Saturday, December 01, 2007


Haiying's order came yesterday! I am so happy with everything!!!
Here are my seals/chops.
The cards that Haiying sends along with the seals are beautiful all by themselves.Here are Dagan and Leah's seals/chops.
All of our stones are beautiful, natural stones.
The sheaf of papers that I ordered is 7.5 inches by 53.5 inches.
I wanted just the paper with the tiny flowers in pretty! Love it!!
Here's the whole pile, as it came. Many hours of fun here! :)
And here are the mounting brush and the mountain horse brush.
In order to fully understand the meanings of the seals/chops I hope the links worked because you have to really see the videos that Haiying sent me. There is so much more to them than a short meaning, you know?
Snowing here this morning and 19 degrees in Fargo! :)

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