Friday, July 15, 2011


I spend a lot of time at the table--reading, journaling, ink & paper testing--and Karma often falls sound asleep someplace nearby.
Often under the table.
Sometimes right under my feet, like last night.
I think she missed me while I was gone to the eye doctor...or the AC was too cool and she just wanted to warm herself up on my feet--ROFL!
No glaucoma! My pressures were still below normal. They want me to come back and get this "opti-something" test done for a baseline, tho. Some newer test that was shown on Dr. Oz, I guess, that shows the layers even behind the eye? Anyways, I'm going back August 4th to have that done. According to this new guy my prescription was a little off and he would have recommended trifocals. My glasses will do okay, but for next time down the road maybe trifocals. (I'm afraid I won't know where the heck to look!) Nice to get good news!
Been thinking about an email I got from Sue in Alaska. She went to a Celebration of Life (funeral) and they had a laptop on the alter so that a couple of people could attend via Skype to see and comment. An absolutely great idea for those who couldn't make it--but it would be quite strange to me, too. Have just keep thinking about that laptop on the alter over the last few days--how much life has changed since I was little. Actually, in a lot of really good ways. :)
You wouldn't be reading this. I wouldn't have gotten that email. I wouldn't be able to read about all your lives or see some of you on youtube. Digital cameras and videos--wow! I think back to the blinding lights of Dad's movie camera, my black box camera I took with to Yellowstone when I was ten, gooey polaroids, flash cubes, and bringing rolls in to be developed. Today I could "snap" (see how old I am) a picture or take a "movie" of Karma and post it immediately if I wanted to. What an amazing world!
Speaking of movies...
I watched Flawless on Instant Netflix last night. I don't know how this movie got past me--LOL! Made in 1999 with Robert DeNiro playing a homophobic retired cop who has a stroke and ends up taking singing lessons to help get his speech back from a transvestite (who actually wants the surgery, so I am not sure what to call him) played by Philip Seymour Hoffman! Both actors I really admire--but, for the life of me, I couldn't picture PSH dressed as a woman--LOL!
HA! In this amazing world, I just looked it up on IMDB here and it looks like it was made in Italy? But it was MGM? Anyways, if you go down below the series of pictures and click on videos there's a trailer. I really liked it. I love movies where people change their fixed ideas. And this one also has some mystery and crime drama. Obviously, not your big box office type movie, but I really enjoyed it.
Supposed to be in the upper 90s, humid, and raining every other day. Our little bit of a cooler spell is dissipating. I don't notice as much when I am closed inside. Even when it was in the 70s there, the humidity was 70-80%. So, I have opted not to open the place up. At this rate it will be fall before I do--LOL!
I have a couple of Netflix movies that should have arrived today--both looked really good. Guess I should head down to check the mail. R&R day today. Hope you have a great weekend! :):)
"Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly."
Langston Hughes


  1. Glad to hear that you don't have glaucoma. Dr Oz who has the diet books out? I could not imagine having to get trifocals. I could not even handle bifocals so I will stick with my two pairs of glasses.

    Speaking of Netflix, I think it sucks how they changed their plans. Now it's going to be $16 to watch what we are already getting. It does not seem fair. I'm going to go with streaming only.

    I would love to have some upper 90 weather. It's 105 here today with humidity as well. I was reading on that it's going to get hotter. We might get another dust bowl. It's scary to think how high grocery prices are going to get with all the crops shriveling up or on the other end.....flooded. It seems like there is no happy medium.

  2. Sounds like you are having a pleasant rest day!! GREAT NEWS on your eyes!!! Trifocals?? I didn't even know they made such a thing! I wouldn't know where to look either, lol!

    Your cat looks so soft and fluffy!! Is she a snuggler???

  3. Maybe it was a bit of both with Karma; she was cold, and she missed you. ;)

    That's good about your eye check-up!

    Yes; amazing! Sometimes I wonder if all this new technology is such a good thing, but then I think of all the people I know because of it, and I remember why I love it! :)

    LLove that quote.

  4. I hope you have a great weekend, too! I am going to see "Beginners" tomorrow, the reviews are great. I saw Flawless a while ago, and I remember it being good, but I can' remember anything about it! That's scary...

  5. I was happy to hear you don't have glaucoma. Good luck with your test in August. My dad wears trifocals. I hope my eyes never get that bad.

    I watched the trailer for "Flawless". Looks good. I've never seen it but would like to if it ever crosses my path.

    Cats are comforting and good company. I know dog lovers will say the same thing, but I think cats are just a little bit more special. :)

    I think we all have hot, humid days in our forecast. Yours hits before mine. Today turned out to be a pretty hot day here. I was worn out by the time I got home from shopping around 5:30. (long day)

    Nice quote. I hope you had a restful R&R day today. :)

  6. How in the world can Karma sleep with her neck all bent up like that?!!! She looks totally peaceful! You get some rest, too!

  7. YAY on the no glaucoma verdict!! I haven't heard of tri-focals, yes, but not tri-focals so, I googled it. I wear progressive lenses which are different to tri-focals although do give the same three distances.

    Technology certainly has made for tons of daily conveniences that we often take for granted. I love that I don't need to put films in for developing and pay money out for bad photos. I can now just delete from my digital camera. When the internet first came out, I thought I would never have a use for it. Look at me now. I have withdrawals is I can't check email or read blogs daily. LOL It IS an amazing world!

    I haven't heard of the movie but I will note it down. For reasons I don't know myself, there is something about Robert DeNiro I just can't endear myself to tho it won't stop me watching a good movie if he's in it.

    Awwww.....sweet, sweet Karma!

    Enjoy your R&R!

  8. Sounds like you had a great day! Full of decadence! I love how your kitty sleeps right on her face!
    Thanks Rita for the continuous support and lovely comments on my blog. To answer your question, I'm still in nursing. I just have a lighter schedule this semester so I have more time to drive my husband crazy with my cockamamy ideas! xoxox

  9. I just love all the photos you post, especially of cats and clouds.

    I am trying to get together another blog on to chat about whatever takes my fancy - I find it hard to be constantly craft-focused for the craft & chat blog.

    I am also exploring your blog roll and enjoying what I find!

    Keep writing! Good job.

  10. Barb--You might be thinking of Oprah's diet guru, Bob Greene. Dr. Oz is the doctor who'd bring body parts to Oprah's show and she helped him have his own show now--like she did with Dr. Phil and Rachel Ray.
    I already have had bifocals for quite a few years. Don't ever remember being corrected to 20/20 with glasses. Just very weak eyes.
    I know! Netflix is going up again in September! I have 2 at a time and might have to go down to 1 at a time. With streaming the Instant movies, of course.
    It is an awful summer for farmers. About a quarter of all the fields in North Dakota never even got planted because of flooding and being still too wet. And other places have dried up. I hope next year is better!

    Jeannie--He told me the top is for farther away, the bottom is for close up, and the middle is for about 12-18 inches--like your computer screen and counter top length. Goodness--sounds confusing. Took me a long time to get used to bifocals! LOL!
    Karma is snuggly, but only when the mood hits her. Totally uncooperative if it is your idea--hehe!

    Tori--Could have been a little of both. ;)
    I know! I think of all the people I've met online, too--and all the conveniences of technology--it's a wonderful thing. Even if sometimes it makes you want to pull your hair out! ;)

    Djan--Ha! I have that happen to me all the time any more. I know I saw a movie a few years ago and can't remember it. Or I've seen a preview so many times that I can't remember if I even saw the movie or not--LOL!!

    AliceKay--I hope your eyes stay good and you don't need them. :)
    Flawless is a dark and gritty movie. I liked it, but I have eclectic tastes--LOL!
    Cats don't automatically like you, even if you are the person who feeds them and cleans their cat box, so it feels special if they do love you. ;)
    Hope you slept well.

    Carol--Karma twists her head around onto the floor I think just to push her head against something. She loves to have her head on something hard. No clue why. When she sleeps with me in bed she likes to have her head up on the headboard like a pillow! She's a sillyhead! :)

  11. Serena--Were the progressive lenses hard to get used to? Does that mean you have no lines on your lenses?
    I absolutely love digital cameras!! I wish they had these things when Dagan was little. I could have had a lot more photos and even videos! It will be so different with Mikayla for you guys! :)
    I was the same way. Didn't think I'd be interested in even having a computer. The think that sucked me in is I had a pen pal who could type me letters using different fonts--and she told me that, unlike a typewriter, you could correct before you printed!! The writer in me is why I got my first computer. And now--I feel cut off from the world if I lose internet! ;)
    Robert DeNiro is a hard kind of character most of the time. He's a really good actor, but there are things I haven't liked him in. I think I have enjoyed him more since he has shown in her older age that he has a great sense of humor.
    Ha! I may be on R&R all weekend! ;)

    Sandra--I'm so glad you are still going to be in nursing classes this fall. You had me worried there. After all the time and effort you have put in, you know? When people are sick and hurting--that is when they really need somebody to make them smile and laugh. I think you'd make a great nurse. :):)

    Alice--Thanks, Lady! I would love to follow your new blog when you make one! That's why I have two youtube accounts. One is for crafting videos and the other is just for whatever. My blog is just for anything and everything I feel like posting about. I think you'd love doing that!
    I do follow a variety of folks/blogs! Have fun! Let me know for sure if you start another blog!! :):)

  12. LOL! Yes, it's good at making you want to pull your hair out! Wouldn't want to be without my laptop now though, and don't react well to no internet access... *Thinks of when my laptop's power cord stopped working*... Yes, I think I need my technology! ;) LMAO!

  13. I also have progressive lens bifocals. I've worn them for quite a long time now. They were a bit hard for me to get used to, but I tried the lined-bifocals, and they drove me nuts. I prefer the progressive or no-line bifocals. I have a pair of single lens glasses for using here at my computer. Much easier on the neck and eyes.

    I slept okay last night, only waking up once to get another blanket on me. The nighttime heat hasn't reached us yet, but I hear it's coming.

    Hope you had a good Saturday. :)

  14. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Hope your having a good weekend. My goodness that Karma is so cute sleeping like that cats and lay the craziest ways lol Technology sure is amazing for sure.

  15. Tori--Yes! We don't really want to see crabby, frustrated Tori--LOLOL!!

    AliceKay--I have the lined bifocals now and they took some getting used to. Well, I won't be able to afford glasses again for years, so I will just use what I have. ;)

    Lynn--I'm having a lazy weekend! ;) Karma always has lazy days--LOL! Hope you are having a restful one as well. :)

  16. Hurray!!! No glaucoma!

    :) Thats the best news of the day!

    I think my neck got a crink in it looking at Karma...

  17. Iggy--You know Karma! Notice how she has her head butted up against the hard table leg in the one picture--LOL! Maybe she twists her head like that so she can feel it on the hard floor? Sillyhead. ;)


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