Thursday, November 15, 2007


What a mess digging for a house, eh? But so exciting!! :)
Photos by Leah.

They have begun and Leah takes pictures. Then she gets them to me so I can post them for you all. The process has finally begun!! :)
These are the samples I got finished--(threw together--didn't have to look good). Took me all day. You have to mix up each one and then immediately clean everything off so the caulk doesn't dry on anything. We aren't using any of these stencils. Well, unless we can't get the larger one we chose to work well--then we might have to use that smaller Christmas stencil--hehe!
Turned out that Leah was so swamped with work and calls yesterday that she didn't make it over all day. Dagan arrived first, actually, after work. Leah stopped and picked up a pizza that you can bake at home (Papa Murphy's)--was very good. We ate pizza while we watched Without A Trace and saw the second half of the story that started on CSI last week.
After that we did a Sacred Circle! Been many, many months--was nice! We did the burning bowl and some angel cards. Got in touch--spiritually--and with where each of us is at right now. I was pleased that Dagan and Leah's dream of flipping houses some day includes eventually providing cheap student housing for college kids and housing for the homeless. Having a spiritually based dream--awesome! Seems a good fit for them both. Every dream starts with that first step, right?
Myself, I have finally been feeling the bubbling of wanting a change--an expansion. To"write-write" again--needing Sacred Circles and to get out my spiritual books again. I haven't been writing-writing since I had to leave college in 2004. We haven't had Sacred Circle since March or April--and there's no reason why I can't do that by myself as I have done most of my life. I have had a very one-sided life most of this past year, I guess. Have basically been immersed in the arts and crafts part of my being. But to be balanced I need three aspects: the arts/crafts/creating with my hands part, the reading/writing/creating with my mind part, and the spiritual/meditation/connecting part. When I get off to one side or another for too long--it begins to bother me. I get restless and feel that bubbling away inside of me that needs other outlets. I think I needed a good long time of rest. Rest time over? Probably? I just feel things will be shifting by 2008--in a good way. :)

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