Friday, April 24, 2009


Well, today it is back to 41 degrees, dark, and drizzly. Good thing I love variety, eh--hehe! I like the cool weather, but Miss Karma was annoyed and crabby for a while. Took it out on me--complaining, racing about, threatening to grab my legs (she has no claws), and just generally huffing about. Obviously, she thinks I am a god that can control the weather. Humph! If that were the case, there'd be no hot sticky weather all summer long and the sun worshiping, heat-loving folks would hate me! ROFL!!
I've been working on the birthday cards. Did the purple and the green so far. Several of my nails on my left hand are green. :) It soaks into my clear nail polish--hehe! I've been scrubbing off the foam roller, letting it dry overnight, and then doing the next color. The pigment ink stains more and is sticky--so I wanted to just use one roller for pigment inks.
Honestly--I might skip today and do the blue ones on Saturday and give my arm a rest--hehe! But when I do the blue ones I will make a video. Promise. :):)
I got my official notice in the mail that I will be getting my $250 from the stimulus package by the end of May. I am going to get my lamp fixed!! The glass shield broke about two years ago--no lie! I need to get a new glass shield for the bulb and buy new bulbs. I even searched online to find local dealers who carry the German Holtkotter lamps--and found three--tada!
This lamp is the only really expensive, extravagant thing I ever bought and it is sure a pain to maintain--hehe! But, as a reader and writer, I absolutely love it. I will be sooooo excited when it is finally working again!! Even has a dimmer! I honestly just forgot about it for a long, long time. Had a light that worked, right?
Wow! I will actually have room again on my little endtable! I've had these two craft boxes stacked here for so long I can't remember what it is like not to have them there--hehe! I have two of these silver desk lamps and I had the bulb burn out on this one and then put the second one there. (Why I had no light over my art table all winter. Just purchased bulbs for the silver lamps recently when Leah and I were shopping--tada!) Silly how I just adapt to whatever and it becomes normal. :):)
Anyways, I am hoping that in June my Antique Brass Holtkotter Halogen Pharmacy Floor Lamp will be back in action! tada!!

I looked over at Leah when she was here and said--Oh No! I forgot about those two boxes! Where will I put them? ROFL!!! Never fear--I'll find a place again for them--hehe!

Miss Karma was lolling about on the porch most of the very warm day yesterday.
Happy girl!
Have a really good day!! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

Yes, you definitely need good lighting for crafts and reading. You'll be in all your glory when you repair the 'special' lamp!

I did some finger painting the other afternoon and my finger tips and under my nails were a nice, bright blue....thankfully, acrylic paint doesn't take as long to wash and wear out.

I prefer the cooler weather too.

Rita said...

I especially need good lighting because I'm so nearsighted--hehe!

Haha! Blue is going to be my next color. Took the day off today. Arm tired from using the roller.

Sweater weather is my fav!