Thursday, October 07, 2010


I took in Karma's planter of grass from the porch. She looked so pretty sitting next to it in the sun that I grabbed the camera.
Then she started following something erratic...with just her eyes and bobble head..., there, and everywhere near the grass.
It was one of those teeny, tiny black flying bugs that love plants. She must not have figured it was worth catching--never even tried. Karma watched for it--intently--for a couple of days. Bug TV.
Someone is supposed to arrive any minute to pick up this bag of VCR movies.
Just as I typed that--they came. A man and his wife picked them up for their son. I love freecycle! :)
Anyways, I actually slept longer and during the night last night--tada!! Happy, happy me!! :):)
So, I'm finally washing clothes (not something you want to do in an apartment building in the middle of the night) and praying I'll stay on days now for a good long while. It's a chilly, sunny morning--gorgeous! Today I can appreciate all of this perfect fall day.
Just wanted to pop in and say hi and hope your week is going great!
"We would give anything for what we have."
Tony Hoagland


f8hasit said...

You should see my porch this morning! It's full of bags with different peoples names on them that are going to other local Freecyclers. I love Freecycle too! Yea!!!!

{collective handpump!}

I can't get enough of looking at snoozing and relaxing cat photos. Don't you wish that we looked that content?

Intense Guy said...

Bug TV would probably be way too cerebral for most folks. :)

Besides, it would probably knock SpongeBob SquarePants off the air and we wouldn't want to risk that for anyone - not even Karma!

I'm glad you are back in the sunshine side of the clock!

Toriz said...

Glad you were able to sleep at night for a change. Been managing to sleep at night lately myself. Had a good week of night time sleeps now... Most of tthem good enough sleeps that a daytime nap wasn't required! :)

Bug TV sounds like something that could make you sleepy after a while. Well, if you didn't get dizzy first. ;)

Anonymous said...

That first picture of Karma is definitely a beautiful one, I love it. Congrats on your sleeping at night time :o) We are having cooler weather here now and it is nice for a change, I even have my windows open today to get some fresh air in this house. Hope you have a good day!

Serena Lewis said...

I love that first pic of Karma too...nice mood.

I also love Freecycle and your post reminds me that I have some items to put up on Freecycle too.

I hope your sleep pattern behaves itself for you. :)

AliceKay said...

Bug TV...gotta love it. LOL Karma is always so photogenic. I love seeing pics of her. :)

You had a nice collection of videos. I'm sure that boy will enjoy them over and over.

Good to hear your on the "right" sleep pattern. I hope you can continue on that path as long as your body allows.

We had changing weather go thru here this morning...sun, clouds, sun, overcast, and then the sun finally came out and stayed out. This weekend is supposed to be just about perfect for this time of year.

Thank you for the birthday wishes. *hugs*

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Hi Rita! I just wanted to let you know that you won the prize on my blog this week! I couldn't find an email address on your page, sorry if there is one and I missed it. If you could just email me,(my address is on my profile), when you get a chance I can get your prize sent out to you. Thanks so much!

Rita said...

Nancy--Isn't freecycle great! I love that stuff will go specifically to someone who wants just that particular stuff--hehe!
I think that's why having cats and dogs reduces blood pressure. ;)

Iggy--LOL!! Too National Geographic Channel? I don't think Sponge Bob needs to be worried. He has a separate audience. ROFL!!

Tori--Glad to hear you are getting good sleep lately. I know how it goes without it. ;)
Karma looked like she should have gotten dizzy--hehe!

Lynn--That first one is one of my favorites of her--sunlight surrounding her head and almost coming thru her whiskers. :)
I love having my windows open, too!! ;)

Serena--Thanks! It was one of those lucky shots with the light.
You're part of the collective hand pump above. ;)

AliceKay--The parents were really excited!
Glad the perfect weather is spreading around!
Hope you had a great birthday!

Joy--Oh My!! I already commented with my email address on your blog--wondering if it was me? It was!! I'll see if I can find your email address. How exciting!! Thanks!!

Jenifleur-de-lis said...

I love those pictures of Karma! I think you should get them printed and frame them. The light coming in on her and the plant is so pretty. What a pretty kitty!

Rita said...

Jennifer--Hi! Haven't seen you blogging for a long time!

Yes--that first picture is one of my favorites, I think. Just caught the light at the right time--and Karma was watching a fly on the living room screen--hehe!

Hope to see pictures of your new home on your blog--hint! hint! ;)