Thursday, June 28, 2012


I know you can't see it well, but Karma is meowing and panting at the same time.
What has her undivided attention and gotten her in such a state that she will leap and chase (too blurry to snap a picture) until...
...she captures her precious prize...bites hard, parks herself, breathing heavy between her teeth, and won't let go?  
What treasure is this that causes such kittenish excitement and begging as I have probably not observed in several years?  
Lindt chocolate truffle wrappers! 
I'd never tasted a truffle before, having thought them some kind of fungus or mushroom, until I heard online that they were chocolates!  Well, then I just had to try them and bought me an assorted sample bag.  (They were all delicious!!)  Little did I know that the wrappers--which make a crinkling noise--would drive Miss Karma bonkers.  Here she is protecting her hoard of wrappers--LOL! 
I have to put the string toy up on top of the bookcase by the front door because if you leave Karma alone for two seconds with string she will have bitten through it and be trying to eat pieces as fast as she can.  Took my eyes off her for a bit yesterday and she bit through the string--again!  That's why her string toy has so many knots in it and I have extra string so I can replace the whole string when it gets too short.  She's bitten two or three of Dagan's shoes laces into pieces over the years.  Yes, Miss Karma has a string fetish, that's for sure.  And, at least for now, she has a Lindt chocolate wrapper fetish, too.  ;)
I worked on the zendala some more on Tuesday.
Wanted something softer to contrast the pink abstract flower shape in the center, so I added some leaves and such. 
Got this far before Dagan and Leah came last night. 
We never did Sacred Circle last night, either.  Leah came later--with food from A&W/Long John Silver's.  We did phone and computer updates--gabbed a lot--and they put down some of the leftover velcro for me on that far end of the porch to cover the gap in the carpeting.  It was already getting late and we like to have 2-3 we postponed again to try for this coming Saturday night.  You just don't want to rush Sacred Circle, you know?  
This morning I went to take a picture and Karma immediately noticed the velcro strip.  As you can see, the gap wasn't the full length, so it ends there by the padded chair.    
Karma immediately tried to paw it up.  Good thing she doesn't have claws and this is industrial strength velcro because she was over there working on it for some time.  Too hot to keep at it for long, though--LOL!  
Anyways, I finished up this morning so that I can enter my zendala!
I used a black LePen for the triangles and I should have used a Micron.  The LePen was tending to bleed more on the cardstock and was harder to control for crisp edges.  Now I know.  It was a rich, dark black, though, so I added the black squares around the outer edge, too, for balance.
I could have added more, but I tend to like the contrast between empty areas and filled areas.
Anyways, that's my contribution to The Bright Owl's Zendala Dare for this week.  You can click on the link and see what other people have done with this week's template, too, if you'd like.  They're always so different!    
Today I'm off to work on something "garden" for the Artist's Play Room challenge this week.  It's supposed to be around 90 for the next several days so I am staying inside where it's cool.  Karma's out soaking up the heat, silly cat.
Have a great day!  :):)
"Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next."
Jonas Salk


TexWisGirl said...

truffles are both - a treasured fungi used by 'chefs' and also the name of a chocolate treasure. karma, you're cute.

Beth said...

I would say that Karma has discriminating taste. LOL

Dana said...

I love Lindt truffles! I'm jealous. ;)

Toriz said...

Truffles are a mushroom, but they're a kind of chocolate too... Confusing when they do that, but I suppose there are only so many names that can be used for things... *Shrugs*

LOL @ Karma with the wrappers!

Glad Dagan and Leah came for a visit and got more velcro down for you. Hope you can get to sacred circle next time; I agree, you don't want to rush it!

Cathy said...

I love your zendala and Karma too. She is quite cute.

Carolyn Dube said...

I am with Karma about those truffles! I think they are heavenly!

Marianne (Mare) Baker Ball said...

Beautiful zendala! And I'm a Lindt fan too. They make the creamiest chocolate around. How nice that Karma's happy w/ just the wrappers. :-)

Funny in My Mind said...

I like the red wrapper Lindt truffles!
My mom's cats always played with the plastic thingie that goes around the top of the milk carton lid. We would move the fridge and find a billion of them.
I have had both types of truffles. I had fries sprinkled with truffles in NYC and they were amazing!!

Stay cool!!

Funny in My Mind said...

Oh, here is your question:
why are you mostly homebound? Do you have an injury? Arthritis? Are you sick? What is the matter? I am just nosy and you said we cold ask.

Janie Junebug said...

I don't care about wrappers, but I have a chocolate fetish that I try not to indulge. Your zendala is beautiful. A+

Janie said...

Great zendala, lovely color; and I enjoyed reading about and looking at your kitty, who must be a family member.

Megan Adamson said...

I love what you are doing with your zendala. I have seen some books very much like that in a local shop, which is very rare around here, and I thought I'd buy a couple to experiment with.
I also have a Lindt chocolate fetish too...although I try to limit myself to five a day, usually in the evening when I am pondering, and Lindt chocolate is so easy to buy here in the U.K. {Very Naughty!}
My cats don't seem to bother playing much, but prefer to sit outdoors on the fence, watching the world go by. I once had a kitten that was born without any teeth or claws, so she was always like a kitten and couldn't defend herself outdoors. Must have been some calcium deficiency, but she died when she was about a year old.

Hope you and Karma are doing well! ;)

AliceKay said...

Karen and I love the Lindt Milk Chocolate truffles. Quite a treat, too. :p

I love your zendala. You did a great job with your color and contrast. Very nice!

I'm glad you had the chance to catch up with Dagan and Leah.

Supposed to be in the 90s here tomorrow. In fact, on tonight's TV weather segment, the guy said tomorrow would be the hottest day of the upcoming four days. Great. We get to go grocery shopping in the heat and humidity tomorrow. :\

Stay cool out there!

betty said...

I like those Lindt truffles! We get a bag around the holidays :)

too cute how Karma likes to play with them; such a silly cat she is!

I like how your Zendela came out, very nicely done!


Queenie Jeannie said...

I love truffles too! My favorites come from Austria, and are readily available in Germany!!! When it's wintertime, I'll send you some so they don't melt!

Karma is so silly - but we love her!

Love your zendala!!! Copic makes black outliner pens in varying nib widths (all very fine), for this kind of thing. I highly recommend them!!! Good luck on your garden challenge!

Serena Lewis said...

You're right...truffles are also a much sought after fungi hidden beneath the ground's surface. I've heard that certain types of pigs are good at sniffing them out.

I do like truffles in chocolates! How cute that Karma was so captivated by the wrappers.

Your zendala looks GREAT!! Nice work, Rita!

I've joined Artist's Playroom but I haven't checked out this week's challenge yet. Always busy with other things when Aaron is on school holidays.

Have a wonderful Friday! xo

Jenny Woolf said...

Really made me laugh to see Karma's photos, it made me remember how one of my cats used to love sweetie wrappesr too, they seemed to really intrigue him! :)

DJan said...

Your zendala turned out wonderfully. I think it's your best yet, all the parts came together really well. I too love those Lindt chocolate truffles, the darker the better, but I only allow myself to have them once in a great while. Now you know why: once you start... :-)

Darla said...

The colors you used in this zendala really appeal to me. Seems the truffles are a two for one - you get chocolate and Karma gets a toy.


SandeeNC said...

Karma will keep you on your toes, won't she? Now eating string Karma, really? Silly kitty, the truffle wrappers I can relate to and hoarding them, too funny! Great job on your zendala :) waving hi from the hot hills of North Carolina :)

ChicagoLady said...

I like your Zendala. I don't have the creativity to make my own, but I enjoy coloring them in, lol.

Mmmmm, Lindt truffles are delish!

Hilary said...

Lovely colours in your zendala. Well done. Karma is a cutie. My guys go crazy for wrappers too.. and bus transfers.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I love and I mean love Lindt chocolate truffles they are one of my favourite chocolate, I like your zendala entry looks really cool. The things Karma finds did she try and remove the velcro

Cindy Lane said...

I Love both kinds of truffles! The underground fungi (looks like a rotten tennis ball) grows on the roots of oak trees that have been "inocluated" (by men) with the truffle spores. We have a Truffle festival here, next month I think, with celebrity chefs etc. Truffle butter is yummo! They have dogs (labs mainly), that sniff them out in public demos. Very valuable doggies!

Truffle chocolates are definately the food of the gods. Belgian ones especially.....Karma has the best taste!

minnemie said...

OH your truffle story is so funny! Glad you discovered and enjoyed "the real thing":-) (though I suspect the mushroom-version did claim the name first.)

Sandi said...

Hi Rita!
Reading about Karma's antics really makes me want another kitten! I've been thinking about it a lot lately, I just really miss having a cat around the house. Your photos bring back fond memories of previous cats we've had. It's been almost two years since the last one died (which we had for 14 years I think) and maybe it's time.

Dee said...

Dear Rita, your originality never ceases to amaze me. You have a form to work with and you put your stamp on it. Quite beautiful.

And that Karma is one sweet cat!


carol l mckenna said...

Karma! What a delights he is ~ Just bought Lind Chocolate to have for company coming for viewing Nite before the 4th Fireworks ~ She is adorable ~ ^_^

And look at the artwork! Wow! You rock, girl! ~ thanks for coming by and have a loving and fun weekend ^_^
Carol and ArtMuse Dog (A Creative Harbor)

Alice said...

very cool job, rita! i love the colors, too!

i sent you an email - put my name in the subject line. i have 3 pinterest boards of zentangle patterns, if you want to look at them. they are under 'alice hendon'. i have some books, too, i just love playing with pinterest :)

carol l mckenna said...

Just stopped by to say 'Hi!' ~ so glad you are creating and that Karma is enjoying the'chocolate' ~ ^_^

TammyVitale said...

Karma is SO funny! I bet she's fun to watch! Love the mandala - what a great project and it came out beautifully! I'll have to keep that in mind when I'm casting about for something quiet and creative. Great post!

Friko said...

Just make sure that Karma doesn't steal the chocolates while they are still in the wrappers.

Tat's a lovely piece of work you created.

Dave said...

I've never heard of a zendala Rita, but your efforts look great! Watch Karma doesn't hang herself on that string - Dave

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

that's the nice thing about kitties, eh? they can be so easily amused...but only if they're in the mood! ha!
i never had chocolate truffles...never had the fungus kind either! but would definitely go for the chocolate type!

your zandala is VERY cool rita!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Well, You just got me to print out the latest challenge..I will ptuz with it..I might need some pens..I will have to see what I can find...perhaps I will borrow my husbands collection of sharpies. I really don't have time for it..but it looks like fun to me!
Thanks for the explanation about the Sacred Circle:)

Nancy said...

Your Zendala is gorgeous! OMGosh, I love those truffles :)
So funny to see Karma after the crinkly paper, my cats like those tie wrap things and of course, boxes and bags :)

Intense Guy said...

Karma is a krazy Kat!

That zendala looks neato!!

How is id different from a mandala? did I miss something?

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

The level of detail on your zentangle is impressive. I enjoy seeing how you can transform an outline into an item of beauty. Great usual!!