Thursday, September 27, 2007


Yesterday I called Leah when I got up. She gives me time to shower and dress and unthaw a little--came over with Burger King chicken sandwiches! Wednesdays are our day to do art, crafts, shopping, etc.

I had a bag all ready for her with some things so that she could practice some brush painting at home: the shell kit with the basics, extra liquid ink, felt, practice paper, and some brushes from OAS. She declined. Said she didn't think she would ever do any painting at home--that she might like to play a little with it here, but that was about it. So, I unpacked everything.

Leah is on call, of course, while she is here and had quite a few calls. While she was on the phone, I got online and was checking email. I always check to see if Haiying has any new videos--and she had a series of them! Bamboo for the beginner!

[Note: She has since added a series on orchids for the beginner!! I am thrilled! These are the two plants that I am working on all the time--trying to learn how to paint them decently.]

I was so excited!! I asked Leah if she wanted to watch them with me--she and I watched them and, afterwards, Leah decided that she wanted to try some bamboo after watching Haiying.

We spent the afternoon playing and playing! Had the best time! And Leah was standing and painting so much larger!! Me--I think cards and have always been such a small painter. Leah--she is thinking wall hangings and maybe being able to paint a scroll one day!

I was just practicing my name (Rita)--over and over--just trying to remember the strokes so I don't have to look at the paper anymore. I am getting there. Then I can concentrate on the shapes of the individual strokes after I have it memorized. Well, Leah inspired me to stand up and try a couple of larger bamboos for the very first time! Alien! Felt alien to me! But it was fun!

I didn't ask Leah if I could actually post what she had painted, so here is how much of the brown paper towel roll that she used up! She was going to town! She had the roll on the floor and was just painting and rolling up what she had done--standing--and shocking herself as to how she could hold the brush in the air and paint!
She and I both like a lot of control. I have loosened up in some little ways over the years. Just learning how to use a brush was a stretch for me. Brushes are floppy and hard to control. I had a death grip on my pencils and pens, like Leah does now, when I was younger. She had the same fears about brushes that I have had--so she totally amazed me and amazed herself yesterday!
Hehehe!! She ended up taking home most of the stuff I had unpacked! Different brushes, tho--larger ones. She paints larger and bolder! This was her very first attempt! We had so much fun! Was a wonderful, wonderful day yesterday!!

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