Monday, July 18, 2011


Been sticky hot (heat index of 110), cloudy, and raining/storming off and on. Doesn't look like that is expected to change any time soon. The last two days have actually finally been too hot for Miss heat-lovin' Karma! She keeps asking to go out and doesn't last ten minutes out there. She thinks she should be able to lounge about all afternoon in the heat, but drags herself inside--fur hot to the touch.
God Bless whoever it was who invented air conditioning!!! They have a special place in heaven!
I was talking a little bit ago about Karma's fake cat treats (just dry diet cat food). This is where she eats them--on her Milk Bone bed--LOL! I put a few in an old plastic jar cover (and I switch the covers up as I get new ones) and some in the old tea tin...
...where she has to work harder to scoop them out of the back of the tin--as in this blurry action shot.
We were sure lazy all weekend.
(It was a pajama weekend, Serena!)
I did watch the Netflix movies I mentioned. Both of them were slow moving, character study type movies--and I loved them. (They would probably have driven Dagan and Leah nuts--hehe!)
The first one I watched was Of Gods and Men. French, subtitles, and based on a true story. (You can watch the trailer on the IMDB link.) I fell in love with the monks--especially the one who doctored the villagers. What a decision they had to make!
The other one was Another Year. (There's also a trailer for this one.) The main relationship that slowly shifted over the year was with the wife and a woman she worked with. It is so hard to care for someone who doesn't care about themself, you know? Anyways, I enjoyed both of them. But, if you're looking for action, you won't find much of it in these movies. ;)
I am bummed that Netlfix is raising their rates again in September. :( I may end up dropping down to one at a time and the instant movies. We'll see how it goes.
Well--I realized, for I think the third time now, that youtube stopped sending me emails for new video posts for my subscriptions. *sigh* It says I am not subscribed, and yet they are still listed under my subscriptions, and when I (rarely) get a youtube subscription update email several of them are still listed despite the fact I am supposedly not subscribed--but not all of them are there, either? (Arg!!) So, I went thru and re-subscibed to most of them again. Not sure I got them all. (Just like I'm not sure I got back all my blogs I followed after that Blogger glitch.) And why did I still get just certain youtube channels? Why didn't youtube unsubscribe me to all of mine? Who knows?
Been a lot of talk lately about technology and how it can be a love/hate relationship--LOL! True! True! I am grateful for it, with all it's glitches, I guess. :):)
Anyways, that was what I spent time doing...little by little...since Friday. Once I had re-subscribed--whew! I have been bombarded with emails filled with all the various videos. Some of which I already did get before and didn't renew? Seems like I have been getting all the videos from the last month or more. It should settle down here...I hope!
Meanwhile, a little experimentation still going on--hehe! I made up a couple of bookcards...
...using the Clairefontaine fancy writing tablet paper.
Have these earmarked already, of course. I have three bookcards going right now--several more ready to start letters--and only three of the sixteen I made that aren't earmarked...yet. LOL! No wonder I need to buy up a buttload of paper every 2-3 years. ;)
I am also reading some from these two books every day. Both fascinating and mind-stretching!
And I am also still reading and journaling my way through The Secret of The Shadow--writing in my personal journal--and trying to keep up online, too. My days slip by so quickly. But I am happy with what I am doing, so I can't complain.
And my days have actually slipped in time recently, too--LOL! Yup! Kind of working my way around the clock again. Oh well. I am busy. It is dark all day anyways. And beastly to venture out--even in the hallways here--arg! So, right is back to the table for some more good ol' readin' and writin'. :):)
"Do you remember how electrical currents and 'unseen waves' were laughed at? The knowledge about man is still in its infancy."
Albert Einstein


  1. I love that tea tin... make Karma work for her treats!! My freddy loves that kind of thing. Buddy would just look at it and cry.

    Hot?! We have about 70's here in WA. It feels nice... with a breeze. But I did notice that my arms retained all the sun I got while in MN. I tan a lot better than I ever thought!

  2. With it being that hot, I don't blame you for having a lazy weekend!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the couple of movies you watched. :)

    I'm also glad you're having fun with crafts, reading, and journaling!

  3. Yes... the inventor of AC is definately in a special place of heaven...

    Ugh.. its horrible here.. much like it is there. Hard to breath even, when you go outside.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed our pyjama day, Rita...definitely something I could get used to. :)

    Of Gods and Men sounds like a movie I would like.

    I hope that YouTube gets its act together for you. I hate when things like that happen for no apparent reason. Yes, definitely a love, hate relationship with technology. It's awesome when things are running smoothly. I guess Blogger and YouTube are free services so we can't complain too much when glithes happen. For the most part, we're on a good wicket. :)

    I love your bookcards, Rita...they are such a good idea. May get around to making myself some one day.

    Those books look interesting!

    We're having quite a warm day here considering we're smack bang in the middle of winter. I would love air-con on our hot, humid days...ah well, maybe one day we'll be in a place with air-con.

    Enjoy your evening, Rita. xo

  5. Nikki--I think Karma thinks they taste a little better because they are kind of hidden--LOL! We've hd similar weather up until July. Now I'm jealous of your 70s. ;) At least you got some sunny days while you were here. :)

    Tori--We're supposed to have rain and heat for days. The air is thick. I'm glad to be inside and cool watching movies, reading, writing, and having my days slip by pleasantly. ;)

    Iggy--Special, special place in heaven!! Yes!! Hard to breathe here, too! *sigh* This too shall pass. ;)

    Serena--If you were home every day alone like me and your cat could care less what you are could get used to more pajama days pretty quickly--LOLOL!! ;)
    Yes, we have to keep in mind that blogger and youtube are free. So true!
    I bet you love having a warm day--unlike us sweaty people over here--hehe! I hope you have another warm day, Lady. :)

  6. Monday was rainy stormy here in the late afternoon. Which was a bummer because we happened to have been driving at that moment! :P

    I was seriously RAWR about the netflix raise too, and it is 60% and they just raised in January. BLEH! BUT it is still cheaper tan cable and I enjoy it.

    YouTube gets real funny with me sometimes, lol, thinking of it who knows what I might miss. oh well!

    Always love the book-cards and I hope those are good reads for you! :D

  7. I'm totally laughing at your having to buy so much paper all the time. :) Looks like you've got lots on the go, terrific!

  8. I hope your weather improves really soon! We're about to get some rain too, but we actually need it!

    You are always doing/reading the most interesting things!! I think your mind must be very well utilized!!!

    Hugs and give Karma a kiss for me!

  9. I hear you about the heat. Unbearable!

    I don't do a whole lot with youtube, so I don't have any issues. Works for me! Now as far as Netflix goes, I am pissed. They kept their rates low, suckering everyone in and putting the video rental chains out of business. Now that they have the market cornered, they are raising prices. I am dropping to one movie and discontinuing streaming. I hate being held hostage!

    Hope you are having a great week.
    Oh and those book cards look interesting.

  10. Rita, I'm intrigued by your book cards. Please do some more! Terah

  11. Karma is a hoot to watch. Thanks for posting pics. :)

    Technology and it's glitches. It can drive a person insane.

    We're in the soup, too, but the worst is yet to come. Temps were in the low 90s today with high humidity, but the forecast for Thursday and Friday is 95. (the other days are for 90 to 93...what's a few degrees?) Poor Terri (and the guys at the feed mill) have to work out in this heat. It's actually hotter in the mill, sometimes. We try to keep the office cool for them.

    Enjoy your books and your writing and keep cool.

  12. Amen to your thanks for AC. I don't know which I am more thankful for - AC in the house or in my car. It is miserable here! Of course it seems to be miserable everywhere.

    Hopefully you are staying inside and staying cool.

    I wish I could sleep anywhere like Karma does. Lucky kitty...

  13. Desi--Yup! Netflix is way cheaper than cable!
    Youtube and Blogger may have issues, but since they are free I guess I can't complain too much. You get what you pay for. LOL! Actually it's amazing with the millions of people on them how they work at all. :)

  14. ohhh. I want to make book cards, I want to make book cards!!!

    Love reading what is up with you... you sound plenty busy. Grateful to have found you via CED2011 today!

  15. B@SweetLimes--Seems like I always have a letter going--LOL! Right now I have five bookcards going! No wonder I use up paper. ;)

    Jeannie--We just finally got a break in the hot weather (Weds/Thurs). Hurray!
    I always have 2-4 books going, it seems. Keeps me out of trouble, I guess. ;)

    Deanna--I agree about Netflix. They just had a raise at the beginning of the year! :( Being basically housebound I probably won't go lower than one-at-a-time and the streaming if I can help it. Bums me out, tho.

    Terah--I will be doing another batch of bookcards again here within the next few weeks. Only have one left out of the 16 I recently put together and I've made three extras, too. Just an old fashioned letter writer gone wild--LOL!

    AliceKay--Ha! "In the soup"! We're supposed to drop down into the 80s for a couple days. I hope they're right. Maybe the "cooler" weather will head right on over your way. I can't imagine Terri and those poor guys--well, and everyone who has to work outside in this weather!! It is downright dangerous! People have died. They had best take every precaution they can. Stay cool over there!! :)

    Deanna--It IS really awful driving around in the summer without AC in the car--true dat! LOL! I wish I could fall asleep anyplace like Karma does, too. Selfish cats seem to sleep with a clear conscience--LOLOL! ;)

    Julie--Hi! The bookcards are really easy to make--just a stitched pamphlet method.
    Thanks! I haven't seen a new post from you for a long time. I hope yours isn't one of the blogs I lost with the glitch. I'll double check. :)

  16. Anonymous8:01 PM

    It sure is hot here too in the triple digits UGH!! Stay cool girl and I love the pictures of karma, she so cute :o)

  17. Lynn--You stay cool, too! We had a cool, wet spring--but it's been a hot, melty, wet summer. This too shall pass.


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