Tuesday, October 29, 2013


X Marks The Spot!
That was sunrise yesterday.  Today was so dark I have had to have the lights on all day, but yesterday Karma was soaking up the rays. 
I thought I'd post kind of late for T Stands For Tuesday over at Elizabeth's...with my thermal mug of coffee, of course.  Been writing letters today and made a loaf of bread.  Smells so good in here!
Just cut and glued some felt onto the bottom of the pen cups Leah made.  I'll let them dry well before I stick the pens back in (in a semi-organized fashion, of course).  The bottoms were pretty smooth, but you know how I am--LOL!  ;)
I want to thank everyone who left comments and sent emails with all your support and advice.  I am glad you will understand if you don't hear from me as often--but know that, regardless, I do usually keep up reading your blog posts because, as you may recall, I get them via email now.
[Note: if you don't have the "follow by email" on your blog I won't be able to get your posts.]  
My problem wasn't that I was getting sick of blogland, but that I like it too much--LOL!  And that I have these self-imposed, Minnesota-nice, OCD "rules" that I guess I just have to throw out the window.  I so thoroughly enjoy you all and our little snippets of chat and quick visits...but I just can't keep up and do all the other things I love, too.  Might be a bit sporadic with my contact...and more of a lurker, I suppose, than a true participant in the groups (but if you comment here and do have "follow by email"--I will follow--just don't have the time to go through the whole list of people in all the groups) but I enjoy those, too.  
Who knows!  Without all my OCD rules...I just might post more freely...like I did for the first several years when I wasn't expecting that more than a handful of people were reading anything I had to say...back when I seldom got comments...when I didn't know anyone online...wasn't following a couple hundred blogs...and was just writing for friends and family.  I know it's different now--and I wouldn't change that.  I feel part of a community that I treasure.  I love to hear what you think and see what you are up to...and that hasn't changed.  I may not interact as often, but my love of my blog family won't change.  In fact, I think I will treasure each comment even more in the future.  :) :)
Anyways, enough rambling.  
Been a productive, puttery day and it's almost time for dinner.  Where does the time go?!  Dark and cold--only 36 degrees right now.  Oh!  Somebody body-blocked my door at 11:15 last night and scared the crap out of both Karma and I.  Sounded like they were trying to break the door down...SLAM!...and then they ran down the steps.  People are so weird. 
The maintenance man came and changed the light bulbs in the kitchen ceiling for me this morning.  Yes, again!  Last time he even changed the ballast and they are still burning out on me.  So strange. 
Let's see...
In the past few weeks I watched I Remember Mama, After Earth, Oblivion, Mud, The Great Gatsby, and Star Trek: Into Darkness--and I liked them all!  (Click on any of the titles to see the description on imdb.)  Today Amour arrived in the mail.  So, right now--I am going to go heat up some bean soup, cut me a thick slice of fresh bread, and watch me a good movie.  Thanks again!  I feel a weight has lifted.  
HappyTuesday--what's left of it.  ;)
"There are moments when I feel like giving up or giving in, but I soon rally again and do my duty as I see it: to keep the spark of life inside me ablaze. "
Etty Hillesum


Friko said...

Poor Rita.

I don’t mean that literally, of course; it’s just that I know how you feel about the blogging and commenting. (I’ve just read your previous post) Blogging is fun but it can become a tyranny. I had to take a week out because there were too many other things waiting. So take your time and do what feels most comfortable for you. blogging isn’t meant to be a chore.

I can see that you are quite busy and happily occupied and that Karma agrees that you should take time to do things in batches.

Never mind about commenting on every post, there isn’t always that much to say anyway. I am cutting back too and hope people understand.

Be happy and take care.

TexWisGirl said...

the door kicking is not cool. karma, sunshine and fresh bread - nice. :)

Anonymous said...

I liked the first "new" Star Trek better. I bought it and watched numerous times.

Janie Junebug said...

Be prepared to wipe away a tear while you watch Amour. The person who slammed into your door wasn't trying to break in, was he? I don't think my blog is as funny and free spirited as it used to be when I invented a character (Lola) to write the blog. She was much looser – in more ways than one – than I am. I'm more of a Midwestern rule follower, too. It's strange that I could allow myself to be someone else and branch out in my writing. I'm kind of sorry I killed Lola.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

My dear Rita,

You aren't the only one who has been too sick to visit anyone, much less those who have left comments on my blog. However, today I made an exception, since I knew I was the host (Bleubeard refuses to learn how to type). I just had to stop often, visit the "powder room," then return. So, please don't feel bad if you don't have the chance to leave comments when you visit. When I get better, I'll visit all the time. I DID catch up on your previous posts. I have to admit I've had my Brita slip out of my hand, too.

Thanks for joining T today. Bleubeard wanted to tell Karma hi and big hugs to her.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

There's nothing like the smell and taste of fresh-baked bread! The photo of the sky is such an intriguing capture! You don't see that often, do you?

AliceKay said...

Beautiful sunrise shot. I love it when I see an "X" in the sky...like it was put there just for me. :)

That noise would have scared me, too! :\

I don't have a "follow by email" on my blog (that I'm aware of) so I'm not sure if you're stopping by my blog these days. With my blog being private (and i prefer it stay that way), I'll understand if you aren't able to stop by now and then to check on me. *hugs*

Homemade bean soup and freshly baked bread sounds great to me. :)

Dianne said...

we all have to decide priorities...so you are doing what's best for you! gotta say, love that pile of pens in the photo...lots of possibility there. happy Tuesday!

Marianne said...

blogging does have its ups and downs. it's sometimes hard to keep up. I just came back after a hectic month and it feels like all of my readers left me. I know it's not true....but it's lonely over at my blog right now.
I saw After Earth and Oblivion. I also recently saw Gravity. All good movies. I am looking forward to Last Vegas. I love the cast.

Beth said...

I will have to look and see if I have the follow by email on my blog.

Your number one priority has got to be yourself Rita!

Zue said...


Zue said...

Well, you have made your good decisions. Now, just stick to them!
Sue xxxx

Shelly said...

Taking care of you and Miss Karma has to be your first priority. Love the first pic, and the second is, of course, wonderful!

Darla said...

Great shot of the X in the sky. Soup and homemade bread has to be one of my favorite meals.


DJan said...

I'm glad you are letting your OCD drift into the background and will be reading blogs when you feel like it, and stop answering every comment. You now get quite a few! I enjoy seeing how many bloggers we share. I think I can smell that bread from here. :-)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I can almost smell the bread baking--my favorite smell! We all have to do what is best for us in our life. I enjoy visiting you via T Tuesday!

Intense Guy said...

I bet that bread smells glorious!!!

That "X" that marked the spot... pirate treasure? :)

~*~Patty S said...

That certainly was a beautiful start to your day!
Baking bread is a great way to stay cozy inside...nothing better than a slice of warm bread and butter in my book...
Take good care of yourself and no worries ...
I too find it harder and harder to be everywhere and do all the things I want!

Mersad said...

My mom also makes fresh bread and I love the smell of it in the morning.

Mersad Donko Photography