Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Do you see what I see?
Look at those shingles flopped around on that garage roof!
Makes me wonder why we have sooo much trouble with the roofs here. They are either using cheap materials or don't know how to attach shingles properly or something. Jeez!
Weather permitting, the road crew is still adding layers of tar on that connecting road and have leveled off our old road. When you turned in off the main road in front of the buildings there has always been a huge dip and bump on our side road that is all gone and tarred over now. So, that's a plus, I guess. :)
92 degrees yesterday afternoon, so humid you could cut the air with a knife, and Karma was lying on the glass and metal table. Sillyhead!
The sky was gorgeous earlier...
...with more of the blue skies and white fluffy clouds.
Around the time for the fireworks...a lightning storm rolled in. Constant lightning lit up the sky! Sometimes I wasn't sure what was thunder and what was fireworks. The sirens went off three separate times. Karma and I were in the bathroom again waiting out the storm. I never thought to make a video, but Dagan and Leah did! Sounds like their neighbors were out on their decks, too, watching the display. I saw the same thing from up here--fireworks, lightning storm, thunder, and sirens going off all at the same time. Weird!!

It absolutely poured for a while here. Leah told me there was hail in places, too. I haven't watched the news this morning to hear whether there were any touch downs or damages. We almost lost power here...went off and on a couple of times. It went from 92 (or more--that was just last I had checked earlier) down to 70! We're still supposed to be in the 80s and it was 70% humidity this morning.
The storm was downright beautiful, though. :)
I'm washing clothes and puttering about today. Having the storm keep me up pushed me back on days, I think. We're back to blue skies and white clouds this fine morning. :):)
Hope all the US folks enjoyed the nice long weekend. I can hardly believe it is July already and half the year has flown by. Wow! Happy Tuesday! :)
"Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
That was some pretty wild patience we had last night, Ralph! LOL!


  1. Hi Rita!! :) My sisters got caught in that storm on their way to MN on Friday. And then it arrived in MN on Friday evening, it was something else, wow.

    I love that Karma found the coolest spot in the shade! Smart kitty!

  2. What a storm! I couldn't help think that if God and humans were competing in that display, God won hands down! That was beautiful.

    Karm is definitely a silly head! lol

  3. Silly Karma! Hey, do you think she just wants to be a darker colour? LOL!

    Loved the videos; especially the second one, because the fireworks in that one seem to be the best (although, for getting the full effect of the storm, fireworks and siren the third one is best... I still like the second best though).

    I was on days... I'm currently on short naps though (the nap routine is the most frustrating... I never feel like I had enough sleep, despite the fact I wake naturally, can't get back to sleep, and - when I add all the bits of sleep together - do get a decent amount of sleep in a 24 hour period).

    Love that quote.

  4. Looks like someone doesn't know how to put down a shingled roof, or else they use very cheap shingles.

    I'm glad they fixed the dip and bump in the road to your building. I bet it'll be a big help on everyone's vehicles.

    What a storm. I don't think I'd be standing out there with a camera when it was thundering and lightning like that. (i do when it's not as bad as that...lol) I'm glad you and your kids are safe and sound. Be careful out there.

    It's a beautiful summer day here in northeastern Pennsylvania. It's getting hot, but the humidity is staying within breathing range so far, so that's a help. :)

  5. indeed the storm was beautiful!

    almost looking like a road back there!


  6. Nikki--That was another storm. We've been getting them one right after the other. This one I posted about was just Monday night--4th of July. We had another one on Friday, too. Now that we're finally getting hot weather the storms have been doozies, yup! ;)

    Deanna--Yes! The lightning storm absolutely dwarfed the fireworks displays, thats for sure! I couldn't believe they were still trying to keep the fireworks going in the first place, but the storm came on rather suddenly. Weird to see and hear all that going on at once! :)

    Tori--Well, for all her tanning, Karma is the same dusky calico--hehe! Glad you liked the videos! All you could see was the sky being lit up over and over again and a long shot of some fireworks off in the distance over the tree tops. Was quite the light show! Maybe you could tell better what was thunder and lightning cracks and what were fireworks than I could. :)
    I didn't get much sleep that night, so I was back in bed at 6pm again! I hope we both get some decent sleep. ;)

    AliceKay--I know! I couldn't believe when I saw the shingles on that roof! Pathetic! They're all on the other garages just fine. ?? *sigh*
    It will help that they fixed the dip and bump in the road, but it did slow people down. And now we will have a through road. :(
    Their neighbors were out on their deck, too. The lightning was so constant that I think people were just drawn to watch it...and they didn't have rain there. Sheets of rain finally burst forth over my way. ;) We have more rain coming Th-F-Sa. Never seems to give us a break for long. Hope you have some nice days.

    Desi--It was an amazing light show...and with accompanying fireworks and sirens to boot! LOL!

  7. Well, she can try and get herself darker, can't she? LOL!

    Yeah, I bet it was a fantastic light show!

    I hope so too (about the sleep)!

  8. I love t-storms (as long as I'm under cover...)

    You had quite a show!!! Amazing what your camera caught on digital film!

  9. Iggy--Dagan and Leah took the videos over at their place, but we do have similar cameras because I have their old one. Canon Power Shot--they just have the newer, better model. :)

    Leah actually posted these on youtube! Her very first videos!! Tada! Maybe she'll start making videos now and become a regular youtuber--who knows? I've been very lax with the videos lately. I should think about them more often when I pick up the camera. ;)

  10. Great videos, Leah!

    I don't mind storms but I hate the destructive storms that we get in our summer months....they are like mini-cyclones and downright scary!

    Glad to hear they're fixing up that dip and bump on the road. Goodness, they hadn't long fixed the roof, had they? It sounds like they're cutting corners and not doing the job right. I hope your roof stays in tact.

  11. Serena--The videos were a pretty good representation of that storm, that's for sure. :) We get some scary ones here, too, sometimes. That one didn't seem too scary, actually--despite the three times the sirens went off. Heck--they were still running the fireworks. ;)

    Yah! I hope our shingles stay put on the buildings. Pretty sad to see that garage roof. Think positive, right. :)


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