Thursday, November 29, 2007


Wednesday they had the framing up for pouring the walls for the foundation/basement. Said they were pouring the concrete at 3pm. TaDa! Don't they look cold! The wind chill was below zero!

Leah came over about noon.
She sets up by the table with her laptop and cell phone so she can easily answer emails and calls from work.
We started to try out the new caulks and discovered that three out of five of the new tubes did not clean up with water. So Leah made a trip over to the home store and got mineral spirits. That worked--as suggested. We settled on the whites that are water soluable for our cards. When we don't have so many to make, then we can use the others. (Takes longer to clean the brass stencil after each use with the mineral spirits.)
Dagan came over after work. I made spaghetti for dinner. Was a nice day!

I slept in late today--and very well, thank goodness. I'll be puttering off and on with the stencils and caulk every day until I am finished. I can only do so many a day since I have to hold the stencil some with my bad hand. Leah will be back next Wednesday--if I am not finished, she will help me get enough of them done. I am making 50. Leah is making 15. Hehe! I am hoping I can get done or nearly done by next Wednesday--so--I am off to play with caulk some more.... :)

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