Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Got Miss Karma a couple of fresh flies for her bug jar.
It's funny how gently...
..she touches and pushes so softly on the jar--and yet she gobbles one down if she catches it on the porch.
I was going to start stamping on the Christmas card parts but I discovered that when I was centering the stamp image with the Stamp-a-ma-jig...
...when I removed the clear template there was so little of the circle to hang on to that the circle of cardstock would shift on me pretty easily.
So, I tried a circle that I attached to the black cardstock circle first (the framing under-layer)...
...and it gave the Stamp-a-ma-jig more paper to hang onto. Well, for me to press down on the device to hang on to the paper...
...while I position the wooden stamp.
This worked much easier. You can use the Stamp-a-ma-jig horizontally or vertically. This horizontal direction leaves more room for your fingers with a small stamp.
Sorry these photos are a little blurry.
So...yesterday I started attaching all the blank white circles to the black circle backings.
In a few sessions over the day (night and morning) I finished them...
...while Miss Karma watched flies and a big wasp out on the porch screen during the roofer's lunch break.
It has been cool at night and then warm during the day, so the flies crawl around on the building for warmth in the morning sun--and a few of them crawl under the gaps in the bottom of the screen. We get the occasional wasp, too. (The original necessitation for the bug jar!!) This wasp stayed too high up on the screen for me to dare catch him in the jar, tho--so I kept the porch door closed. (I'm a little afraid of wasps and bees.)
I started on the oval card parts for the inside of the Christmas card next. I figured I may as well tape those together too before I stamp them as long as I was at it.
The roofers were over us most of the day--tada! A good sign. I'm thinking positive that I won't have any more leaks here pretty soon. Karma has gotten so accustomed to the roofers that, as I showed you, she bravely wanted to go out when they quit pounding (lunch break). She really, really must hate to miss her relaxing on the hot porch time--hehe! As soon as she heard them walking on the roof later, she was crying frantically at the door to come in, of course. ;)
I managed to be awake until early evening last night. I have to say, I felt very special last night because both Dagan and Jennifer (friend from college) called to make sure I was okay. There was a bad 4-alarm apartment fire somewhere nearby me last night and they were calling to see that Karma and I were okay. I didn't mind getting up to answer the phone a couple times (I'm always up and down anyways--ROFL!)--was so nice to know people were concerned about us. :):) I even made a quick trip into the living room before I went back to bed to set the computer to record the news so I could see where the fire was, but I haven't watched it yet. Really glad it wasn't here!!! I hope no one was hurt.
Today? I plan to keep plugging away on the Christmas cards--get the ovals all taped together so I can begin the green stamping--and to have a wonderful day. Hope you do, too. :) :)
"Don't worry 'bout me: Now I am all right. That worry I had, let it fade into the Light."
Rickie Byars Beckwith
Morning Chant


Toriz said...

I used to have a bug loving cat. Her favourite bug to huunt was a moth. Any moth who dared enter our house did so at its own risk while we had Topsi (full name "Treacle Topping Sparkles Moglyn" though it was never used, and only a few people even knew that was her real name... There's a photo of her on my pets' page if you want to see her... Quite a way down though). Speaking of cat photos, Kelly just saw Karma's photos as he passed me and says she's a really cute kitty.
Good luck with the Christmas card progress! :)

Intense Guy said...

That evergreen tree stamp is cool! I'm glad you got things all worked out and are now pounding away with it perhaps in unison to the roofers.

I was going to say something about Karma and the bug but Tori's comment with "Treacle Topping Sparkles Moglyn" the cat kind of blew a mental fuse as well as sprained my tongue as I read it outloud.

How are you today, "Moglyn"? Hmm.. yeah, I see calling her "Topsi".


Anonymous said...

I need to so something Christmasy but I just dont know what yet. I like your stampamajig thingy LOL Karma is so funny with her fly jar, what a cute idea.

AliceKay said...

When I first looked at your pictures of the Stamp-a-ma-jig, I wasn't sure how it worked. Now I do. Looks pretty neat. You're making good headway on your cards, too.

I hope those roofers finish before the snow flies.

I'm glad the fire wasn't in your apartment complex.

Rita said...

Tori--Karma loves moths, too! They're all powdery and seem like just the worst thing to eat--yuck! Topsi had quite the full name! I'm going to go find your pets page. I didn't even know you had pages on your blog.

Tell Kelly thanks! :):)

Iggy--I'm glad to be working on the cards again. Amazing what some sleep can do for you. ;)

Yes--that was quite a big, fancy, tongue-twisiting name for one cat--hehe! Unique, tho! I'd call her Topsi, too.

Lynn--I'm hoping to finish these before November--for once! :) The Stamp-a-ma-jig is such a handy tool. Wish I had gotten one years ago. You can place the stamps exactly where you want them.

The bug jar started when I caught a wasp on the porch (I'm afraid to hit them with a flyswatter because it does nothing but piss them off) and Karma begged me for the jar--ROFL! She doesn't care what kind of bug is in them as long as it is large enough for her to see well (no mosquitoes--hehe!).

AliceKay--You use the square piece of plastic and the device at the corner of it to stamp the template. Simple idea really. But not something I would have thought of--hehe! All these years I was guessing (can't see thru wooden stamps) and messed up sooo many times. :):)

Toriz said...

I don't have it set up as pages on my blog. I set up different blogs as pages for my site before they did the thing with Blogger where you can have extra pages, so unless you look on my sidebar at the links on the side then I'm not surprised you didn't know it existed.

Rita said...

Tori--I found it. the sidebar shows up really strangely on my screen--goes on forever sometimes one letter of a word at a time down the side. ?? Anyways, Topsi was a calico, too! I saw all your pet pictures. :):)

Toriz said...

Is that what Karma is? Sorry, nobody's told me her colouring, so I had no idea. Never thought to ask Kelly when he was admiring her the other day.

Rita said...

Tori--Karma is a dilute calico, which just means her colors looks dusty or softer and not bright. Like being a pastel calico--ROFL!

Toriz said...

LOL @ "pastel calico"

Sounds cute! :)