Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday- 10:30am

First of all, my desk computer is down again. It froze up and I made the mistake of thinking I could turn it off and get it to start up again. I have to wait until next week for Dagan to come and look at it. I retook these pictures for the blog today. Challenging for me to use different programs to even get the pictures into the laptop--hehe! I am less than fond of typing and having to wait for the words to show up on the screen--but am grateful to be online at all, right? :)
Anyways, yesterday when the mail came the book arrived from Gary (CBP group)--and it looks awesome!!!!

Besides the four gentlemen, which I want to learn, they have examples of butterflies...
...and grasshoppers at the end of the book.
So exciting! Thanks so much, Gary!!! :):):)
And the backordered reinker arrived already yesterday, too. I am happy with this new-to-me company. :)
BUT--there were no meds? I called the pharmacy and they never got the message that they were supposed to mail them out! The lady said they'd go out in the mail right away. So--they should be here today, I hope.
I also got my bill for the oral surgery and Medicare at least covers that pretty well--tada! Out of $1,205.00 I owe $149.99. Whether that is all of the actual billing, tho--who knows? It had no itemization at all--just one total.
Was a gorgeous day yesterday!! Had the porch door open all day. I didn't hear if it got up to 65 like they predicted, but I wouldn't doubt it. :) Today is supposed to be a little cooler because of the clouds, but supposed to be in the low 60's. And I did hear that the Red River isn't supposed to be as high as before, so they aren't as worried about it as last time. All the dikes are already up, of course, too. There's plenty enough flooding elsewhere in North Dakota because of the Sheyenne River. I heard there are 100 roads out.
Today Leah is coming over. We are going to go pick up PitaPaseo and do a little bit of shopping. When the mechanic went to remove the spark plug wires to check them--the wires crumbled away in his hands. So she needed spark plug wires and a new ignition or starter, I guess. Hope little Pita will be fine now for a long time. :)
Spring is definitely here in the North Country. Have a great day! :)


Serena Lewis said...

A lovely looking book, Rita..lucky you!

Thank goodness, you didn't have to pay the higher amount of the medical bill.

I hope Pita runs beautifully for you.

Enjoy your day with Leah ~ :)

Kaine said...

It was a wonderful day here in Indiana yesterday, too! I got out and mowed the front yard for the first time this year, cooked some dinner in my recently cleaned oven, and organized all the kitchen cabinets and drawers and added some non slip shelf paper! I can't believe I did all that in one afternoon! Goes to show how much the weather actually plays in our lives. Nice weather = more energy :)

Hope you are feeling the same!

Rita said...

Serena--I was relieved with the oral surgeon bill, as Medicare doesn't pay anything at all for dental visits. I had a great day with Leah--am still happily recovering. :)

Kaine--You have really been busy cleaning and organizing over your way, too! It was gorgeous all day while Leah and I ran around town. Spring has even arrived this far north--hehe! :)