Thursday, July 07, 2011


A dramatic orange sunrise yesterday...
...that burst over the horizon and turned the sky blue. :)
I watch the sky in reverence some mornings.
All the parts of my Office Max order finally arrived. I don't know what their problem was, but the first thing to arrive Tuesday was this resume paper that they had said was back ordered??
I've used this before. It's okay. 32 lb weight, so it's thicker paper--but it's a little rougher and more absorbent for fountain pens. Works okay on fountain pens but is better with gel, ball point, or rollerball...or a printer--LOL! (Well, I can't afford all fancy schmancy paper.)
The rest of the order arrived yesterday. Caroline told me about these new Sharpie stick pens. She couldn't believe I didn't know about them. They have a fine point and aren't suppose to bleed through paper!! Well, I had to get me some. Caroline says she uses them at work all the time now.
I got two clip paper folders--and, believe it or not, the smoke colored one was shipped separately...all by it's lonesome self?? Really? Three packages for one order?
Anyways, I got this bigger box of parchment paper.
500 sheets of ivory. Never tried it before, but knew I could always use it for various things.
Here's a close up of the colors in the big variety pack of Sharpie pens...
...and of the tip of the red one.
The selling point for me is the not bleeding through! Perfect for things like addressing envelopes...even different art projects...lots of things!
So that was the Office Max order. But what was with the people in the warehouse?! Sending it in three separate packages and getting the backordered item a day ahead of the rest? Weird! Or, as Dagan would say--are they on crack? LOL!
Now that I was back on days I finally decided it was time to make appointments. Called my dentist's (teeth cleaning) and they are closed until Monday. But I did get an appointment on the 14th for the new eyedoctor. Then called Pearle Vision to have them send over my files to "Eyes on 42nd". (Dagan wanted me to go to the same place he goes to--remember Dagan found out he has glaucoma last year and I was "glaucoma suspect" and supposed to follow up in a year.) I'll let you know how that goes.
I decided not to make an appointment with the rheumatologist. I just go in for yearly check-ups and he even told me I could come in less often if nothing had changed. I don't need him to renew any prescriptions because the Tramadol is like taking nothing, they quit making Darvocet (have one last bottle that I save for really bad days because I can't get any more), and I have tried a couple others and they make me sick because I can't use medicines that are related to morphine/codine for more than a very short time because they make me dizzy, nauseous, and I will just barf them up--LOL! Come to think of it...maybe that has a lot to do with this being a very bad year for me, too. No pain pills. Duh!!
Anyways, I thought I'd wait for a while. My lower back and right hip have been giving me a little extra trouble here and there. Might as well wait till they are more consistently annoying and then maybe have them x-rayed to see how bad they are. Not that it will make any difference. I already know they are bad--LOL! There's nothing they can really do about OA, anyways. I'm going to play it by ear. But I won't wait two years, that's for sure.
Anyways, enough boring health talk! ;) Dagan came over after work. Leah was going to stop at a couple stores and asked me if she should just finish all the shopping that night or repot the plant. I said get the shopping over with and we can do repotting next week. Leah picked up potting soil, and butter, and Karma's "fat cat" foods from the Natural Pet Store for me. (Thanks, Leah!! *hugs*)
Dagan and I hung out and ate dinner and gabbed. I showed him the invisible ink! He (and later Leah) were a little more than mildly impressed! Leah has a black light that she uses for ValleyCon! So I told them...if you get a blank piece of paper in the mail....LOL!
Miss Karma was being really friendly to Dagan! I don't know what has come over Miss Antisocial lately but she has been friendlier on occasion? Of course, we never knew why she suddenly became unfriendly in the first place when she was around two years old. The mysterious mind and moods of Miss Karma. *sigh* What a goumba! But it is very nice to see her be more her real self with other people. :)
Cashwise isn't apparently carrying the 1 lb. chunks of butter anymore. The last two months (because I have marked "no substitutions" on my order) I haven't gotten any butter. Leah said they have been harder and harder to find. People don't buy the bigger chunk butter anymore, I guess? Am I, again, destined to be a fan of the obsolete? Leah and I have the same big glass 1 lb. covered butter dishes. How annoying. Cashwise should take it off the website if they aren't carrying it anymore. Leah is going to keep an eye out--for both of us. I'm just curious--do any of you use the l lb. chunks or does everyone use sticks or tubs?
Goodness! I have been posting every day lately. Don't worry, it won't last. I've just had fun things to show you...and boring things to talk about, right? LOL! I'll let you go this morning. I have the last True Blood episodes arriving today--and I have been testing all those paper samples. Not everybody's cuppa tea, but sounds like heaven to me--ROFL!!
Later.... ;)
"Our listening creates a sanctuary for the homeless parts within another person."
Rachel Naomi Remen


  1. Beautiful sunrise. I can see why some of our ancesters worshipped the sun. I know I feel better when it's shining.

    One pound chunk of butter? No, not me... I have to eat the yuckky fake butter substitute or the doctor gets pissed at me... shame too, it tastes soooooooo good!!

    Your order from Office Max may have actually shipped from three separate warehouses.

    Have you ever tried glucosamine chondroitin (crabby pills?)

    My folks swear by 'em.

  2. I did not know about those sharpies! Now I want them!! :)

    Don't stop posting everyday, it's kinda nice!

    I hate it when something I like becomes obsolete. That seems to happen to me a lot too!

  3. I always loved watching the sunrise.

    I used to use pens that sound like those ones in school; made it easier for me to read my work (which made it neater, and easier for the teachers to read, lol!)

    I'm glad you were able to make a start on getting some of those appointments sorted out. And also that you're sleeping at night at the moment... Hope that continues!

    How are things going with Dagan with his glaucoma anyway? Are they keeping it under control?

    Cats are strange sometimes; I guess she's having a second kittenhood? LOL!

    I used to get sticks of butter, but they're so hard to get hold of that usually we end up getting packets or tubs of butter.

    I go with the "no substitutions" option too... I didn't first time, and got some strange substitutions. For one thing, I somehow ended up with some chicken (despite everything I ordered being vegetarian items). So now I always insist on not having substitutions, then I send Kelly to get what doesn't come.

  4. Iggy--It was just cool how the whole sky changed in a minute or two. :)
    Well, you have to do what the doctor says, I guess--but real butter does taste good, I'll grant you.
    That might have been the case, I suppose. Three different warehouses. At least they'd seem less crazy--hehe! ;)
    Yes I have taken the GC stuff. I am curious as to why you would call them crabby pills? I have taken them for months and months--maybe even a year one time--and never noticed any improvement. My dad said they helped him for a few years there, till his hip was bone on bone. I've got some "crabby pills" in the linen closet. I should go ahead and try them again. What the heck--as long as I already do have some left. They are expensive, after all. ;)

    Nkki--I know! I didn't either. They're relatively new on the marker, I understand. Haven't even tried them yet, but Caroline says they're awesome.

    I used to post nearly every single day--until it started to feel more like an obligation, you know? So, now I just post when I have something to show or something to gab about or I just plain feel like it. It's nice to hear that you are enjoying them and I am not being a bother. Thanks so much! :):)

    Tori--They used to have some brand of markers that didn't bleed thru paper a few years back. I had them, of course--hehe! They were a bit wider in the tip but I loved them. When they all dried up I was bummed that I couldn't find them anymore. That's why I was so excited when Caroline told me about these new stick pens. So cool!

    Dagan is doing well. He has eyedrops every day and I think his pressure went down a little. He has to go back fairly frequently. So far--really well and keeping it under control. My dad is almost blind in one eye from it--I think he just sees light and shadow. And his other eye isn't the best--so you can see why we were all shocked that they let him renew his Florida driver's license!! *sigh* Now it's my turn to find out how my eyes are doing. They were borderline last year. Got my fingers crossed. :)

    Funny how in another country foods are so different. Packets of butter? I'd like to see a picture of those.

    You shop groceries like I do, it sounds like. When I didn't mark the "no substitutions" at first I got some ridiculous items instead, too! If I absolutely need something that can't wait for a month then Leah offered to pick up whatever I need. She's an angel! You have Kelly! :):)

  5. Beautiful sunrise! I catch them quite often and glory in the differences and wonder of the skies! As for your health, keep up with your appts as you should, you only have one YOU, so I always think we should take care of us.
    Leah deserves a big hug ...! Just 'cuz she's Leah...
    I want some of those papers and pens too, but I'll never live long enough to use all that I've got!
    Great to see you being so wordy!

  6. Beautiful sunrise pictures! You captured it well. :)

    You have quite a stash of paper and pens now. If I someday receive a blank piece of paper in the mail, I'll go grab that blacklight bulb. LOL

    I'm glad you made some of those appointments. I need to do the same soon. (i keep dragging my feet but the chains are getting heavier and heavier around my ankles) I'm glad to hear Dagan is doing okay with his drops. I hope your glaucoma test checks out okay.

    Pain pills make me sick, too. That's why I avoid them and stick to over-the-counter stuff, which usually only take the edge off.

    We buy butter in sticks. I have a couple of butter dishes and they're both made for sticks.

    I'm enjoying your daily posts. :)

  7. I love the new Sharpie pens also - have been using them for sketching for some time now. They are not as permanent as the regular sharpies, but if you let them dry a bit before you put any watercolor with them, they are okay. I haven't seen the newer colored ones around here yet.

    Are you still sticking with your vegetarian diet?

  8. Love the sunrise picture, the Sharpies are great! I have used them before... hope you are feeling better :)

  9. What a beautiful sunrise!

    I LOVE those Sharpie pens. I use them on my thin-paper journals and they don't bleed through to the other side. Best invention ever!

    I hope all goes well with the dentist. My mum is much the same with her Rheumatologist...she and her regular doctor basically manage her Rheumatoid Arthritis now.

    Leah is such a sweetie!

    Re. butter - I usually buy the 1 kilo tubs of margarine. No butter in this house. lol Remember, our margarine is a much healthier type to the one you get in the States.

    I'm still waiting on Michelle and Alex to finish True Blood so I can borrow them to watch. I can't wait to see it so you and I can discuss it further by email.

    I'm enjoying your daily posting BUT do remember to rest when you need to. I've been dealing with lots of aches and pains this past week myself. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so I can get a script for anti-inflammatory medication.

    Have a lovely day, dear friend. xo

  10. Kathleen--I do my best. ;) Yes! Leah should get hugs just because she's Leah! So sweet of you! I'm hoping to live long enough to use up most of everything I have--paper, inks, craft supplies, art supplies--I hope so anyways. Judging by the family history I should, hopefully, have another 20-30 years on me. ;)

    AliceKay--LOL! Yup! You'll know right what to do if you get a blank note in the mail. :)
    I know what you mean. Many of them make me sick and the over-the-counter stuff does little or nothing for me. Plus because of my arm injury they had me on massive doses of ibuprofen for years and I swear it ate away my stomach lining. Then when I found something that worked and didn't make me sick--they took it off the market (for no reason even my doctor believed).
    Sticks seems to be the popular thing for butter these days, I guess. ;)

    Sue--They look like they'd work nicely for sketching. I haven't bought new Microns for so long, but I bet they'd be a little cheaper. Only disadvantage is only one width. But when you want to draw you can draw with anything and everything, right?
    Yes, I had a Subway Chicken Teriyaki sandwich here a while back because I was having dreams about eating something with chunks of chicken in it for days--and after, the dreams went away--hehe! Been over a year now, so I am surprised I only craved chicken that once so far. :)

    Karen--I bet the Sharpies would work great for your zentangles! :)

    Serena--That was another reason I got them. Thin paper journals!! ;)
    Yah--I'm on more maintenance with the rheumatologist now, too, like your mum.
    I do remember you talking about how your margarine is different in Aussieland--that's right!
    I never got to True Blood yesterday. I watched the other DVD I got because I knew I started too late in the day and would have be straining to stay awake too long to finish the season--LOLOL! I was just puttering about for most of the day yesterday and I know True Blood demands my full attention--ROFL! ;) ;)
    I'm being good. Staying away from the humidity helps keep me at a slow putter pace off and on for most of the day. :)
    You have a lovely, painless day, Sweetie!

  11. You have caught some really pretty sunrises. I like this one.

    The Office Max packages are my kind of fun order!

    On the down side.... I haven't seen one of those 1# butter dishes since my grandmother died.... sorry LOL!

    Have you experimented with anything herbal for pain? Nina and I both use Devil's Claw. It is certainly not strong like narcotic type pain killers but it does work for certain kinds of pain.

  12. It's okay, you can post every day if you want! Of course now that you have all these fun things to play with, you won't. Oh, and I meant to say that as a Senior I listen to aches and pains all day long (and love to recount my own as well) and it's fine! I hope all turns out well with your eyes, since they are so important to all that we do!

  13. Barb--What's funny is Leah and I bought ours at the same time at Target about 4-5 years ago. We were surprised to see such big covered butter dishes and we love them. Now we can hardly find butter for them--hehe! Well, we can put in the sticks separately--just stack'em in there, I guess. LOL!
    I haven't tried anything herbal for pain. I googled this and am going to see if they have some over at Tochi's. What the heck! I would love to try it. Got nothing to lose. Thanks for telling me about it. :):)

    Djan--I've been managing to play and post lately--hehe! But, you're right, posting takes time. If I don't post within a few hours of when I get up, I rarely post later on because I do get busy with my puttering. ;)
    My dad has has glaucoma for over 30 years. I'm glad they caught Dagan's early. Obviously must be the hereditary kind. Dagan seems so young to get it, but with all his other health issues he figures this is not that big of a deal and he'll do what they tell him and it will be fine. He's a very positive person on the whole. If I do have it, it would be early onset, so that is good. But it would be really nice not to have it. Here's hoping! ;)

  14. What's his pressure generally staying at? They always struggled to keep mine lower than 17. Well, right up until the end, then - when the glaucoma was winning - the pressure went so low that if they were lucky they "might" get a reading of 1. I think - if I remember rightly - "normal" is around 10 to 12, or something like that...

    Light and shadow is all I could see come the end. And I was very photophobic with it, so the light caused me so much pain I spent a lot of time hiding in dark rooms. That's why I had them remove the eye; same thing had happened with the other eye 8 years earlier. I remember how exciting it was to finally be able to go outside without having to wear a peaked hat low over my eyes (sunglasses never worked for me. Although, at one point I was needing sunglasses and the hat, and sometimes even that wasn't enough... Like the time I was meant to be going out for the day with my Mam, only to end up with her taking me home before we even got to the end of the road because I was already crying with the pain).

    Not fun! I hope theyy keep Dagan's under control, and that your Dad doesn't suffer the pain I did. Also, I hope you manage to avoid getting it!

  15. Yeah; mostly I shop like you, because then I can pick my own items. In the shop I just feel like a third wheel. Plus, I hate going out shopping; way too many people pushing and shoving. Not to mention the fact it's like I'm surrounded by noise, and it gives me a headache!

    I've not long got butter, but we got it in a tub this time. Next time I'll make sure we get a packet (if I can). Anyway, when I get packet butter next I'll get a photo for you.

  16. Great new stuff to play with! Let me know what you think of those new sharpie pens, I wanted to buy some and try but I just did not want to do it due to the price and not knowing for sure if they really do not bleed through.

    I totally loved that invisible ink stuff, cannot remember if I told you that. That was uber cool!

    Great pics too!

  17. Tori--I don't know if he ever told me what his pressure number was. They never told me when they said mine was borderline. I'll have to ask him.
    That sounds horribly painful. My dad doesn't have light sensitivity and has never said his eyes actually hurt him--just been gradually going blind over many years. I think he had headaches a lot. There are different forms of glaucoma, tho. Sounds like you had a very painful one!!
    Love to eventually see what the packet of butter looks like! :)

    Desi--I will be testing the new Sharpie pens today (Sat). I'll post pictures. :)

  18. I don't think everyone has light sensativity with it; I think that was the main cause for the pain. Definately headaches too though! I still get those mind you; especially when the humidity is high. Nothing like the pain I had in the last 10 months before having my eye out though... Thankfully!


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