Saturday, November 10, 2007


I am not the only one who is yawning. When I have very short, restless nights--like I have had the past two nights--Karma won't sleep with me in my little single bed. She sleeps in the hallway where she can watch me wiggle and knows if I get up to go to the bathroom--but doesn't have to put up with the constant shifting in my endless search to find a comfortable postion. She has been accidentally pushed off the bed in the past--which was an unforgivable affront to a sprawly cat who is used to being watched out for and stepped around 90% of the time--hehe!
Well, Dagan came over and got the desktop back online in a matter of minutes! Am I not blessed!? He was going to copy the brains from the two computers into each other--and he started copying the desktop onto the laptop (takes hours and hours)--but the online signal gets weak every so often and would abort the program. So, he said he has to bring a cord with next time and then he can do it directly.

I won't post the two stencils we are using for the Christmas cards, but this is the rest of the small order I got from Stencils With Style. Some silver stencil paste--the real stuff they sell to go with stencils so we can try it and see what the difference is between that and the caulking paste Leah got from Target. A spatula and Scotch removeable tape.
We want to experiement and see what it would look like if we mix in glitter, microglitter, microbeads, Pearl Ex powder, and anything else we can think of--hehe! That is what I think I will be doing this weekend. I emailed Leah to ask her if she wanted me to wait until Wednesday when she comes over--just to be sure--but I don't think she will care if I start earlier.

Here's what I will be looking at--a lot--the next few weeks. Going to be interesting!

At the moment, tho--just trying to keep my eyes open. Am yawning with Karma. :)

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