Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Wednesday 9:45am

WOYWW today!  
Where I can snoop and see what other people's creative spaces look like.  If you want to snoop, too, go here.  
Well, I started on another of the workshops--Dion Dior's Sparkle-arkle...  
...using that same journal I made with the student grade thin watercolor paper. 
We were supposed to do a background wash around a simple flower shape (which will get covered with layers later). 
I left it to dry overnight.
  Do you see why I hate cheap watercolor paper? 
Oh well, I will keep going.  Maybe the layers will flatter it down a bit--LOL!  Gesso and acrylics definitely work better on this paper.  These have definitely become my junk journals for experiments--LOL!  ;)
I was picked for a 200 subscriber giveaway over at StamperBumper on youtube!  She makes cards and other crafty things.  I covered my address...
...but look at these funny, colorful postage stamps from Finland!  Aren't they cute? 
This is what she gave away.  A package of assorted die-cuts, a variety of scrap papers that match, a bag of seed beads, a roller stamp, and a box of Angry Bird candy.  Leena informed me that Angry Birds originated in Finland.  Did you know that?  I didn't.
The little roller stamp is swirly and quite delicate. 
Here...I ran it across a used envelope to show you.  Pretty! 
Thanks so much, Leena!  :)
Something that has started happening to me on youtube is that the drop down area under the video with all additional information and links--well, as soon as the video is over it disappears completely.  For me anyways.  And restarting the video doesn't work, either.  It won't come back.  Has anyone else had this problem of late?  Very frustrating because some of the craft videos have links to products and then--poof--gone!  I have learned to pause the video before it is done, but it is annoying.
Another annoying thing.  
Every time I turn on the McLap now I get a big notice that iGoogle will be gone in a month and that I had best tend to everything I have stored on iGoogle before it vanishes.  What the heck could I have stored on iGoogle?  I suppose I may have important cyber-info stored on there and don't even know it?  I tell you, I think Google is bound and determined to try to force us all onto Google+...which appears to be just their version of facebook.  
I know I am actually on Google+, but I could count the times I've been there on one hand.  I'm a social network dropout and had hoped to keep it that way...but, I guess I somehow ended up on Google+ at some point and I don't even know how it happened, to be honest.  *sigh*  I don't understand the site or how it works, so I avoid it.  Do any of you actually use it and love it?  I do love my gmail, though.  And they own Blogger now, too.  Goodness!
Anyways, it's no surprise that my leg was acting up yesterday and I had to take it easy.  Did my sciatica exercises and read another library book.  Dagan and Leah are stopping by tonight and leaving the Galant for my doctor appointment on Friday afternoon.  If they don't forget, they should have something really exciting for me (and maybe only to me--lol!) that they picked up for me at Target!  I'll explain and show pictures later if they do.  ;)
Cloudy again today and they're saying overcast with chances of rain every day all the way through the weekend.  And quite cool, 40s and 50s--might hit 60 if we're lucky.  Time to dig out the turtlenecks!  I love fall!  Rain or shine!  
Enjoy the change of season wherever you are.  :) :)
"Drag your thoughts away from your the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it."
Mark Twain


Intense Guy said...

From what I can tell, Mac's often use iGoogle as a "homepage" (i.e., Safari with iGoogle) I suspect you need to remove the iGoogle part - this website has some possible replacements. I personally do not know how to "set the home page" in Safari on the Mac. I personally use a "blank" (i.e., none) home page.

I'm sure you, with or without Dagan can get 'er done! :)

DJan said...

I don't know what iGoogle is, either. I use a Mac and haven't seen that notice. I would ignore it if I were you and see what, if anything, happens. I got on Google+ because my brother invited me, but I never visit it. I am a fan of Facebook, though. :-)

Friko said...

Congratulations on your lucky win, lots of goodies to please you!

About Google+ - I don’t want it, I don’t know how to do it and I find it annoying when I have to go through a long rigmarole of clicking to finally get to a blogger via Google+.

It’s enough to make me stop blogging!

I hope you’ll get your other prezzie. Lucky lady.

Sharon Madson said...

Love all the goodies you got! And that wheel makes the neatest design on that envie. I didn't know there were such things as Sciatica exercises. I need to find those!
And I love your Mark Twain quote!
Happy WOYWW!
Sharon #98

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Sorry to hear that your sciatica is still acting up. Mine is finally settling down letting other body part act up instead. I'm with you.. I'm on Google + but how? I do not know. It just happened. Love the little swirly roller stamp you won. The Finnish postage stamps are awesome! Now I'm jealous at our dull boring forever flag stamps. Maybe more people would send mail if we had better postage stamps. I think I'll run that by the Post Office and see what they think. I really like your simple open style desk with the shelves over it.... I'd be afraid to knock everything off the edges if it were mine though. You seem to have it down pat though. Have fun playing with your cheap watercolor paper. At least it gives you a feel for the techniques without the extra cost. Just know that it will be even better when you upgrade the paper!

TexWisGirl said...

i have a google+ acct but almost NEVER go out there. i use it to leave +1s on folks' posts if anything.

i do love gmail, though. :)

Janie Junebug said...

The stamps from Finland are adorable. I keep seeing "angry birds" all over the place, but I don't know what it means and I don't care enough to Google it. I'm on Google+, but I don't understand it; and I don't know what iGoogle is. Waaaaaah!Blogger won't let me read more than one blog at a time. I read a blog and then I have to log out and log back in to read another blog. I'm sick and it's not fair. Worthless! Absolutely worthless!


Anonymous said...


I thought I was being clever, but I Googled Godgle, and someone else all ready thought of it.

Shelly said...

What a great bundle of surprises! I'm glad you got them and are already enjoying them.

I wish I could be of more help, but I don't even understand Google +.

Where's Miss Karma today?

Beth said...

I do believe that Google wants to rule the world.

Neesie said...

It's all a mystery to me Rtia...I too suddenly had a Google+ account without doing a thing as far as I'm concerned.
I'm so interested in Dion Diors tutorials. If I had a little free time I would have signed up too ;D
The roller stamp certainly brightens up a plain envelope. Don't you just love receiving post!
Dark wet and rather yukky here this morning...I hope it improves later but it doesn't look like it will :(
I'll just have to brighten the day with some art! :D
Enjoy your day and WOYWW. I didn't join in this week so no number
Missed Karma ^..^

Darla said...

You sure received a fun batch of goodies and I'll bet you find a good use for every one of them. Have fun with your new class.


Anonymous said...

Your space is looking good.

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

What a great win!! Fun stuff!!!

Carol said...

Oh I love the little roller stamp :) and as to the cheap watercolor paper I"m right there with you. Even the grandkids complain about it :)
I don't know anything about I Google either so no help there. Have a great day!!!

The Taming of the Glue said...

What a gorgeous package of goodies. The stamps are brilliant, wish ours were more fun! Enjoy your painting classes. Hugs. Pam#41

1artsychick said...

It's probably been said but I didn't read your comments...lazy me. Actually I'm on my phone not the best wway to read post, but the computer has been hard since surgery.....
Anyhoo...I think if you have a gmail account you have a google plus account automatically...could be wrong but I'm on there too and don't remember joining. I'm lost on it. Google has always had Blogger. I have a friend who works at Google, yes Google and Microsoft want to take over the world....Bwahahaha (evil laugh). Sounds like you are doing well except for the leg, hope it stops acting up soon. I need to post about my surgery but as I said, the computer is hard lately. Have a happy time as much as possible. Wendy

Claire said...

Thanks for stopping by - sorry I'm so late in replying!
Loving your journal pages, hope you enjoy your course :) Love your moomin stickers!!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I am envious of your rolling stamp. I want one to do some upcycling of vintage luggage. I suppose I need to just look harder, eh?

Oodles of love, my friend!

AliceKay said...

Every once in awhile, when I click on the "Show more" link on YouTube, it won't open or let me see the links or anything else that might be posted below that line. It hasn't done it to me lately, tho.

I've never tried Google+. Don't intend to, either. LOL (unless forced to)

It was near 80 and very humid here yesterday. I had the air conditioners running for most of the day. It was warm and muggy this morning when I went to work, but a storm front went thru and now my furnace is running. Goes from one extreme to another.

Serena Lewis said...

Congratulations on your new cookware! What a dream it will be for you to use. :)

Btw, glad that your doctor's appointment went well. (read your earliest post first....hehehe)

Serena Lewis said...

I like the ink roller design. :)

Congratulations on your big win! YAY!! And no, I didn't know that Angry Birds originated in Finland. Isn't there a game called Angry Birds?? I think my sister has it on her phone.

Google has always owned Blogger. It's only been in recent years that Google has made it possible to sync the two together. I am with Google+ and don't mind it although I don't go on there as much as I do Facebook. OH, and iGoogle ending simply means that it will go back to the standard Google. I use the Chrome browser so will be able to add all the Apps that were available in iGoogle such as Calendar, News, Gmail etc., to Chrome. However, I will miss iGoogle. I LOVE Google so it wouldn't bother me if it took over the world. hehehe It has helped me countless times. I think Apps and touch screens are the main focus for the future from the sounds of things. Apps work best with smart phones and touch screens. :)

We've been having some record highs for this time of year and we're still in Spring....dreading Summer. :(

Love and hugs,
Serena xo