Sunday, September 23, 2007


Finally got back to practicing my brush painting yesterday! Got my half of the table set up again--hehe! I practiced orchids and bamboo. They were turning out absolutely terribly, but I just kept on doing the strokes. It is still a meditative process, regardless of the outcome. :)
And...I was practicing writing "Rita" in Chinese. Right now, I am more trying to memorize the characters. My skill level is zero--ROFL! I took scribbly notes from Haiying's video. Just trying to memorize the shapes right now.
I got out the student grinding stone and the ink stick from Jerry's Artarama and--yes!--made my own ink! There is just enough room to make very small circles on the one end of the stone. I am not exactly sure what I am doing, but my stick can stand up--so I must be grinding the end properly upright?
Notice the digital timer stuck to the base of the lamp--hehe! I just have to remember to set it! Keeps me in line!
Today is supposed to get up to near 90 degrees--was mid 80's yesterday, too--but tomorrow only expected to be mid-60's. I have had to close up and put the AC on during the day--but it is chilly at night. No wonder I have a stuffy head and runny nose--besides the usual seasonal allergies and all the sneezing--hehe!
Well, I am off -- timer already went off a little bit ago...
Have a good day!

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