Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The rain stopped. The clouds lifted. We had a day of blue skies and sunshine yesterday! TaDa!! (Well, at least until afternoon while I was awake.)
The new connecting road? Well, there are no blockades on half of it, but the truck and equipment are still parked right there on the road (surrounded by orange cones, Iggy). I see vehicles using the road on occasion--scooting across. I do hope the kids on their bicycles will stay off of it now that it is "apparently" open.
As long as I was checking the road...nope...the garage roof on that one building still looks terrible. I think it's lost a few more shingles in the recent storms. If you look at the last picture and this one...am I also seeing some errant shingles on some other garage roofs? *sigh*
Somebody was happy to see the sun! Miss Karma was rubbing her own head on the carpet!
I know--I should have gotten video. I just don't think of it. She flipped her head upside-down and rubbed the top of her own head. Such a goombah!
So...what do I do in the middle of the night while you are sleeping? Well, I finished off five bookcards yesterday...soooo...just had to make a few more, of course--my supply is low. I have been wishing I had some handmade paper, but all those supplies are over at Leah's. Digging about I came across the 12 X 12 handmade paper packs I got at such a bargain quite a long time ago. Happy me! May not be my own handmade paper, but I was excited. There were two different styles of inclusions, so I took two sheets to cut down to make four covers. Even had some extra pieces left over to use for something else. :)
Dying to use some more of the french writing tablet paper I have fallen in love with. ;) Folded, punched holes, and sewed them up with some baby-yellow embroidery thread.
Five sheets in each one--so 20 sheets both sides. And no problem writing on both sides of this fancy paper with fountain pens, either. (Do I sound gleeful?)
Cut down a couple more writing guides for this size page--which is a little different than my scrapbook paper bookcards I usually make.
I do just love this Clairefontaine paper. Don't get bleed-thru and not much shadowing and so smooth that a fountain pen just glides across it slick as can be. Ahhh! Nothing like making hand-writing even a little more fun for me, right? LOLOL! These four, plus a scrapbook paper one, are already all earmarked. Envelopes addressed and one has been started already.
Caroline comes this afternoon. I hope I'm not dragging too badly when she's here. Been up since midnight. She's seen me in pretty bad shape before...in my robe...not even able to get dressed, so yawning is nothing--hehe! Oooo--the sky is pink and blue and yellow. I need to see if I can get a decent picture. I promise to tell you soon about the "Flowers and Garbage" story...
Happy Tuesday!!
"The fragrance always remains on the hand that gives the rose."


  1. What gorgeous homemade paper!!! I don't think I've ever seen any as pretty as that! What exactly do you use those mini notepads for? Just to have? Journaling?

    I hope you get back on track with sleeping really soon! I know when I can't sleep, I'm not worth much at night OR day! Hugs!

  2. Loved the picture of the sun behind the clouds. I hope the rest of the day was as nice as this picture appears.

    You sure do keep yourself busy with your cards and your writing. I had a little something in my post that was lost last night, but I'll get it back in there soon. ;)

    Time for me to get to work. I hope you have a good day and get some rest.

    What a beautiful quote. Ghandi was such a wise man.

  3. Several of your pictures capture the nubbliness of the paper so well, and that first picture of the clouds... wonderful! And I like pictures better than video anyway, so there! :-)

  4. The last couple days with the clouds and rain, Karma's been stone asleep. Now the sun comes up and so does Karma's head! :)

  5. Those little Orange Dudes really like looking at yellow construction equipment (and looking into holes too) :)

    That garage roof is in need of TLC care ASAP!!

    Pats the goombah on the head... nice goombah... such a nice goombah..

    Your crafts look nice!! perhaps as an artistic touch, you good make a couple small stamps and mark the ones you do in the night with one (say a crescent moon) and the ones you do in the light with a sun with wavy rays?

  6. Glad you got some sun! :)

    LMAO at Karma rubbing her own head on the carpet. She's just confirming my suspicion that tortoise shell cats ("tortoise shell" is what we call "calico" colouring for cats) are totally mental! I've had two of them... Topsi and Megan... Both were nutters (Megan especially!)

    Well, at least you're getting craft stuff done at some point! ;)

  7. Jeannie--It's been so long ago now I can't recall where I found this paper online or I'd tell you. These are what I call my "bookcards" that I use to write letters. Thanks--I hope I get more sleep here pretty soon. I never mind when, as long as I sleep well. :)

    AliceKay--Aha! I'll be looking for the little something on your blog--hehe! ;)
    Yes@Ghandi. Wise man!

    Djan--Aha! You prefer pictures to videos. Well, you'll be happy I take waaay more pictures, then--LOL! ;)

    Nikki--LOL! Karma's head is never up too long, tho. ;)

    Iggy--I'm surprised they haven't done anything about that roof. Maybe they're waiting for the shingle disease to spread and take hold before they bother, who knows with them. :P
    You are so funny! I probably could find a tiny sun and moon stamp for sale someplace! LOLOL!

    Tori--LOL!! "Nutters"!!! I love it. She is definitely nutters! She was lying on her side, Tori, and twisting her head all crazy upsidedown to rub the top of her head on the carpet with big swipes. I couldn't catch her with the head twisted all the way in the pictures. Sometimes I think she is like the exorcist with that head of hers. ROFL!!

  8. I think cats are contortionists!


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