Thursday, October 31, 2013


I looked online and it claims the sun came up at 8:06am--LOL!  These pictures were taken at 8:30 and the outside lights were still on.  Lots of noise this morning.  I looked out to see these trucks...
...and it is the time of the month for UHauls, too. 
All the noise was from the mystery men again. 
Now they are doing something to the parking lot instead of the sidewalk. 
No doubt about it this time. 
They had a confab...  
...walked down and had another discussion... 
...walked back and thought some more. 
Whatever they are doing out there it seems to be difficult to figure out.  It must be something important if our tax credit owners are spending money on it.  They are reluctant, shall we say, to fix things they should in the buildings or to clean the carpets in the hallways...things like that.  I am still quite baffled as to what they are fixing out there.  My guess is they were forced somehow to do this--whatever it is.
Myself, I have been cleaning out the last of my Preppy fountain pens.
The blue bulb thingie--I had one of these for Dagan when he was a baby when I took him home from the hospital with pneumonia to suction out his nose and now they sell them to squirt water through pen nibs.  Works like a charm!
Some inks stain so much it gets embedded into the plastic. 
And others come clean as a whistle. 
Those of you who have been around for a while know that I have had drawers filled with the Preppy pens ever since I got my pen cabinet.  The drawer on the left was full of all the pens filled with... bottles I own.  (I have a few more bottles in my desk hutch, too.)
The now empty drawer on the right was full of pens filled with ink samples from Goulet Pens Ink Drop--where I get five new samples every month and I might have enough samples to work my way through for years, ya think?  (These are in a drawer in the dresser under the TV.)  I sometimes had another drawer in my pen chest filled with sample ink Preppy pens, too! 
Why have I not been refilling them and why would I empty the last of the ink out of the final pens?
Because I have fallen in love.
I think it was after my birthday in March that I treated myself to a couple more expensive pens (around $50-55)--or was it after Christmas?  Anyways, I got the red demonstrator Pilot Prera on the left and the TWSBI Mini on the right.  LOVED the Prera so much that I got a lime green one shortly afterwards.  Trouble is--I can't keep my hands off them!!  Especially the Preras!!
  So I have been neglecting my three dollar Preppy pens, which I used to use all the the point that they were drying out and clogging up.  Pens need to be loved and used.  If not--cleaned and gently stored away.  So, I am taking a Preppy break.  Since my hand always wants to reach for these three wonderful pens...for now...I decided to gently store away the Preppys.  You know how I love variety.  Eventually I will want a rainbow of fountain pen choices but, for now, I will have to settle for a rainbow of gel pen choices if the urge hits me--LOL!  I plan to keep refilling my fav-three with ink samples.
These are the types of puttery things that can happily take up my days, folks.  ;)  
Oddly, since I have kicked my OCD blogger to the curb you will probably see more of me...and shorter blogs!  Because I can sit in one session (instead of two or three) and write to you sooner.  I know--seems like everything in my life comes out ass-backwards, doesn't it--LOL!  Makes me happy!
We haven't had a sunny day for---hummm--four days, maybe?  So I'd rather end with another picture of Karma getting her rays.  Which I'm sure she has been missing.  ;)   
Instead we have a grey day with a ton of construction noise.  I should go see what they are doing out there.  
Have a silly day!  :):)
"Love doesn't make the world go 'round.  
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile."
Franklin P. Jones


Teresa Evangeline said...

Yes, I hard rumors of a sun rising as well ... no hard core evidence thus far ... I think your suggestion ... have a silly day ... is the perfect antidote!

Intense Guy said...

I think Karma needs either a tanning lamp or at least one of those "bright sunlight natural" lamps... heck, Kats need Vitamin D too!

They are definitely digging up something "out there" in the lot. Maybe there are looking for Jimmy Hoffa?

Beth said...

Dear one The world is waiting for the sunrise. Remember that old song Rita? It has poured rain here for 2 days straight and I am sick of it. Could be worse and be snow I guess.
Give Karma a nice hug for me.

Janie Junebug said...

We have sunshine to spare, but I'm resting. My mouf hurtsh.


Zue said...

I had a silly day, drove north for 200 miles to visit my son and his family!
My granddaughter is the funniest, most amusing and happy baby! She is 11months old, bonkers and beautiful.
I am having a very silly and gorgeous time with her.


Shelly said...

That picture of Miss Karma should be a poster! And as for really nice pens, which would you recommend out of all of them for doing things like hand lettering on cards?

DJan said...

We went for a hike in the rain, and the sun came out instead! It was wonderful. I know what you mean when you fall in love with a pen... :-)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's rained here off and on for three days. I'm ready for some sunshine, too. The first day it was quite warm and extremely humid. Then the cold set in and I'm huddled under a blanket at times.

I've never heard of ANY of those pens. I guess I lead a very sheltered (or unpenlike) life. Glad to know they must be cleaned and stored if not used. If I ever get one, I'll ask YOU how to take care of it (grin). Hope you had a good Halloween.

Hilary said...

I'd be tempted to call down to them and ask what they're doing. ;)

Serena Lewis said...

Hmmmm....I wonder what those workmen are up to.

Lucky YOU! I so want to get one of those Prera pens! They sound awesome!

Well done on cleaning out all your Preppy fountain pens. I have one of those blower thingies to clear fluid from the tubes on Brad's hearing aids. Works very well.

Glad to hear you plan to blog more. I've only just signed up for Art Every Day Month (November) which is crazy considering my hectic days but I'll give it a try and see what happens. My first post is already done.

Have a lovely weekend! xo

Carol said...

I love INK!!!! I haven't been using it as much lately but the love is still there and I think that today I will drag some of it out and use it :)

andi filante said...

Snot-Water-Squirters!! Genius!!


Mersad said...

That cat is so cute. Love to have discovered your blog (Through the Run*A*Round Ranch blog). Following now! :D

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