Tuesday, September 18, 2007


This is what I worked on yesterday. I needed to cut more sheets for the insides of the bookcards. The cutter can handle three at a time.
Then I sat and folded them two at a time with the bone folder.
This is my wooden box that I got at Hobby Lobby when my folks were here. Works out very well for storing the bookcard parts! :)
By the time I finished punching all the holes in the ivory paper, the box was full on the left side!
So, I am all set to go. The table is mostly cleared off from when I finished up last night. But--I didn't sleep well at all last night and am basically non-funtional today, as far as that goes. Can barely walk--hip is glitchy. Tomorrow will be better.

Caroline came today and cleaned. She took my garbage out for me, too, thank goodness! That is appreciated--especially on days like today--hehe! I am so grateful for the help. :)
Leah starts the pottery class again tonight. She signed up for this next session--tada! This time maybe she will be able to take advantage of mopre of the extra time, too. I guess you can go there any night of the week--besides the actual class night--and practice--and create masterpieces--hehe! Leah wants to try to make a teapot and cups this session--more the plainer oriental style. Cool! That sounds complicated to me! She had improved so much during her first session, I can hardly wait to see what she makes this time! :)
Tomorrow is our craft day! I am praying that the remote computer connections work perfectly. And that I get some sleep! :)

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