Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day- 11:45am

Had a wonderful Christmas Eve! Dagan and Leah came laden with all the fixings for a ham dinner. We got the dinner going and in the oven--then I "forced" them to watch Polar Express because they'd never seen it--hehe! We ate a delicious dinner--ham, augratin potatoes (Leah made them from scratch), broccoli, and a Sara Lee Dutch Apple pie for dessert!

After dinner I opened my present from them. They got me two mice that don't have the roller balls!! A couple of cans of my favorite treat coffee--International French Vanilla Cafe--and a coffee thermos that will fit in my red bag for cold trips on the bus!
Then we had a Sacred Circle and did the burning bowl and angel cards. Talked and laughed and had a great time. They didn't leave until after midnight. A precious day to me! :)

And now today--we are each having our lazy, solitary, quiet Christmas Days. Dagan and Leah have never had a quiet day alone together over Christmas so they were really looking forward to it. Karma and I will be watching "It's A Wonderful Life" today. I watched "A Christmas Story" yesterday. :)

I remember all the years of traveling in bad weather and good--running here and there for the holidays--the trading alternate years and bustling and shopping. I am free of that anymore, really--and I do love my quiet Christmases. But it was a real treat to have Dagan and Leah here for the first time!! I have never had a Christmas with just Dagan, as he pointed out--we were always running here and there doing all the visiting like everybody usually does. Never had Christmas with my sweet daughter-in-law--ever. So, it was a special Christmas for me this year. It wasn't what we had planned, but it all turned out really great! I hope we get to do it again in a few years? Maybe they'd think about rotating me in every three years??? :)

I've been making Christmas phone calls--have a few more to make. Then I will be sipping my french vanilla coffee and taking a trip to Bedford Falls!

Merry, Merry Christmas One and All!!!

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