Monday, July 04, 2011


80s and 90s? Crazy Karma can be found sprawled out snoozing...
...all over the porch.
Well, I made a trip over to Dagan and Leah's yesterday. It was hot, but the humidity had dropped down some, thank goodness! I was snapping pictures out the windows since there was very little traffic and I could drive slowly. I had mentioned a while back how all this farmland with the rich black dirt is slowly being transformed over to buildings and pavement.
They put in the nice, new, big roads first...
...with all those power lines...
...and they take this farmland...
...and start to dig it up.
See all that black... soil?
It just struck me how one day that earth will be worth more than gold. Good earth and water, you know?
Got to Dagan and Leah's. Scooped the cat box, got Sammy and Annie fresh water and food...
...and while they took turns eating I got my tree fix out on the deck...
...while I watered plants.
Not sure what everything is (I'm no gardener) but they looked healthy.
A baby plant nursery, looks like.
I went inside and had a couple of chocolate chip cookies Leah left for me while I wrote for a while in a couple bookcards I had brought along in my purse. Sammy and Annie had greeted me, but weren't quite as friendly as usual. I wondered why Sammy wasn't walking over the bookcard trying to get some pettin', but I just wrote and recovered from the heat for a while.
I wondered why they were keeping their distance, so I finally got up to go check them out and make sure they really were okay. (You know cats, they are very friendly before the food dish hits the floor.)
And that is when I saw it.
A huge plant laying sideways on the floor! As I went over to right it...
...I heard cat feet pounding up the stairs. Sammy and Annie had run for the hills! I figured I wouldn't see them again for a while and the leery cat behavior mystery was solved--so I packed up and drove home. ;)
Now Leah, if you see this, I know how particular you are about everything and don't even know where you keep your vacuum or any cleaning tools so I left it as you see here. I hope that was okay? The cats seem to have never gone near it since whenever it got knocked off the wooden bench. My guess is that when the humans were away the cats were playing chase because they both acted guilty--ROFL! Good news is, the dirt was quite dry, so it should vacuum up pretty well and not be too much of a mess to clean up. Happy 4th--LOL!!
And a happy holiday to all those who have one today.
Happy Monday to everybody! :):)
"Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul."
Henry Ward Beecher


  1. Karma looks totally flaked out!

    Aren't the clouds so amazing?! Like little patches of white cotton candy. (I must be hungry.)

    As far as the spilled dirt, likely the cats will do it again. Every time I pet sit cats, they do a little 'redecorating'. Just their way of saying, they were bored when their family was out.

  2. Those fluffy white clouds are awfully pretty in the sky, Rita. A Happy Fourth to you! I didn't realize that cats can act as guilty as dogs do. I always think they don't care that much! :-)

  3. We have internet out here because of our phones, and yes, of course it's fine that that you didn't clean up the mess, I wouldn't expect you to. Besides it will give it another day to dry out completely to be vacuumed up. :) Thanks for sitting it back upright, and I hope the plant is ok. :)

  4. Karma has the life! :)

    I loved your pictures. That's a beautiful area you have out there, but like everything, progress takes over and what used to be is gone forever. We buy our linseed meal from West Fargo, ND, so some of those fields out there may have grown flaxseed.

    Dagan and Leah live in a beautiful area, too. About the only plants I recognized in those pots were the tomato and possibly pepper plants. That's cute how they have the little starter plants in those wrapped around paper cups. Never thought of that before.

    Poor Sammy and Annie. They might be in the "doghouse" when Dagan and Leah get home. LOL

    Hot and humid here again today and this whole week. Certainly not my kind of weather, but we get what we get. Terri and I have today off from work. I'm sure we'll make up for it tomorrow. LOL

    Hope you have a good day today.

  5. Those naughty kitties!!!

    Looks like you had a nice change of scenery!!!

  6. Parsley--LOL! Karma was really zonked out there. :) Could be--I think they get a bit wild when left alone--hehe!

    Djan--Most of my cats knew when they did something against the rules. A few never cared or pretended they didn't. ;)

    Leah--I'm glad you got to see it so you are forewarned--and glad you're not disappointed I didn't clean it up. I'd have a hard time trying to repot a plant that big with one hand--LOL! It looked like it had survived the fall amazingly well. Hope you guys have been having a super weekend. :)

    AliceKay--It was such a gorgeous sky yesterday! Clear blue and those clouds! You may be in trouble with seed, tho. I heard the rains and soggy ground have caused about a quarter of the fields in the whole state of North Dakota to never have been planted at all! Does not bode well.
    I thought the two big pots had tomatoes in them, too. That is about all I maybe recognized--LOL!
    The humidity has been on the rise and we're expecting rain again later today. *sigh* Hope you had a nice 4th. :)

    Jeannie--Yes--it's always nice to get out of my apartment once in a while. ;) The sky was amazing and I got my "tree-fix", too. :)

  7. kitties will be kitties...
    the sky looks beautifier there!!! :)

    have a happy and safe 4th and stay cool!

  8. Rita, that big beautiful sky in North Dakota is spectacular!! I too lament the covering up of that rich black soil. There is no going back. Terah

  9. Can I join Karma there? LOL!

    Yes, that solves the strangeness of their behaviour question; guilty kitties wondering what would happen when they got found out. LOL!

  10. Bet the cats didn't show any gratitude.

  11. Desi--It was such a pretty day! Hope you had a nice 4th, too. :)

    Terah--I love your pictures of the wide open spaces, too. :)
    Yup--no going back. Well, the buldings could fall down and the parking lots crumble hundreds of years from now. Never say never, I guess. ;)

    Tori--I was kind of surprised. Sammy and Annie must be smarter than I thought. Hanging back to see what this human they aren't as familiar with will do or not do--LOL! ;)

    Yup! With cats, gratitude is always optional. LOL!! ;)

  12. Just goes to show how smart cats can be!

  13. Popcorn clouds!!

    Of course the corn is just about ripe here - and its so brutally hot it could actually be real popcorn....

    And yes, someday, all this so-called "development" (its pronounced "destruction") will come back to haunt the human race someday.

    Karma Kat doesn't look like she has a single bone in her body (and she's certainly no a guilty cat!)

    Sammy and Annie!! Your punishment will be to eat all those brussel sprouts.

  14. Tori--Survivalists! That's where their smarts lie! LOLOL!

    Did I ever mention that Sammy likes a bit of canned pumpkin on his cat food? Might not work on him. For all we know he might like brussel sprouts--ROFL! ;)


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