Saturday, November 24, 2007


I have a couple of fake plants in the garage and I was just going to donate them for pick-up when I got the garage cleaned out. Since we have had a bit of a problem with stolen items and destruction of property around the building lately, I decided to see if I could change the energy a little bit. When I went out yesterday to bring in my Christmas things, I brought in the largest arrangement that I used to have on top of my desk hutch in Moorhead and put it on the barren table that is across from the elevator. So now this is what you see when the door opens.
In Moorhead I faced North and got very little light for real plants, so I bought up some fake ones. I miss greenery around my home. :)
I won't feel badly if it does disappear--like the huge gold framed mirror that used to hang above this table. I donated it--come what may. I am just hoping to send out some different energy. It is now officially the Christmas season, after all--at least to me once Thanksgiving is over--hehe!

Also, believe it or not, I have one handmade paper bookcard left. So, I decided to try something else, now that the handmade paper is used up. I took white cardstock and glued fancy paper over the top of it and used that as a cover. :)
Can't tell I love making and using bookcards, eh? Chuckle!
And I have a card ready to send off a check to Haiying when my order arrives with a total or she emails me with a total. (The order was mailed out from China, so it might take a while to get here.)
I thought I'd show you what a difference having the seals makes. Somehow it looks more like a finished product--complete. :)
The square one is my "Rita" seal/chop and the round one is the "Soul Comfort" one.
I have been in the process of switching back to days. Have to be ready to make Christmas cards on Monday! :)
I hope everybody had a nice holiday with safe travel--and now have good memories to carry with you.

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