Sunday, December 09, 2007


This is what I have been slowly working on. Don't want to show exactly what is on the Christmas cards, but here is what I can show of the process. You tape down the stencil on to the paper. Spread the caulk on to the stencils...(this will be the front of the card)
(this is the saying that will go on the inside of the card)
...then you peel the stencil off the paper, scrape off the excess caulk off of the stencil--and then have to quickly wash everything off and dry it for the next one.
It is a slow process. If I am lucky I can get four sets done in my timed hour. A contemplative process. :)

I had a request from my dear friend Ruby to see my old rag doll Cookie that I got on my first birthday!! I had a picture of her in my computer files--only because I used her as one of the Everyday Matters drawing challenges earlier this year. (Good thing--as I am sure there is a mound of snow in front of my garage door right now and it is 4 degrees at the moment--hehe!) Snapped a picture of her in my garage against the plastic bag that held my little Christmas tree. She'll be 56 years old in March!
Here's my attempt to draw her--my constant childhood friend! If you click on the picture you should be able to read the story of how she got grease on her face--about about 45 years ago.
Which reminds me--I should get back to the EDM challenges after Christmas, too. :)
Just need to finish a lot of cards first....hehe!

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