Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Caroline just left--the place is cleaned up. We were talking about books today--her dad sells used books. I sent another bookcrossing.com book with her today to leave someplace. :)

Before Caroline came I completely cleaned out Karma's catbox. I had let the kitty litter get way down so I could empty it out completely and scrub it down. I threw out the carpeting on the bottom and put the other clean piece I had saved from when we carpeted the porch--cleaned and scrubbed her little poop house and her pooper scooper. With the scoopable kitty litter, I only have to do this about once a year or so.

Since I was doing the extra cleaning job, I decided to wash the bedding--all of it--the mattress pad, pillow covers, blanket, etc. Been meaning to do it, but I keep forgetting to do it when I don't have the normal washing to do. This means I won't get a lot of card work done today--using the good hours and the bad arm for other things--hehe! But I have planned both cleaning jobs for some time. Be nice to have them done. :)

Miss Karma has a little bit of a cold, so I haven't been letting her out on the porch for three days and she is not happy about it. She hasn't been begging to go out that often, tho, so you know she hasn't been feeling quite up to par. Been sleeping a little more than she usually does--which, of course, means she is sleeping most of the time--hehe! She looks better today. Hasn't sneezed for a couple of days and the little bit of discharge she had in the corner of her eye is almost gone now. Silly girl--wanting to go out all the time when it is below zero outside--duh!

I have been working on Christmas cards off and on. My new Levenger calendar arrived today, so I have been working on that this afternoon--writing in birthdays, appointments, budget, etc. Leah is coming over Wednesday and Friday this week, she said. We want to get our cards done soon. :)

Right now I need a good break (timer went off and I am already feeling it from all the activity today). I am going to go watch Shrek 3--and just deal with the laundry for a while while I watch. :)

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