Friday, December 07, 2007


Leah dropped off the pottery. Took a long time for these to get fired.
The two larger pots with the wild rims are water pots for painting. She made the rims like that for easily setting paint brushes across them anywhere.
In the front are two sets of bowls for Miss Karma--light green and brown. Water bowls are taller and scooped inward to prevent splashing.
The reddish low dish is a treat dish for Karma.
The two small, low white-ish dishes were an experiment-to be used as little mixing dishes for painting.
On the right down front is my rice bowl!!
The rest are just an assortment--no designation in mind.
Leah kept the larger one she wanted to use as a planter. I forgot to ask her to send me a picture of it.
Karma was momentarily baffled by the new bowls.
Two of the pots had to be chipped off the kiln. Leah said he told her it was from too much glaze.
Notice these two have the same silvery-grey glaze on them, tho?
I thought I might try to see if I could add polymer clay around the bottoms to salvage them?
Might be worth a try.
The larger dish has a crack running up the side, but it could be used for dry things, I guess.
Such a shame. I saw how beautiful they looked after the first firing.
All about the learning process, I guess, eh?
Of course, I had to have some leftover rice and veggies in my beautiful, new rice bowl last night!
I guess I could use some nice chopsticks, eh? I bought a big package at ToChi's of the disposable wooden kind they use in restaurants. I like them because they are rougher and the rice sticks to them easier. I'd probably buy myself a nice laquered set and not be able to eat with them--hehe!
I have just been sleeping (thank goodness) and working on Christmas cards. :)

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