Thursday, December 06, 2007


This shows you how quiet Karma and my lives are--this was the big excitement yesterday. I brought in the chair cover from the porch--and a lot of clean white snow on my shoes--hehe!
Karma couldn't believe the snow from the porch was actually inside on the rug in big chunks!
She licked some of it up and then noticed the chair cover...
...that has ties/strings on it! She loves to chew anything with strings.
Luckily these were too thick for her tastes and she lost interest in them shortly. The snow kept her busy until it disappeared into the carpet. And even then she'd walk on the wet spots and shake her feet--hehe!
I guess it is no wonder Karma has become antisocial to most other people. She even hissed at Dagan last time he was here. Probably because he kept his coat on and was acting "unpredictably"--hehe! Well, 98% of the time it is just me and Karma. We live a quiet, boring life--hehe! I have turned her into a little old lady cat--because she lives with a slow moving me who hobbles about half the time and am here with her basically 24/7. Karma is used to a predictable life with just one human being to deal with. She and I get along just dandy and know each other very well. Apparently she has grown less and less tolerant of other people who don't fit into her quiet world, I guess. I have never had an antisocial cat before and it feels quite odd to me. But, I have also never spent all my time at home, either. I suppose I'll get used to her behavior--or she will change back. This has just happened over the last six months or so. I love her regardless, of course. :)

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