Thursday, November 08, 2007


This is a late in the day post. My desk computer won't let me get online. I am using the laptop. I have a difficult time typing on the laptop for some reason. My sentences can leap backwards into the middle of another sentence or up to a paragraph can disappear entirely. I have never yet figured out what keys I am accidentally hitting. Anyways....

Tuesday my friend, Duane, was here. We gave each other's books back that we borrowed--must be six months ago? I still have two of his left to read. Obviously I have not been reading as much lately. We had a nice visit, as usual. :)

Leah suggested that, since she was just running over to pick up the pottery, I stay here and she'd bring it over. Turned out that was a good idea. Nothing had been fired yet. So she is going back this coming Tuesday. And she might as well bring them over on Wednesday when she usually comes over.

Yesterday Leah was over all day (as she has started to do now, Karma hid under the bed??). The stencil order came, too--tada! I took a picture of the supplies that came--minus the stencils themselves (so people who will be getting our cards can't know ahead of time--hehe!), but I can't do the pictures with the laptop. Don't even know how and I store all my pictures on the desktop computer. So--later--when the desktop gets fixed.

I made us dinner--kind of a late dinner for my boy's birthday, I guess--hehe! He was 33 on the 2nd!! Dagan came over after he got off work. Made a pot roast, potatoes, carrots, and gravy. Leah surprised me and brought along buttermilk and made buscuits from scratch!! Yummy! Dagan was tortured by the smells until we ate--hehe!

Dagan was going to connect remotely to my computer so they can just go in and fix troubles themselves and not have to talk me thru it on the phone. But when he left--I couldn't get online at all. He isn't sure what he did. So, he's stopping by after work tomorrow at noon and will look at it. If he comes over and it mysteriously, miraculously works....we don't know why, but that happens a lot with him. Dagan has the magic touch with computers. Leah or I can have problems and he will sit down and poof! The computer works for him?? Magic touch, I tell you. But I have tried three times yesterday and twice today--nothing.

So, that is what I have been up to. And I hope I have my desk computer and the regular keyboard back tomorrow afternoon. :)

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