Friday, May 23, 2008


When I pull a chair over to work on the magic paper this is quite an interesting event to Miss Karma. You can tell how quiet our life is here if moving a chair is a big excitement in her life--hehe!

She always jumps up on the chair to steal a few minutes before I am ready to sit down and practice--and kick her off--hehe!

I told you it is difficult to ever get pictures of my magic paper practice--because it dries so fast and I am so slow--hehe! :) I guess I need to have the camera right there next to me--chuckle! Anyways, this is what I do for fun and relaxation. No worries! Not wasting any paper or ink. Can try out my various brushes. Practice the strokes. And--poof! Gone! Just using water, so I don't even have to clean the brushes!

I have mostly been working on orchids and bamboos--still. :) I am having trouble with finding the right brush to use for the bamboo trunks--or the right technique. They are much harder than they look. All of it is, really. The paintings can look so simple and serene--but they are very difficult to accomplish. Funny how excited you can get over a good bamboo leaf or a graceful orchid leaf. The rest of it might be poor--but you can have this one perfect stroke! Practice and time are definitely the secret to Chinese brush painting. :)

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