Monday, May 26, 2008


Very chilly in here this morning! I had the porch door and the bedroom window wide open all night and it got down to 37 degrees, I guess. No wonder most people obsess on the weather up here. Things like this should teach me to pay closer attention, eh? Only 45 degrees right now. And they have turned the heat off for the summer already, apparently--well, it is May--and you don't expect it to be in the 30s in May!? Nutty weather!

It has been slowly warming up in here a little since I shut the place up, but I emailed Jennifer to warn her to wear layers--hehe! I have sweaters and a sweatshirt she can use if she doesn't read it before she comes over. Me--I would rather it was cool than hot, any day! I am sitting here in a short-sleeve T-shirt and wet hair! Little cool for me--not that bad, but I do recognize other people's need for warmth--hehe! Me--I kind of retain and manufacture my own heat these days--chuckle!

Going to be a fun day! Jennifer picked me up a brush pen and a box of refills from Wet Paint down in St. Paul this weekend. She was down for the day hitting the used books stores and art supply stores--what fun! I have heard so much about these Pentel Pocket Brush pens online--going to be fun to play with. But--not today! Today is journal making day! :)

Oh funny! As I was writing this I just got an email from Jennifer and she had her patio door cracked open all night and her place was cold, too--hehe! So she is well aware. Funny! Funny! She is off to buy some supplies and then she'll be over. Going to learn something new today!!

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