Monday, May 19, 2008


Karma spent most of the entire day and night inside the wardrobe rack. I didn't have the heart to roll it back yesterday--hehe! Morning...



She would leave to eat, drink, go to the catbox, and walk through the porch to check for bugs--but return to her cozy spot. I'd say she spent 80% of the time in there yesterday--hehe! I think maybe she remembers that the rack only comes in briefly twice a year. She began an intense begging routine as soon as I first zipped it up--hehe! But--today it goes back--regardless--begging or no begging. Takes up too much room in here. Goodness! The things Karma considers her own!
Has been back in the 60s during the days. Cloudy with sprinkles or light rain off and on the past few days--and the sun peeks out here and there. Quite dark to the east this morning and no sun. Yup! I just turned on the news and it says scattered thunderstorms today. If we do get rain, I hope we do get a thunderstorm! I love the high drama of a good thunderstorm. The air has that clean, clear smell afterwards--the grass stands high and the leaves shoot out--ahh!
I hope everybody is sending prayers and healing energy to China--and money or assistance if you are able, of course. The earth has been tulmultuous and violent in so many countries these past few years--alterations, changes. It is a comfort to see people reaching out and helping each other in times of need. We are capable of great empathy, love, and generosity. Makes you proud to be part of the human family. Wish we could remember who we are all of the time--not just in times of crisis and trauma. But--any time we remember is a good and beautiful thing.

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