornado with the spiral taking you to the center.  (I found this fascinating since it is a wind spiral that brings them to me in the first place!)  Going to the center will allow for a personal vision or enlightenment of some kind.  Grouse invites you to dance or walk--get back in balance with the earth--mind, body, and spirit.  But stay grounded, slow down, keep your balance.
Grouse comes to you when your spirit is too tired and you need to rejuvenate your energy.  (Spot on, eh?!)  You want to be alone.  You want/need power/energy.  You are finding it hard to trust someone. (huh?)  You need to seek higher enlightenment and wisdom for your current difficulties.  Need to connect with spirit.  Need balance.

Fertility, creativity, magic, associated with transformation.  Receiving hidden teachings and intuitive messages.  Power of listening/hearing/clairaudience.  Quick thinking.  Moving through fear. 
 Abundance, comfort, creativity/creation, harmony, vulnerability.  Jackrabbit tells you to love, nurture, and then let go.  To examine and utilize the tools we have within ourselves.  Jackrabbit is the teacher of skills in the arts and crafts. (Whoohoo!)
I was born in the Chinese year of the rabbit.  Luckiest of signs.  Talented, articulate, affectionate, and peaceful.  Rabbit is the eternal optimist.  (Right on, baby!)
Anyways, I thought you might get a kick out of grouse and jackrabbit as my spirit animals.  I loved it!
Come February it is International Correspondence Writing Month (InCoWriMo).  The challenge is to send something every day of the month--card or letter.  "Vintage social media"--one of my loves--LOL!  You can sign in and track your mail and such, but I will just try to write as many letters as I can on my own.  I usually write 1-3 a week, but 29?  You know me and challenges--LOL!  I'd be glad to send half that.  Of course, if they are not all letters and more cards...hummm....
McFamily is home from their weekend as of yesterday.  Leah and Ian might stop by for a bit this afternoon.  Sweet!  :)  I have the dentist on Thursday--and maybe be getting new internet service this week.  If all goes well--tomorrow!!  Unlimited amount of usage at half the price, too!!
We have sunshine today!!  26 degrees F.  I saw the grouse half a dozen times yesterday and they've already been here this morning.  Brought the trash out after dark this weekend and a couple jackrabbits were playing in the parking lot.  And I even finished a challenge!!  Felt so good to have calligraphy pens and paint brushes in hand...like a old friend I have been away from for so long that we are still a bit awkward.  But I know we will get comfortable quickly if we just keep spending time together.  ;)  
Have a beautiful day!!  :):)
"May our heart's garden of awakening bloom with hundreds of flowers." 
Thich Nhat Hanh     


GrandmaG said...

Geez, who owns the actually box? The apartment complex? I'd be tempted to just break in if CableOne delays. I have the dentist on Thursday too! Mine should just be a cleaning however. Good for you for powering through and getting back to art creating :)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Your calligraphy and painting looks beautiful! I took an evening class many, many years ago. It's like bike riding--the knowledge stays with you, just takes practice to be perfect again! Happy T Day!

Valerie-Jael said...

SOUNDS LIKE YOU GOT A LOT DONE THIS WEEK; LOVE THE CALLIGRAPHY PIECES. Enjoy your spirit animals, what fun to read about them. Hope you get the problems with the cable companies sorted. Good to see Karma is well and fit. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

Sherry Ellis said...

That's kind of interesting about the meaning of grouse and jack rabbits as spirit animals. They seem appropriate for you.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I was really impressed with the spirit animals. Such fun to read about them. I also enjoyed reading about the cable company, and look forward to hearing if your pleas get a decent response. Guess I'll read it on Friday if you are up to it after a trip out and about to the dentist.

Really love that calligraphy. You may think nothing turned out right, but it really looks incredibly lovely to me. Of course, I feel a lot the same, because what starts out in my head often doesn't translate well on paper.

Thanks for sharing your spirit animals, your calligraphy, Karma, and your red mug with us for T this Tuesday. Hope the rest of the week is better than you thought your weekend went.

TexWisGirl said...

fingers crossed on the cable-box-held-hostage scenario! :) loved the spirit animals synopsis. wonder what they'd say about whistling ducks. ha! :) glad you got the creativity going again! very nice!

DJan said...

Well, about trusting someone or not (in the grouse section), there's CableOne and how they are NOT to be trusted. It all did sound right on, Rita. :-)

Linda Kunsman said...

Oh my-these companies-whether it be for phone, cable , internet, heating-they can do some snide things for the sake of competition! good for you to get what you want even though it may take a bit of time. I LOVE reading about animal spirits-perhaps i may have mentioned something to you -any way my go to book is called 'Animal Speak' which i have mentioned on my blog several times at least. Really interesting. And last but not least your calligraphy and illustrative projects are beautiful! Happy T day and keep on creating:)

voodoo vixen said...

I think your calligraphy looks lovely so stay with it so it comes naturally to you once more. I often have days when everything I do seems to be a big fat waste of time... other days it all goes smoothly so swings and roundabouts! Hope they come and unlock the box for your cable/internet to be changed over! Happy T Tuesday to you! Annette

carol l mckenna said...

Wow! Have you been busy and creative ~ Love all your creations ~ you may not like them but they are lovely to me ~ And love hearing about animal spirits and good for you 'jarring the cable co.' ~ These companies need 'rattling' ~ Hope it all works out for you ~ Love how Karma is resting so beautifully ~ She seems like a 'happy cat' ~ Wishing the best for the week ~ xox

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh we have had a similar thing at our apartment complex! We were told we couldn't have a satellite dish so we changed provider when we moved! Last year they allowed someone to have one - on medical grounds??? As it happens we are OK with the company we have after a few hiccups and then a phone call to complain -which got us a better deal! Sorry to say I did pull the dumb little lady act -as hubby watched me!!Love your art! Happy T day! Chrisx

Lisca said...

Hi Rita, Well, what a palaver with these internet companies. But at least you have a choice. We live out in the country so we don't have cable and there is only one internet company that does the radio signal connection. But I'm glad to have internet at all.
It was interesting to read about animal spirits. I had no idea.
Your calligraphy and drawings are beautiful. Calligraphy and drawing need practice. The muscles in your hand need to 'learn' the fine movements.(that's my excuse anyway!)
Thanks for visiting earlier,
Have a good week,

Dianne said...

Oh, I love that you are getting back into your calligraphy...and do some mail art! great start with your cards...quite fun reading about your 'totems' too! happy T day! keep warm... ♥

~*~Patty S said...

Hope you get your cable stuff ironed out...what a pain!
Your calligraphy work is wonderful.
I'm sure it takes lots of patience and skill and practice practice practice.
You and Karma stay warm!
Happy T Day oxo

Anonymous said...

Isn't calligraphy fun? Good luck with your cable woes!!

johanna said...

that cable Trouble can be such a Trouble...
oh, calligraphy is on my to-to-list since years... but i think there is so much exercise envolved (which i am too lazy for), that it will have to wait until my next life;)
have a great week, and cuddles to Karma.

froebelsternchen said...

Beaitiful calligraphy and I think Karma will help with the cable trouble!

Happy T-Day!

Carol said...

i used to calligraphy many many moons ago but was never very good at it. Perhaps I should try it again and see if I do any better. Your's is much better than I ever got :) Hope they get your internet service changed over fast ! I so wish we had a better option here than what we have .

Intense Guy said...

I think I would drill the lock out of that cabinet - IF it was at the old place! Hopefully the management will put their foot down on this nonsense!

Divers and Sundry said...

I don't what it is with internet and cable/dish/etc companies. There's not much to pick between them -at least around here you are picking one poison over another :(

""Vintage social media"" oh, that's priceless :)

Janet said...

Your calligraphy looks great! And yes, I do have those days when no matter what, nothing I do turns out the way I want. So I just keep at it and sooner or later it starts working.
Aren't cable companies the worst! I don't think any of them are too reliable. At least yours (attempts) to make appointments. The ones here usually just give you a day with no specific time!

Krisha said...

HI Rita!
I think your calligraphy looks fantastic!! I love the frame around it too.

Oh Yes, I like to play the "little ole lady" to the hilt when dealing with any company that has to come to the house......LOL Hope all works out in your favor!

Thanks for the earlier visit my friend.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I was born in the year of the tiger I know this because I just googled it, do you google stuff if you use yahoo, I don't know is it important nope it is not.

Calligraphy is something that looks good but also something I suck at just so you know, people tell me my handwriting is near unreadable..........

My name is Erika. said...

Love your calligraphy. How summery and beautiful Sorry to hear about your cable issues. Hope they get taken care of soon without a lot of lies or head aches. Happy belated T day.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I am sure your calligraphy skills will come back soon...perhaps if you write all those Feb letter in Calligraphy you will be better in a month! LOL. Interesting about the grouse and the rabitts:) Did it rain there? It did here and wwas raining at dark too...who knows what it will look like in the morning:)

Jon said...

The hand-illustrated cards are beautiful.
I wish I could change my Internet service provider. It costs nearly twice as much here in Tennessee as it did in Texas.

Anonymous said...

Lovely cards and lovely Karma!

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Your illustration is amazingly detailed and beautiful. I didn't realize the grouse is also called a prairie chicken.Olivia and I just watched a DVD about the prairie chicken. Very interesting birds. Enjoyed reading about how the animals you are seeing are your spirit animals. Your new home seems like it was meant for you in many ways, doesn't it?

Serena Lewis said...

I love your calligraphy/illustration projects!