Thursday, July 21, 2011


I think I have come to associate these deep orange sunrises with hades weather.
Early Monday morning (around 4am) I was getting ready for bed and the sirens went off. No surprise. The AC hadn't been able to keep up with the heat and humidity. Had a heat index of between 105-114 this week until now. Still hot, but the humidity has dropped down to 33% today!!
Anyways, the sirens went off--twice--because of straight line winds and favorable tornado conditions. Karma and I spent an hour and twenty minutes in the bathroom as the storm passed slowly over the Fargo-Moorhead area. I actually watched the news afterwards and took some pictures.
We had places that reported 2-3 inches of rain in 20 minutes.
These flooded streets are in my neck of the woods, as they say.
There was another crazy lightning storm with this one and hail, too. (It's actually cooling to hear the hail above your head on third floor while you're stuck in a hot bathroom--LOL!)
No tornado, but the winds did some damage--fences, etc--some more trees downed.
This big one landed on a car.
I mentioned before that I heard that about a quarter of the fields in North Dakota never got planted...well, this isn't good for the ones that were.
Cornfields under water. Let's hope it drained away fast, right?
Dagan and Leah made it over last night. Leah set up on the floor to do some of the potting. She tears apart a big trash bag and tapes it together to make a big plastic sheet to work on that you can just gently fold up and throw away. :)
Just proof of how meticulous and anal she and I can be--LOL! Leah didn't make a mess at all. Used the big empty planter to hold the potting soil.
I told her to pass on the two hanging pots because we don't have the hardware to hang them up yet. And it was SOOO hot and humid outside that I thought the philodendron would go into shock to be brought inside where it was cooler--and then it would have to sit someplace on the floor in the coming week or so. We left it hanging on the porch and will finish with the repotting maybe next week or whenever.
They brought me over a fern, too. Going to repot that too and hang it. It is in one of those outdoor plastic hanging pots right now, but the plastic hook was too large for the smaller ceiling hook in the corner of the porch so they left it sitting on the metal glider chair. (Not that I realized why they left it on the chair--LOL!)
This is what it looked on the porch like this morning.
Leah put new dirt in the planter I've been using for Karma's cat grass and we planted catnip. Have never tried to grow catnip. It gets tall and sounds like it is a bit tricky to get started. You are supposed to kind of germinate them and start the seedlings in small pots...but we tried just planting about 16 seeds in this planter and we'll see what happens. If anything.
Leah planted the herb pots for me. This is that set I bought with the seed disks that I was expecting to have much smaller pots--LOL! They take up the whole little table out there. :)
Anyways, instead of passing out in the heat on the porch like Karma has been doing (below)--last night she was eating the fern out there in the dark! I had to catch her and carry her inside. She was not happy with me.
But--I googled plants that are toxic for cats...yup! Ferns are on the list. So no matter how annoyed and disgusted Karma was with me, she wasn't let out on the porch for the rest of the night.
This morning I got out the stool and tried to hang the fern in the corner of the porch. That is when it dawned on me why they had left it on the chair--duh! Didn't fit on that smaller hook. So I hauled it inside--trying not to trip on a begging cat circling my feet--and hung it in the livingroom.
There were small pieces of fern everywhere! After a long session with a broom and dustpan (way too early to be running a vacuum cleaner on the porch), I got up the majority of it and called it a day. Finally got to bed about 9:00 this morning. Well, the sirens and all on Monday really pushed me around the clock faster--hehe! I guess that's a good thing. ;)
On Tuesday afternoon I woke up and the McLap was dead as a doornail. Would not turn on for love or money. Another day of 114 degree heat index. Dew point was 83--highest in 25 years. So humid that if I got up and moved around I was sweating because the AC couldn't keep up. Needless to say, I am not good for much in the heat. Quiet days up here. :)
Anyways, I have Leah's old Gateway laptop as a backup, right? I drug it down from the bedroom closet--but it didn't recognize my new internet service. So, I still had my new fancy-schmancy phone with internet--LOL! At least I could read emails and send a couple. ;)
I tried the McLap off and on all day--nothing. So, before I went to bed Wednesday morning I asked my techie angels to please see if they could fix it while I slept. Yes, I actually do this. Out loud, no less. May sound crazy but...I woke up yesterday afternoon and the McLap started right up!! I was so happy I danced around the room saying "thank you! thank you! thank you! you're the best!!" And it has been working ever since. (Knock on wood.)
Dagan and Leah were here shortly after I woke up, so no time to do much online. And--guess what? I completely forgot that this new TV system is actually a computer--duh! Here I was struggling with the tiny phone screen when I could have been using my huge TV screen and a keyboard--ROFL!! Dagan and Leah just shake their heads at me--LOL! Dagan took the backup Gateway with him because it needs another system installed for it to work now? I don't understand all that techie stuff, but I am so glad to have my techie angels--both my two human ones and whatever little spirits work on my stuff while I sleep. ;)
I spent most of last night catching up little by little online with my blog friends. And watched a couple of newly released action movies! The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon and Unknown with Liam Neeson. They were both really good. If I had to pick, I think I liked Unknown better because of the particular mystery and twists, but they were both decent action movies. You never want to say too much when there are strange things to be revealed in both. ;)
Well, that is what I have been up to this week. Today we are back to blue skies and white clouds. Glad to see it and hope it will dry up some of the wet ground. We're supposed to be back to rain again by Saturday. At least a person can breathe outside today and not feel like you're standing inside of a hot shower. Hope everyone is having a good week! :):)
"Cherish all your happy moments: They make a fine cushion for old age."
Booth Tarkington


Barbara said...

You are back on the night shift, huh? Is is cooler in the early morning for some sleep? Did the weather bring the temps down? We got a wild electrical storm here a couple of nights ago. A friend of mine had her house hit by lightning. It punched a hole in the kitchen wall, fried some electrical circuits and apparently that was it. It was rockin and booming at my house, I didn't consider it coming thru a wall!. Your area keeps making the news here for extremes of weather so you know you are getting the worst of it. Hope we all have a little cooler August. - I giggle at Nina's reactions too. :-)

DJan said...

I wonder why Karma is interested in eating that fern? I had also heard they are toxic to animals. At least you have it up away from her now.

And your weather sounds absolutely awful! Glad your angels got the McLap going again. Your life is certainly not boring, is it? I didn't know that catnip is hard to grow; I'll be interested to know how it does. And thanks for the TV pictures, it was just like I was watching it with you!

Deanna said...

Wow those are some storms you have been having. It is a shame the rains are cooling you down... just adding to the humidity. We are in dire need of rain here in Missouri and I'm hoping when we get it, it will cool things down. Our heat wave seems to be mirroring yours.

Putting the plastic bags down was a perfect solution for potting plants inside. I'll have to remember that.

I hope that catnip takes off for you and/or Karma.

Furry Bottoms said...

You know, I totally understand that part about shutting the computer down and hoping it works in the morning by some miracle. And it works!! This happened to me this past week. Once I figured out how to get things up and running again... everything was up and running again but my computer lost touch with the Internet. I sat there for hours and tried everything I could think of to get it to connect with the internet. Nothing worked. Disgusted, I turned the computer off one night. The next morning, I turned it back on and presto, internet working just fine. Somehow. Miracle!

Intense Guy said...

It is so blistering hot here... I think I saw the heat index was 126 a few minutes ago... that some rain would be nice - even hail (as long as it's small! okay, let's not get carried away with the ice making!)

Karma really digs the "forbidden" plants huh? I hope you caught her in time to prevent any upset tummies or worse...

I think the key phrase for today is "move slooooooowly".

Toriz said...

Sounds like you've had more rain than we have even! Hope the nasty weather hasn't done any serious damage, and that the fields drained quickly!

Glad you and Leah managed to get at least most of the repotting done. Hope your herbs grow nicely.

Silly Karma... What is it with her and eating plants? LOL!

Glad your techy angels got your laptop working again. :)

Glad you enjoyed the movies.

Love the quote!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture of the sunrise, and so sorry about the storms so glad you didnt get any tornadoes. I sure didn't know that about ferns. I hope you get your sleep schedule back to nights soon have a wonderful weekend HUGS!

Desiree said...

I am glad you survived the storms Rita!

Potting is looking great, as does the porch! :D

I have Unknown on my t come soon list, so I look forward to seeing that.

I am glad the lap is working and hope it keeps going. Stay safe and hydrated and INSIDE :) during the heat.

Rita said...

Barb--Lately no time of day is cooler--LOL! That sounds really terrifying--that lady who had a hole blown in the kitchen wall from lightning!! Years ago my aunt and uncle's house got hit and it blew up their big console TV and almost started the house on fire!
Weather is not a good thing to be famous for on the news--ROFL! ;)
Nina reminds me of some of the kids with behavior problems I worked with years ago that were just so smart--and when you gave them constant intellectual challenges they were better behaved. She makes me giggle, but I do know how exhausting dealing with her must be, too. I just keep thinking you two will find your rhythm and get in sync. :):)

Djan--The fern was on the chair (something new) and it was a different plant (something new). For some reason she acted like it was catnip or something. Told you she is a Sillyhead. ;)
For being home almost 24/7, no, I am never bored--LOL!
I was shocked at the back of the envelope when we went to plant it. The only instructions had to do with how to create seedling plants--and it was complicated. I'll let you know if anything sprouts!
You made me smile@like watching the news with me. :):)

Deanna--I so wish we could send you some of this endless rain we have been getting up here. Things are just not normal in so many areas of the country. :(
When I first asked Leah where she wanted to pot and she said the living room...huh?...but tearing up the big plastic bag worked like a charm!

Nikki--I've done that with so many different mechanical and techie products...those repair angels can work wonders! I've even had them work miracles on cars! ;)

Iggy--Man!! That is so hot!!! And I bet it isn't a "dry" heat like they always say about Arizona--LOL! That's exactly why even the sound of hail (it was small) had a cooling effect as I was sweating in the bathroom. What cool air there was to cause the hail must have been waaaay up there, because it was still sweltering down here. *sigh* Has cooled maybe 10 degrees--near 90 instead of 100, but the humidity is back up to 67% today and storms predicted for tonight and tomorrow. Yup--move slowly. ;)

Tori--The ground is generally saturated up here. That is why we have ground flooding so much when it rains.
We only have the two bigger hanging plants to repot next time.
I've had some cats who won't touch plants and some that want to eat any plant they see. I have had hanging plants around Karma. Maybe she will eat all my herbs--LOL!

Lynn--My philodendron is supposed to be toxic to cats, too. There's a long list if you google it. I'm hoping I can get back around on days by next week, but I am just glad to sleep well whenever I can. ;)
You have a great weekend, too!!

Rita said...

Desi--Thanks, Lady! I hope you like Unknown, too.
I'll be safe INSIDE--yes!! Youbetcha!
Congrats on the new job!! :):)
Have a super weekend!

AliceKay said...

Not much time for me to comment because it's gotten late here and I need to get to bed, but I wanted to at least that photo of your sunrise. That is one awesome shot! :)

You sure are getting some terrible storms. I hope the corn crops can recover. Right now our area is needing a good soaking (not flooding) rain, but it's yet to arrive. I know as a feed dealer the prices of grains are going to be higher than they already are due to the flooding and droughts all over the country. It's not been a good year for the dairy farmer, or any other farmer for that matter. It's just going to get worse. You'll be seeing that in the grocery stores more and more. Some people don't realize it's the American farmer who sustains us. They think our food grows on the shelves in the stores. (seriously)

I'm glad you have those angels around you. :)

I hope you get some relief from the heat soon so can enjoy sitting out on your porch again. Have a good weekend.

Rita said...

AliceKay--Thanks! We've been having orange sunrises like that recently. I was glad to catch one that really showed how it lit up the sky. :)

I do know what you mean. This is farm country here--all over the midwest. I grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, but we had farmers in the family and my folks both came from farm families. We will see the aftereffects of this bad growing season showing up in our pocketbooks eventually. I feel so badly for the farmers! I keep hoping things will turn around with enough of the season left for some late crops, but it is looking pretty doubtful by this time of the year.

I believe we all have angels around us. ;)

Ha! Might be fall before I will have sitting on the porch reading weather--LOL! But I'll take it--whenever it comes. You have a good weekend, too. :)

Toriz said...

Sounds like that area would be great for growing rice!

Silly Karma... Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised to hear of her eating your herbs.