Friday, November 09, 2007


Didn't sleep well or long. I twisted my right knee somehow a couple days ago and it has swollen up and hurts like the dickens (to keep it clean). Could have been twisting when I am up and about, but also has done this just from sitting at the computer or in a chair and not keeping my knees straight. You know how you can let a knee fall to the side if the chair is low? I cannot do that anymore or I put my knees out. And I forget that every once in a while. Or I twist the wrong way moving something--or even in my sleep sometimes. Such is life, eh? Hobble! Hobble! Hobble! hehe!

Dagan is coming this afternoon to work on the computer--hurray! So, hopefully, he will figure out the problem and I will have my main computer back later today. I just don't keep much stuff on the laptop. We didn't want them to be able to network and talk to each other--because then if I lose one I would probably lose them both. I didn't want that. Like right now--I am glad they don't have their brains connected--hehe!

I mostly use the laptop for writing my "morning pages" (from The Artist's Way) and for back-up. If I knew how to transfer information over to this laptop by hand--then I'd use it more than I do, I suppose. But, then again--I have less problems with the laptop because I use it less time per day than the desktop and there is less information packed into it--hehe!

Hopefully things will get back to normal soon. :)

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