Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Well, now yesterday my cord isn't working for the camera to put the pictures onto the computer? I'll have Dagan look at it when he comes later tonight.

Leah is so swamped with work and calls this morning that she is going to come over later this afternoon. I might try to close my eyes for a while in my chair, actually. First I have little or no sleep and then finally collapse and sleep one night--and then I'm back to little sleep again. ?? It will pass. It always does. :)

Anyways--the big news! Leah drove by the lot yesterday and there were men out there taping off and measuring!! So, they are finally going to get the foundation started--tada!! Not a moment too soon, in my opinion--been down in the 20's at night several nights. Just so glad that it has finally begun!! :):):)

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