Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Karma and I have been feeling pretty lazy. When my sleep gets short and off kilter...I get to feeling out of whack and then I don't feel very good so I don't get much accomplished.
Leah took this picture of the roofers on her way home last Friday.
I haven't heard them working that much, despite the gorgeous fall days. They might be on the other side of my building (as in Leah's photo) or working on the other building, I suppose. They aren't done yet. I see stuff lying about on the roof still. Oh well.
I didn't get very far with the Christmas cards since I last wrote. Just got the Stamp-A-Ma-Jig set up for positioning the various stamps.
Spent time off and on at the table writing letters. Karma often sits at my feet...using the table leg as a pillow, of course. (She might have been a dog in her last life, eh?)
The last craft item arrived!
A Martha Stewart scoring board.
Half the price of the ScorPal and has notched grooves for the scoring tool so that you can put the paper right up to the top edge and the tool will still hit the top edge of the paper. And there's this nifty triangle (stores on the backside of the board) that you can slip into the corner so that it is a snap to score angles for envelopes, etc. Martha really did her research!
She has this little flap at the top to store the tool with a graph stuck to the underside that tells common measurements for making cards and envelopes.
I realized that the extra graphs on the bottom of the slot were loose and in other languages, so I could remove them.
There was even this pretty faux business card for 10% off your next Martha Stewart order.
You know I am not feeling up to par when I haven't even played with it yet. Soon, I hope. ;)
Yesterday Karma was so tired from my lack of sleep that she disappeared. I assumed she was under the bed, but then noticed...
...she had conked out up on the back chair way under the table--hehe!
I've only been catching part of the perfect fall days--70's in the day and 50's at night--but they are glorious!! And supposed to continue for a few days--tada! :):)
Let's see--the live TV and the ability to record suddenly went out on me on Sunday. Dagan stopped by on Monday and fixed it--never saw him because I was sleeping crazy hours and didn't know he was here till I saw the post-it note on the TV when I woke up--ROFL! Think it was the new second tuner. Using a router again now--but we might have to run another cable around the room because I'm getting the glitchy pixelating off and on again since we added the second tuner. I wonder if living in an apartment complex with who knows how many routers being used nearby might not add to the problems we're having? Dagan and Leah haven't ever had any issues with their set-up? I'll have to see what Dagan says.
I didn't make it over to their place Tuesday night because I was so tired I was in bed by 8:30pm. But after a restless few hours and being up and down--I was up for good by 1:30am. See what I mean by being generally askew? Even when I am awake I am dragging around. This, too, shall pass. It always does. ;)
Made up a vat of veggie soup several days ago. I have been transforming it tonight. Started out a thin broth with veggies, but after eating that for a few I added spaghetti noodles, crushed tomatoes, and some more spices. Almost as thick as a stew by now--hehe! I love cooking and baking in the fall--be doing more of it if I felt better.
Ahhh--the smell of the revised soup is calling me. My lunchtime--hehe!
Hope you're having great weather, too! :):)
Here's an interesting quote to mill on...
"I teach my sighs to lengthen into songs."
Theodore Roethke


Toriz said...

Perhaps it's not entirely your sleep schedule making you feel like you don't want to do much? It seems to be going around.

AliceKay said...

I hope those roofers hurry up and get that job done before the snow flies. I hear it flies early up there in Fargo.

We're getting another day of rain today, and right now, it's pouring outside.

Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling up to par. I hope it passes soon. The Martha Stewart scoring board looks interesting. I bet you'll put it to good use.

I also hope you have a better day today.

Intense Guy said...


I want to say, "Karma's got wood!" except that wouldn't be PG... so I'll say that I think Karma was a fungus in her previous life she likes "resting" on dead wood so much.

All those wires in your place for the tv have me confused! You might be resonating from E-M emissions... (sort of j/k).

Leah took a nice picture - I love that big bold blue sky.

Deanna said...

Hope you get to feeling perkier very soon. Dragging around is no fun. Karma sure sleeps in strange places.

When you were saying you were experiences glitches, I was wondering if maybe all of the other electronic set-ups around you might be the cause - and then you said it. lol

Get feeling better!

giddy up said...

Hope you are feeling better! You will have to report back on the scoring board and how well it works. It looks like it would be a great tool to have!

Rita said...

Tori--You could be right. The change of season possibly adds to it. That cold weather and the longer nights arrive and you hear how people want to just curl up under a blanket--hehe! ;)

AliceKay--I finally slept at night last night, so I'll feel better soon if I can keep that up. ;) Going for days catching 2 winks here and there (mostly during the day) makes me feel generally crummy. The world is already looking better this morning. :)

Iggy--*giggles at fungus* :):)
"resonating from E-M emissions...(sort of j/k)"---this is that computer/techie speak that sounds like Greek to me. ROFL!!! ;)

Deanna--I think I am finally on my way back to as perky as I get--knock on wood! I'm like--Please Lord, let me sleep again at night tonight...and more than an hour at a time--hehe! ;) Things are looking up today! (Thurs)

GiddyUp--Thanks! And thanks for stopping by!
I hope to try to make a wild envelope out of pretty paper for one thing. I've only tried to make an envelope once before. I'll take pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

I love cooking in the fall also and baking also. That soup sounds so good. I don't have a bread machine so I have decided to make some bread this weekend I hope if I have time the old fashion way lol I hope it turns out alright. I got a recipe for pumpkin bread too that I cant wait to try it sounds so yummy and it says you can even freeze it. Loved the first picture of Karma again, her pictures are always feel good pictures thanks for sharing, hope you have a good day :o)

Serena Lewis said...

Karma loves those little cubby spots, doesn't she? So cute!

The scoring board looks like a very handy thing to have.

I LOVE soup...especially home-made veggie soup...YUM!

Rita said...

Lynn--I don't have a bread machine, either. I used to make bread completely by hand, but since I hurt my arm it was too hard to do all that kneading. Now I use either my Cuisinart or the KitchenAid mixer to make dough. Sweetbreads are even easier--no kneading at all--hehe! Leah recently made pumpkin bread and sent a loaf home with me. I'm spoiled! I don't have to make bread very often. Leah has also made up some sourdough starter about a month ago and is baking sourdough bread regularly now--and I get a loaf when she bakes now!!! Awesome! Makes the best toast!

Serena--With the hundreds of cards we make in a year, Leah and I wish we had had a scoring board years ago--hehe! It's way easier on my bad arm, too--less wrist twisting involved. And Martha's is better than the ScorPal (that went to Leah's now.) Love it!

Soup is sooo extra good in the crisp air! I suppose the heat is heading your way soon. Opposite change of seasons. ;)