Tuesday, October 26, 2010


A couple of bird's eye view shots of Karma. The back of her head looks like it was painted in halves right down the center--black and brown--hehe!
She thinks if I have stopped over her I should be giving her a little scratch...so she's waiting--ROFL!
So--what have I been doing since I last chatted with you?
Stamping! Stamping! Stamping!
Finished all the trees.
Oh--and yesterday I got a package from Iggy!! Oak leaves from a 375 year old oak tree!!
When I opened the package there was this lovely autumn scent.
I found a pretty box to put them in. Thanks soooo much Iggy! Oaks are Leah's Mom's favorite trees. Karma, apparently, loves oak leaves, too, as she wanted to eat them! Hence the search for a box--hehe!
Anyways, next I stamped the holly & berries...
...on the ovals for the inside of the card.
And meanwhile--every time I was waiting for ink to dry...
...I stamped a few of the backs of the latest bookmarks until I finished those up, too.
Last night I stamped the top...
..."happy holidays" in black over the holly...
...and then worked on the "seasons greetings" in black below the holly...
...until I finished!!
Yup! Done with the stamping--TaDa!!
Next I'll start adding the sparkly snow to the trees. Have to lay them out to dry, so I can only do just a few at a time. While they dry I can color in the holly & berries and cut the red ribbons. I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel--hehe! ;)
But today...I am going over to Dagan and Leah's to work on the etsy shop. So--maybe back to cards on Wednesday. My shoulders & back need a little break, anyways. So happy to have gotten this far on the cards, tho. :)
Fantastic News!
It has been raining pretty steadily for a couple of days and....NO LEAKING!!! They must have finished with the roof over on this end. Hallelujah!!!
Interesting News:
They are saying this rain could possibly turn into snow by tomorrow? We'll see. It shouldn't stay on the ground this early in the year, but it just goes to show you how cold it has gotten fast up here. I had just gotten my fall jacket out--hehe!
Well, time for some nice warm lentil curry on this chilly October day. :):)
"To generous souls every task is noble."


  1. Oh no nononononononononooooooooooo!

    Don't say that four-letter "s" word for white precipitation!!!

    Is Karma still waiting? :)

    I'm glad the leaves got there okay - I've never mailed them before. It's amazing to me how ordinary the leaves of such a magnificent tree are - I guess I expected them to be 2-3 times normal size!

  2. It was cute how Karma was waiting for you to pet her as you stood over her. :)

    That Iggy is something else. isn't he? Nice idea sending leaves from that great big ole oak tree he loves so well.

    Great job on the Christmas cards. Looks like a lot of tedious work, tho.

    Great news on the roof job. I'm glad it doesn't leak down on you. But snow? Say it ain't so!

    It was a warm fall day here today with temps in the upper 60s and low 70s, even though the sun was behind clouds most of the day. More rain heading our way tonight.

    Hope that curry was tasty. :)

  3. Wow Rita!! You have been so productive. Way to go. Great to have a solid roof with no leaks too. :) Cheers!!

  4. YAY on no leaks!!! :)

    How nice of Iggy to send you some oak leaves...yep, keep Karma well away from them. How cute that she was waiting for you to pat her. lol

    Well done on all the stamping. You achieved quite a bit.

    Oh, and enjoy that nice, warm curry.

  5. No leaks is a very, very good thing. I can't believe you said the four letter S word this early in the season. Wow.

    That sure is a lot of cards you have been stamping. How many are you making? So much work!

    Iggy always thinks of the nicest things, doesn't he.

    Give Karma a rub for me.

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind comment. It gave me a chance to visit your blog and I'm glad I did.

    Your cat is one of the prettiest I've seen!

    I hope you'll drop by again sometime.

  7. Iggy really knows how to brighten someone's day, doesn't he? :)

    Karma has you well trained! ;)

    That's good news about the leaks (or lack of them, rather). Hope it stays that way!

    Glad you've managed to get a lot done with card making, bookmark stamping, etc.

    Mmm... I could go for some lentil curry myself, actually! Might grab some out of the freezer... There's still time to defrost it for dinner if I have a late-ish dinner tonight... *Wonders off to sort the curry*

  8. Iggy--So far the snow has avoided us here in Fargo, but west of us there's a blizzard!
    Karma plopped down on her side and complained--wondering what I was up to if I wasn't giving her a pet/scratch. She's not overly patient--hehe!
    The leaves were in perfect condition! You protected them well. Thanks so much! :):)

    AliceKay--Yes, that Iggy is something special! ;)
    Making the cards assembly line is repetitious, that's for sure, but I find it relaxing.
    I hope it stays warm for you!!

    Stephanie--Thanks! When I am feeling better I try to keep plugging away and get as much done as I can.
    Nothing like a solid roof when it rains. ;)

    Serena--Yes--dry this time!! Hurray!! :)
    Leah loves to decoupage with leaves. And we have also used them to make leaf prints, too. Nice! And from such an ancient tree. :)
    The curry is delicious--have made it a few times now. Can't believe I have worked my way up to using the whole 2 tablespoons of curry that the recipe calls for. I think my Swedish tastebuds think I have left the country and am traveling to exotic places--ROFL!!

  9. Anonymous2:52 PM

    I wish I was getting snowwwwwwwwwwwwww!! I can tell Im gonna be a jealous reader reading your blog through the winter time LOL You have been busy with the crafting and I loved the pictures of Karma waiting to be scratched lol thats too funny, hope you are having a good week and Im so glad you havent had any leaking :o)

  10. Deanna--I'm making 120 cards. Leah and I use about 80 of them. I decided to make some extras for the esty shop as long as I am assembly-lining them. I do the same for my yearly birthday cards now, too--make some extras.
    Yup--Iggy is a sweetheart! :)

    Parsley--You're most welcome! I am so glad you stopped by my blog and hope you come back again, too.
    I won't tell Miss Karma. Wouldn't want it to go to her head--ROFL!

    Tori--I know! And a 375 year old tree! How awesome is that! :)
    I'm so glad my leaks are over (I hope). I sure hope yours will be, too--now or soon!!
    Ha! We both had lentil curry!! Yummy! :):)

    Lynn--I'm sure I'll have a few pictures of snow for you this winter--hehe! ;)
    That Karma is well-loved, I guess. And she knows it! :):)

  11. No leaks at the moment, so that's good! :)


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