Thursday, November 01, 2007


We made it shopping yesterday!! Tada! First went over to Moorhead Center Mall to K&Krafts. They have the most brass stencils in town, but now basically only carry from one company--and that one is a little too cutsy for us. I have been searching online and sending Leah links. We will find something we like--either the same stencil or we'll each find something spearately that we like. Did buy some rubber stamps at K's and some bluish, shimmery snowflakes.
We headed back to Fargo and went to Hobby Lobby--where we picked up cheap flat brushes (to play with for bamboo stalks), adhesive, white Sculpy polymer clay, and I've always wanted to try a Uhu glue stick.
Now, I have this happen on rare occasions with the camera--get pink pictures? I think I am trying to take another picture too soon? Not sure. This was Michael's--hehe! It was very, very windy--but that wouldn't make it pink. Just goes to show you that I sure can mess up photos sometimes.
Anyways, we went to Michael's because they carry some of the papermaking supplies and we thought of something for next year, actually, and wanted to check and see if they had what we were thinking of over there--no. But Martha Stewart now has craft supplies and we did find a clear stamp alphabet!! Leah has been looking for one with tiny letters and a plain font for like two years!! What a find!! Leave it to Martha! I wanted to try Martha's new glue sticks, of course.
Leah surprised me and brought me over to Clay Your Way. Leah hasn't ever made anything there--just wandered thru the store. Not a lot to pick from. Looks like they cater to having a lot of kids paint their own plates and cups? Everything is bisqueware--already fired once--and it looks like they hand paint on the glaze. Then you come back later and pick it up after it is fired again. Nothing interested us, actually. But I am glad I finally got to go and check it out.
Then we came back to my place and Leah caught up on stuff for work.
Here's the booty from our day of shopping! Just lots of little things. Was a lot of fun!
Dagan came over after work and, when Leah was finally finished, we all went to check out a new Chinese restaurant. Used to be The Mandarin and now it is called The Palace. They still have the fish pond and tank--Koi in it now and it is clean. It isn't all dark and dingy in there like when it was The Mandarin (we didn't like it or the food then). They opened it up inside and serve buffet--Chinese, Korean, Japanese--and sushi when the sushi chef isn't on vacation as he was last night--hehe! I was just as glad! Dagan and Leah have been trying to convince me to try sushi and the very thought makes me feel like a Survivor contestant puking in the sand! I guess there is a really good sushi restaurant in town now that Dagan and Leah and their friends just love.
Anyways--much improved from the old place! Better food and now so clean and open in there! I really liked the tempura sauce and the sweet and sour--(never had tempura before--was good). Had scoop ice cream for dessert--not the soft serve--chocolate and strawberry. We'd go back--probably when the buffet is fresher--we were near the end of the evening--hehe! Still was good to me, tho. I hope people realize the restaurant is open and is a new place. I found a coupon and that is the only way we knew. (Then forgot the coupon at home--duh!! Dagan and Leah found that very amusing--my searching and searching my bag in the car all the way there.) It wasn't very busy when we were there--but it was a Wednesday night.
Well, was a long day for me, but so worth it. Then Caroline came this morning to clean. I am hobbling about today. Definitely a noodle day for me--hehe!! :) Was such a nice day to be out and about and in the craft stores--ahhh!!! Fun!! :)

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