Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I finished all the Christmas cards last night! TaDa!! This morning I can walk them down to the outgoing mail slot and hope they all fit in there--hehe! I'll put pictures up in a couple of days when most of them have been delivered. :)

I have suddenly flipped back to early days the past two days. Leah is coming over to put her Christmas cards together today--not sure what time or how busy she is. I can actually help her for once if she is really busy with the phone and computer. :)

My next project is to make the birthday cards for 2008 and some thank you cards (Christmas gifts). I can't tell you how nice it feels to be done with the Christmas cards. I was running later than usual this year, but at least they will head out today. :)

I won't have room to set up for painting until I am done with all the cards (I tend to sprawl out), but I could maybe do some drawing in my sketchbooks (been months!!!). I feel the urge to be doing something artsy, I guess. Miss Variety here. I like to change it up all the time. I've been working on the cards for weeks, so I'd like to rotate a little now. Cards and sketching--that would work because the sketchbook,pencil, and pen don't take up much room. I could even try to see if I can actually draw in my chair, I suppose. I am always afraid the perspective gets too far off when I do that, but I could try it and see how it goes. What the heck! :)

Won't be long and we should be driving down to Minneapolis (Sunday). I have been worried about my little sister, Renee. She had a kidney stone attack a couple of days ago and been going in for X-rays and is on pain pills--waiting for the bigger stones to pass--but still going to work! Stubborn Swedes, eh? She says they can dissolve them somehow these days? Not the laser blasting--some other way? I don't want to see her pushing herself and overdoing for Christmas Day at her place. She keeps saying she'll be fine, of course. Leah has been making goodies to bring down, so Renee doesn't have to worry about baking anything. I just want to see her all better and feeling well.

I hope the weather and my health hold up so we can make it down! :):)

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