Friday, September 14, 2007


My headset died last Thursday and I needed a new one--can't hold the phone with my bad arm (and that's my good ear--hehe!) They don't seem to sell the headsets with the two padded ear pieces anymore. Leah now has a "blue tooth". (I had no idea what in the world that was!) She thought it would work well for me and let me try hers. Here's Leah wearing her blue tooth ear piece.
Leah stopped a couple places for me and couldn't find anything like my old one, so we had agreed she'd pick me up a blue tooth if she couldn't find the old one. She charged it up for me at home and then stopped by last night with it after the smokes run--close to 10pm, I think it was. I am shocked that this little contraption can transmit your voice from the side of your head? Leah spent a couple of hours last night teaching me how it worked. We played with it until I got comfortable--calling each other, etc. Got the charger set up with my phone charger on my headboard--and the cords pulled up and away from Karma's teeth (she often sleeps under the bed). Ha! I never even thought I would ever have a cell phone--now I have this Star Trek looking earpiece! Never say never, right? Will take me two months to pay them back. I think it will be worth it. :)
Anyways, to catch up--my folks were here back on Wednesday the 5th. We had a nice visit. Leah could come over for the day this time and be on call. We met Dagan at Denny's for lunch. I actually ordered from the "senior" menu for the first time in my life. Was weird! Could have last year, actually--hehe! Mom and Dad got a kick out of their daughter ordering from the senior menu and teased me a little.
On the way home Mom saw Hobby Lobby and had never been to one before--so Mom, Dad, Leah, and I wandered around Hobby Lobby for a long time. Leah and I had been meaning to go to pick up a few things, anyways, so we got our shopping done. Came back to my apartment and played with plaster of Paris--hehe! What we wanted to use it for didn't work--long story. Was fun, tho--and we have some other new things to play with.
We used this service I didn't know they had up here--a taxi-type service that will go pick up meals at restaurants that don't normally have delivery and bring it to your door. ?? You order online--certain restaurants are involved--we ordered from Bennigan's. You can tell them when you want the food delivered--and we had food shortly after Dagan got here after work. Mom and Dad had to drive back to Perham and Dad can't drive after dark, so they wanted to get going by 6pm--so they ate and ran--hehe!
The next day I woke up sick and was sick for days. Finally feeling better and then had company--chuckle! The blog went by the wayside there for a while. My former Spanish professor from Concordia and I have remained friends (she doesn't work there anymore)--Maria came over for the day on Tuesday the 11th. I sat way too long in the chair by the window--forgot to set my timer--my own fault. We had a such a nice time! Been a long time since we had hours to spend together! Was great!
Then on Wednesday Leah and I had planned our first Craft Day--tada! Dagan had planned to come by for lunch and then after work for dinner--since Leah couldn't connect remotely to her work computer and their home computer for some reason. If she couldn't--she couldn't come over on Wednesdays for Crafts! :( Dagan played around with it and got it to work! TaDa! So, hopefully it will work next Wednesday and from now on! :)
Those two--they are so casual about things! They calmly told me that they are going to be able to build the house!! I am so excited for them!! I was the one practically jumping up and down--they just stand there and smile--hehe! Supposed to break ground in a couple of weeks maybe? Leah was busy getting insurance on her way here that day. I am so happy for them! This is what they wanted. :)
Leah and I didn't actually get much chance to talk that day. The Internet was down in India and so then she gets all the calls until it is up again--but it was just nice to have her here--and great to see Dagan, too! Loved it! :)
Company both days was wonderful--but it doesn't take much to wear me out--hehe! All I could muster yesterday was to wash clothes. Today I am washing sheets and towels. Feeling a little more energetic today since I slept 10 hours!
Let's see, other than that--I made a few more bookcards. I started getting the parts ready for more when I need them. Folded all the handmade paper in half while Leah was here on Wednesday. Plan to punch holes in the covers and a big stack of paper--then all I have to do is pick how thick I want the book and sew it together. I want to get most of the bookcard stuff done and off the table so I can set up for painting again.
Since Leah and I plan on Crafts every Wednesday--she will have a side of the table designated for her use from week to week. :) Her first project is to paint and laquer a set of boxes she bought at Hobby Lobby. I got a box, too--different kind than hers--and have to decide what I am going to do with it--paint, stain, etc? I am going to watch her and might do mine the same technique as she is doing--deep reddish color.
Anyways, sadly that is pretty much it for catching you up for over a week of my life--hehe! I watched some movies--got hooked on Heroes (Dagan and Leah told me about it and are watching the first season on DVD from Netflix and sending them over to me after)--wrote some letters--pretty quiet over here in Fargo, as usual. I love my quiet life! It's about time--hehe! Later....

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