Friday, December 14, 2007


Six degrees below zero at the moment. Leah is coming over to work on Christmas cards again today. :) I have been working on them--doing prep work yesterday. Cutting paper for layering and cutting down the sets I had done. Made another half a dozen sets, also. Going to go work on the stencil sets right now, so this will be really short today. :) I have been using up my "good" hours or my "spoons" on cards--hehe! Want to have them all in the mail by Monday--hope so, anyways--so might not hear as much from me till they are done and sealed. I am fine and Karma is feeling better. All is well in Fargo. Have a great day! :)

BTW-Not much snow at all. Was very cold and windy. Not really sure what all the winter storm warning fuss was about??

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