Sunday, October 27, 2013


Good Morning!
Seems like our days have been half cloudy...
...and half sunny lately. 
Been in the 20s at night and 30s-40s in the daytime.  We had one day where it hit the 50s this past Friday.  Feels like winter already.  Which makes me think of snow and Christmas carols.  ;)
Can't believe it's been almost a week since I blogged.  Once again, I haven't gotten around to reading blogs the past several days or even responded to your comments on my blog from the last couple posts--which seems to be the case more often than not anymore.  My life has really become "either/or" lately with the sciatica.  My time was limited enough before, but even more so now.  I'm really not sure what to do about it.
I am learning how to work around the sciatica without setting it off, though.  At least most of the time--LOL!  For example, I wanted to scrub down my stove and the dreadful pans on the stove, right?  Well, it took me one full day, but I managed to get the job done!  I just had to do it in 5-10 minute sessions off and on all day long.  Of course, there's always that one burner pan that you can never seem to get completely clean--but close.  ;)
Also, Dagan stopped by briefly to drop off some things and pick up the container Leah left here with the banana muffins last time.  I asked him to pull out my table leaves from under the bed for me.  Then that project took the better part of another day because I scrubbed and cleaned everything on the lazy susan, too.
I forgot to take a before picture of the craft table but found this picture from last year when I was catching up on shredding.  (Note the vinyl covering on the table top that we got at Joann's and cut to fit.)  That's what the table has looked like for ages.
 Here's the table now with the two leaves.  Karma has lost her chair by the window because I still had to have room on my end... 
...where I sit every morning to journal.
I did pull the chair over so she could look out into the porch, though.  She found that interesting--only because the chair was in a new spot, I think.  Slept there all afternoon yesterday.
 Such an expanse!  Added 20 inches to the table--but it seems twice as long. 
But there's no clear vinyl protection anymore.  So I am using a "protector" (from my folding tabletop desk from Levenger) where I write because I use bulldog clips, as you can see, to hold paper down and in place for me (instead of my bum arm).  Didn't want them scraping on the table all the time--or the bottoms of the two pen cups, for that matter.  Leah made those and, as you can see, I cut hunks of felt to put under them.  Going to trace around them and glue the felt on to the bottoms so they won't be an issue, either. 
The other thing that I am constantly moving around on the table top is my laptop--which I keep on this metal holder whenever I bring the McLap over there.  I found this package backing from my ScorPal that I happened to keep (has directions on the other side) that fits perfectly under the metal holder.  Now I can slide that all over safely, too.
I guess I really didn't want to mark up my wooden table any more than I have to, you know?  I do most of the wet art stuff over at the art table these days, so that's good.  Ink is always a possible stain issue with me, though--LOL!
Karma this morning.  Best of both worlds--a box and sunshine. 
She was outside for a while curled in a ball...35 degrees.  Karma still thinks every so often that she just might see those swallows. 
On other days this week I cooked up enough food to last me for a week or so--made TV dinners, a huge pot of 13 Bean Soup, and my machine bread.  Was such a joy to have my kitchen back, use my new pots, and have everything right at hand in my clean pantry!  
Oh--my library girl, Amy, should be here any minute.  You won't know I am gone, but it will take me longer to write this.  I need a break to move around anyways.  Be back.
I'm back.  Sweet Amy left and I have all these books for the next six weeks (five of which I never read from last time--sad!).  Three books about food production & healthy eating, one by Proust (never read anything by him and wanted to see if it would paralyze my brain or not)...
 ...and seven more in The Cat Who series.
I told her I will not put in any more requests until I have finished all of these books. 
My life has become quite distinctly "either/or" since sciatica has graced me with more time to smell the roses.  My limited productive time has become even more limited, shall we say.  If I do one thing the rest of my list has to get put aside.  (I have constant lists going in my head and on paper--LOL!)  Like right now--I honestly feel guilty even blogging because I have not been able to get around to read blogs for many days and still haven't responded individually to the comments I received from my last couple posts.  *sigh*  Something's got to give.
I don't want to quit blogging. 
But I don't want to spend all my good hours at the computer, either.
The following questions are mostly for my blogland friends, I guess--my loyal followers.  I always used to wait to post on my blog until I had gotten around to reading all the blogs I follow, commented on most of them, and responded to all my own wonderful commenters.  That's just not been a good working plan any more.  Hasn't been for some time.  The only way I could keep doing that is maybe if I only blog once or twice a month...and then I might just totally get out of the habit and quit, you know?  
Not that my ending my blog would be an earth shattering event--LOL!  
  What would you think of my only replying to blog comments when you have a question?  You know I read and appreciate each and every comment you take the time to write.  And are you okay with it if I don't comment on each one of your blog posts?  I do try to read them all even when I don't comment.  I know many of you can't comment on every post, either.
I've already had to do a little of both the last few months.  Seems like I am always apologizing.  And I've had to post (like today) before I've gotten caught up in blogland--and then I feel guilty.  This ship has been sinking.
I just don't want you to think I don't care if I am blogging and you haven't heard from me, you know?  My body is more in charge--especially this past year, it seems.  And lately it's either cleaning my pantry/kitchen or keeping up in blogland---adding leaves to my table or keeping up in blogland---reading or blogland--playing at my art table or blogland--writing letters or blogland--cleaning my stove or blogland.  One thing at a time.  My multitasking days seem to be over--LOL!  And I always seem to have too many things I want to do.  :)
I guess I'm wondering what you think.  I am blessed with such a sweet group of loyal followers--and your opinions matter to me.  Would you rather hear from me personally in comments & replies or more often in general via more blog posts?  Something has to give.  
Anywhoo, I am surprised at how much a person with a cranky leg can scrub 5 to 10 minutes at a time--LOL!  I have plans to order some drawer organizers, shelves, and food containers in November so I can finish reorganizing the kitchen.  The rest of the kitchen is on hold till then.  Now that I have a larger table I am more prepared for the winter projects I have in mind that involve cutting up fabric, binder boards and large sheets of paper!  ;) 
Beautiful sunny afternoon--a balmy 48 degrees with a brisk breeze.  Karma is snoring softly on the other chair.  The cranky leg is complaining that it's time to move again.  Hope you have had as wonderful a weekend as I have.  :):)
"There is no large and difficult task that can't be divided into little easy tasks."
Buddhist saying


Shelly said...

It's your blog, and a lovely one, and you do whatever works best for you! It shouldn't be a burden, ever. Now Miss Karma looks so comfortable in her box, makes me want to crawl into one, too!

GrandmaG said...

Please don't stop blogging. I love reading all of your posts. I have no problem with you not responding to my comments. Take care!

TexWisGirl said...

i do not respond to comments UNLESS someone has asked a question. i don't think most people expect to get a response from a comment.

i'd rather you took that time to post or to visit blogs as you can fit in.

and i loved karma in the sunshine box. :)

Beth said...

I think you can do as you want with your blog. I appreciate emails from the blogs where I comment but I don't think it is necessary at all.

Take care of yourself!!

DJan said...

Please release yourself from the burden of responding to comments, or to leaving comments on all your blog friends. It's not possible to do all that AND carry on a normal life. Sometimes when I'm traveling, I get so far behind on my posts that I just mark them all as read and begin again. It's better than you take care of yourself than you try to take care of your followers! Trust me, I'm not going anywhere. :-)

Anonymous said...

Blog? DEFINITELY!! Respond? Only if you feel up to it.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I am sure not everyone leaves a comment, some people read and NEVER leave a comment.
I do not reply to every comment, if I did I would have no time to read other blogs and leave comments.
I am not sure why people want to reply to every comment... blog ettiquite or something. Whatever I have not complied with those rules..I just do my own thing.
I think you should do your own thing too:)

Janie Junebug said...

Everything looks so nice. You don't have to comment on my blog or reply to my comments on yours. I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but when I had sciatica, my doctor said it was the one thing for which he sent people to chiropractors. The chiropractor was helping me quite a bit when I went and broke my back. He couldn't fix that!


andi filante said...

I love Karma in the box. :) Don't you worry at all about commenting or replying. We've all been there...I know I've been so busy the last couple months that I feel horrible when I can't visit as much as I want and I can't always reply to everyone! I'm very behind on posting as well. Lots going on and not enough time to capture it all. My dad always says, "I can still do a day's just takes me 3 days to do it!" Ha! That's exactly how I feel these days. We understand!!


Darla said...

Liked seeing your book stack. I read Pollon's "Cooked" (and reviewed it on my blog).

I think only questions need a response and then only if you have time. I've tried replying in my comment section and I'm not ever sure anyone goes back to read it. I enjoy stopping here to see what you and Karma are up to but don't feel any obligation because I do that.


Intense Guy said...

I would rather see you post than reply to a comment or even leave a comment on my blog. Of course, I would also rather you were feeling much better and able to do all things you wanted to do without pain.

If all else failed - I would hope you could keep in touch somehow or another... no matter what or how.


Furry Bottoms said...

Like what TexGirl said, I don't usually respond unless there are questions. And I don't expect responses to my leavings on other people's blog-- I know everyone likes to receive comments. But I don't expect them to... most of the time.

I've reduced my blogging over the past year. Not on purpose though, I wish I could blog a little more but there has been other things going on in my life that my time to blog has been cut in. I still have made quite a few good blog friends who I continue to keep in touch through emails and texts, and that makes me happy.

Rita, you've got to do what you got to do. If that upsets somebody, Its only because they really liked you and really cared about you and its okay. They will eventually understand.

I will miss you and of course, Miss Karma. She's such a hoot. Just blog when you feel like it, not because you feel like you HAVE to. That should never become a burden. Blogging, that is. If its a burden, you will start to hate blogging eventually so don't let that happen! Just go do stuff, prioritize... and health always comes in first.

Anonymous said...

Ditto Fishducky.

I just recently learned about cats and boxes.


Jenny Woolf said...

I'm really sorry that things are starting to overlap so much for you. I think you should do what you feel most comfortable doing, but since you asked for my personal opinion, my opinion is that I would like to be able to continue to read your blog and hear about your life,

I'd really miss your blog if you stopped writing.

Regarding comments, it is always nice to hear from you and get replies and comments but I do appreciate that there are many people out there to respond to. I also know that sometimes I can't comment on every post either or reply, so I can see where anyone would be coming from on that! And I don't even have any proper
excuses on that.

So that's my thought about this Rita but for your sake I hope that some improvement can happen for your health very soon.

Zue said...

Hi Rita
Please don't worry about all the ' blogging' jobs you feel you need to do.
Sometimes it just gets too much for us all I guess.
It can become such a time-consuming occupation.

I would say, blog every day if you want to and don't feel the need to reply to all comments and emails.
Very few bloggers reply to everything!
Sometimes I just enjoy looking at blogs and you can do that and not always comment.
I will get back to you, just got to go to the vet with Charlie.

See you later.....don't reply, just rest. :)
Sue xxxx

Zue said...

Just back from the vet with antibiotics and potentially more surgery!
I think blogging should be for the blog author, just to put your ideas 'out there' is fun just being published. It doesn't matter if comments don't come by the dozen. I used to do challenges and 'what's on your work desk Wednesday' and others, but I had to stop as it takes too much time.
So I blog now, just when I want to whether it is rubbish or not. But most of all I love to see what cleverer people than me are doing, making etc. It is so Inspiring to see what artists are creating.
You will find that those artists and blog authors who have the largest followings, have very few comments and they seldom comment themselves. It is far too crazy to reply by email to every comment.....nice, but so time-consuming.

Hope that helps!

Just blog when you want and I will always enjoy reading your posts.

Some people just leave a smile to show they have looked.... :)
Feel well soon!
Sue xxx

Dee said...

Dear Rita, when blogging begins to interfere with what you're longing to do and with what you need to get done in your life so that you will feel whole and complete and content with where you are . . .

And when blogging (posting and responding to comments and reading other blogs and commenting) becomes burdensome and makes you feel guilty because the blogging is not getting done . . .

Then you truly need to step back and reassess, as you have in this posting.

Posting is something that can be done throughout a day or so. You can start and come back to it and add. And your posts help all of us know what's happening in your life. Also, your posts inspire us because your life helps us put our own in perspective.

So for me, I'd like you to continue your posting and to do it once a week or once every ten days or once every two weeks--whatever works best for you.

As to responding to comments, I think that most of us don't expect responses.

Of course, I'd like you to read my blog and tell me what you think, and I know you'd like that also. But I'd much rather know that you were taking care of yourself. That feeling of guilt because you're not reading other blogs has to be banished from your life.

We all know you'd like to read our blogs, but you simply CANNOT pull that off now and maybe not for the foreseeable future and maybe never again. But we know that you are supporting us with your thoughts.

So be at peace with this. Post when doing so will give you enjoyment. Respond to the comments left on your post only when someone asks a question.

And read other blogs when you really want to and have the energy to do so---in three months or six or never! And comment when you feel a strong desire to do so.

Be good to yourself. Be gracious to yourself. That's what I'd like to know you are doing. Peace.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

I think you should do what feels right for you in terms of writing and leaving comments.

Of course, I always enjoy reading your comments and it makes me feel like what I'm writing is reaching someone who enjoys reading it.

I continue to be inspired and in awe of your creative talent. To see your work and the process you go through to get there is so motivating and inspiring for me.

If blogging doesn't take too much time away from your creative time, I'd encourage you to stick with it.

For me, it's interesting to go back and look at some of the projects and activities I did that I wrote about and photographed on my blog. My blog is a way for me to document my life, homeschooling, crafting, and so forth. It's like an online journal, in a way, I guess.

Not sure if you use your blog at all in terms of going back and seeing what you did at different points or on different projects. Just a thought I had...