Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Over at Stamping Ground it's WOYWW.  This is what is on my art desk this morning.
I'm doing this workshop called Unearthing (one of the 21 Secrets Workshops).  This one involves making a collage painting about dreams.  I'm just doing a page spread in my journal, though.  We were supposed to pick something positive, wonderful, and even magical from our dreams.  I immediately thought of time-jumping!!
I used to have them very rarely, but in the past decade they have been quite frequent.  The most common way for them to occur has to do with transportation or how I am traveling.  Kind of hard to explain...
...but say I am walking along on a path... 
...and suddenly I'm on some type of bicycle...or, most commonly, I'm on horseback. 
If I start out in a car in present day...I am often suddenly sitting on the back of a horse cart.  Happens in an instant. 
I don't know why most of the time I go from a car to an open cart, but I have also ended up on covered wagons, gypsy wagons, and carriages.  Most commonly there's only one or two horses, but occasionally there are several teamed up pulling us along. 
I am most often alone on horseback or alone in a small cart pulled by a single horse...occasionally walking and leading a horse who's pulling a heavy cart.  Lots of horses in my dreams.  Of course they were everything before automobiles, tractors, and trucks.  I have only ridden a horse once when I was a kid in this life (and apparently how to ride them without bouncing and smacking your bottom repeatedly didn't come instantly back to me from some past life--ROFL!), but I have always felt drawn to horses.  
I tried to make the pics kind of peek out from the gesso like I did with "little me" in a previous spread--thinking it would make them dream-like.  It worked okay on some of the pics, but with some of them the paper started to rub away.  I might not have put enough of a ModPodge layer over them when I glued them down--because I found all the pics on google images and they were all printed on the same copy paper.  See I am learning new things with every workshop.  :)
Anyways, doing this workshop is fun for me no matter how it turns out in the end because I really enjoy my time jumping dreams.  Ever since I can remember as a child I have always dreamt about people I've never met, places I've never been, and other time periods.  Frequently I meet people I know I should know in these other time periods...but they don't look the same...and sometimes aren't even the same sex.  But then I am occasionally male, too.  I can know exactly who they are right away...sometimes it will come to me as we spend time together in the dream...or sometimes I can't quite figure out who they are but I know I should remember them.  Do any of you have dreams in other time periods?  Anyone else time-jump? 
Anyways, my Amazon order arrived!  
My red chair cover!!  (Haven't taken it out of the plastic bag yet.) 
A bread machine cookbook recommended by Jeannie.  
Thanks, Jeannie!  Can hardly wait to snoop through this!  
The new envelope punch board for making your own envelopes.  Whoohoo!
 I thought this was a longer bread paddle when I ordered this one pictured below. 
But, as you can see, it is just exactly the same as the other grey paddle I bought that looks similar to the original old one I was replacing (on top).
Which is okay, I guess.  I was able to throw away that old yucky one now that I have a new back up paddle. But it doesn't look like the picture to me.  I was thinking maybe a longer paddle might not as readily leave little bits on the walls that get baked into the sides of the bread loaf.  Oh well.
So that's it for today.  We have sun this morning for the first time in three days!
Looks like maybe we're back to 70s and 50s again!! 
Karma was so happy to see the sun. 
Bask!  Bask!
But right this minute she's on the porch watching the darting shadows of the swallows dancing and swooping about in the wind...and she's praying one of them will land on the railing.  The swallows are apparently just as delighted with the sunny day.  Ahhh!  The little pleasures in life.  ;)
Have a fun day!  :) :)
"To see a world in a grain of sand
and a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
and eternity in an hour."
William Blake


  1. Love the journal and how the Gesso gives it that dreamy quality and super cute kitty :-)


    Ike in Greece #91 xx

  2. hope the chair cover works well - maybe karma will like it better. :)

  3. you've gotta see someone to translate those dreams! very cool journal and that punch looks so interesting!

  4. I don't time jump, but it sounds as if it makes for very interesting dreams. I haven't been remembering any of my dreams lately. I would like to Bask Bask with Karma.


  5. Ooo another time-jumper! Lovely meeting you. I'll have to email you.

    Love the journaling project. Thanks for sharing!
    Creative Dreams & Blessings! ~Kelly #105

  6. I love your description of your dreams. My dreams always involve me looking for something and since I spend my life looking for stuff whether for cooking or crafting, it seems appropriate. I think my brain is full of pockets and flaps were information slips out of site.
    have a wonderful time with your journal and give karma a hug.
    Monica 99

  7. transferring your dreams to pages must be quite difficult, I really like the way you're doing it...funny how you go to a horse...for me that would be a nightmare.! I eally like the dreamy window effect you've managed. and....good luck with the chair cover..just the sort of jobI have to brace myself for!!

  8. Hope you have fun with the bread making! :) Lx

  9. Looks like you are having great fun with your dream time journal page ! It's looking great ! Love your moggy basking in the sun ! Ali x #122

  10. After all that night time travelling - on horseback yet - you must be exhausted in the morning.

  11. I love the dreamy collage and love hearing about being a time jumper. I recently finished reading "The Time Travelers Wife" and it was so intriguing to me - makes me wonder how many jumpers are really around.

    The colors you chose are beautiful.

    I love the places Creative Every Day takes me!

    If you would like to read my weekly check in, visit here.

  12. That's a really neat idea...time jumping. Your journal pages look great.

    I hope the chair cover works well. Looks great in the package.

    Sorry the bread machine paddle wasn't what you thought it would be. That happens sometimes when you order online. Ticks me off when it happens, too.

    Hazy, hot, and humid here today. Highs in the low to mid 90s with lots of really bad thunderstorms going thru. Areas just north of me had lots of hail (big stuff) and towns not far from the border in New York experienced flash flooding again. More thunderstorms predicted for tomorrow.

  13. The concept of expressing dream subjects through art is really intriguing, and you did a terrific job with yours. I have some vivid and sometimes recurring dreams, but never any that take me to another time. Other than to my own childhood, and that's different. Your dreams must be very entertaining. Might be interesting to find out how common that sort of dream is.

  14. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Your dreams sound fascinating. I'm a lucid dreamer, which means I can control to some extent my dreams when I'm dreaming...

    The red cover looks nice!

  15. I love your collage, sounds like a great workshop. I never seem to remember my dreams, I do wake up to the occasional spider nightmare (ugh). I hope your chair covers fits perfectly. Love the idea of an envelope making machine, let us know how you get on with that.
    Have a fabulous week.
    Von #34

  16. Thank you for stopping by :) You know, I visited you - I just love your dream journal!! - and was sure I left a comment...
    Wednesdays do this - global desk-hopping can be a tad disorientating :)
    Happy WOYWW (again) and have a fun week!

  17. I like your dream pages. I don't time jump. Most of my dreams are pretty much mulling over the things that are really going on in my life.


  18. I would love to be able to "go back" and see a lot of places at the date and time of my own choosing. I would be like "Bubba Gump" and walking/running through scenes from history (I might even whisper some advice into my own "younger days" ear - I doubt I'd listen to it though!)

    Your scrapbook is such a cool idea!

  19. Hi Rita, and Karma, thanks for visiting and leaving so many lovely comments, which cheered me up as I was feeling grumpy and down in the dumps yesterday.
    You have wonderful dreams, mine are usually totally weird and quite often nightmares where I wake up screaming or even sleepwalk a little! I did used to dream I was paddling a canoe to get to a farm on an island where there were lots of animals though.

    Carol (Cazzy)x

  20. You're doing WOYWW!!! Yay!! You're going to see lots of creative desks, and probably get some new ideas too! Enjoy!!!


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