Thursday, October 21, 2010


Started out dark and cloudy yesterday, but the sun peeked out in the morning and eventually took over the day!
Karma has been keeping intent watch on her dangerous wasp in the bug jar.
Dagan came over last night. No Leah, as she was busy. I made spinach and mushroom quiche--so yummy! Haven't made quiche in many years. Definitely have to do that again soon. First time I have ever tried the pre-formed frozen in a tin pie dough. Was delicious! And so easy!
Okay--I had been trying to get my printer to work for days and Dagan, who undoubtedly has the magic techie touch, sits down and gets it to print right off the bat!! ?? I can never figure out how he can do the same exact thing I have been doing and yet it works for him? He doesn't know, either. Just does. So, my printer is working again. :)
I gave Miss Karma a good foot rub last night.
She does love her foot rubs--hehe!
(Tori--I pet and massage her with my stocking feet--ROFL!)
I did play some more with the leaf stamps and the mister. Tried mixing brighter colors together than I did last time.
Wasn't trying to blend the colors as much. Here's dry.
Too much water mist--but still pretty cool.
Just the right amount of mist to leave the details.
Today I am finally going to pack up the leaf stamps and clear off the craft table so I can get back to the Christmas cards. Well--I just might have to throw together a couple simple leaf cards, tho, before I set up the Christmas cards again--hehe! See how easy it is to end up scrambling to finish Christmas cards? ROFL! ;)
This afternoon I have that dentist appointment to redo my filling. *sigh* I should also stop and get gas before my coupon expires...even if I do have half a tank left since I filled it in July. It's really sad how much I dread the dentist after all these years. Even when I have "good" ones. Makes no difference to my jittery insides. Be glad when I am back home waiting for the novocaine to wear off. :)
Even this quote isn't helping today--ROFL!
"I have reached a point in my life where I understand the pain and the challenges; and my attitude is one of standing up with open arms to meet them all."
Myrlie Evers


Deanna said...

I'm with you on the dislike of dentists - but I'd rather do that than put up with the pain of a toothache!

Some people just have the magic touch when it comes to electronic stuff I guess. Good thing Dagan is around!

Karma is one spoiled kitty.

Intense Guy said...

That maple leaf looks magical!

Hope your teefs is feeling as good as Karma soonest!

Anonymous said...

Glad your printer is fixed and the leaves you did are just beautiful I love the colors and the shape of the leaf :o)

Rita said...

Deanna--I've actually put up with tooth pain rather than go to the dentist. That's how much I hate going--ROFL! No lie!
Yes--I'm so lucky Dagan and Leah know a lot more about computers and such than I do and are nice enough to keep me online and techie-functioning over here! :):)

Iggy--Thanks! I absolutely love maples--especially red maples, which ARE truly magical to me. :):)

Lynn--There's something about the almost star-like shape of the leaves. Love 'em! :):)

AliceKay said...

Sometimes printers just need a man's touch....or something. :)

Looks like Karma was enjoying the foot rubs.

Those leaf stamps do a great job. The one looks like you could reach out and pick it off the paper. So real looking.

I dread going to the dentist. Would rather walk on hot coals then go sit in that chair. Nerves and anxiety...the terrible twosome. :( I hope it went well for you today. (i'm sure it did) *hugs*

Rebag said...

Good Morning Rita!! I am so with you on the dentist Hate going there, but I do but still always a dreaded trip.

I have issues with my printer as well and hubby can touch it and it hums like a little bee for him, so frustrating!

I love the bug in a jar for Karma LOL. Her expressions are awesome

Hope you have a great day!

Kelly said...

Great effect with the stamp and the mister!

Rita said...

AliceKay--Ya! What is it with men and printers--hehe!
I actually like the stamps without the misting or with very little because they have so much detail.
I'm so glad that dentist visit is over! ;)

Rebag--I guess I'm not the only one. Sounds like a few of us have dentist issues--hehe! And males in our lives with magic techie touch--ROFL!

Kelly--Thanks! It's a fun technique to play with. Just need water-based markers and a fine mister bottle of water. I will be back to your blog to see what you are doing for November. I guess leaves are of the earth, right? ;)

Toriz said...

Some people just have the magic touch. It works with other things too. It can be annoying at times, though potentially useful if you happen to be able to get hold of the person with the magic touch easily. ;)

If I'd done that with Sakura, I'd have lost a toe. Megan used to love that though. Mind you, Megan used to love anything that involved her getting attention from someone, or something. LOL!

Sounds like you're enjoying your leaf stamps.

Hope the dentist trip went well, and that you're pain free!

Rita said...

Tori--Very useful if those wonderful, magical people live nearby and are willing to come over to sprinkle some magic dust on your techie stuff--ROFL!

Karma is okay with her back and neck and head--but she's very moody about her stomach. Some days she's fine with it and some days she will threaten to bite me. Angel/Devil cat--hehe!

Toriz said...

"Angel/devil cat"... Nah, normal cat. LOL!