Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sunday- 7:30am

I am surprised that these little birds are landing and sitting our railing when I have the screen there? They were back again early this morning to sit in the rising sun.
Hard to get pictures of them with the screen floating back and forth in the breeze, but you can see their shadows.
At one point there were five of them sitting on the railing. Karma just sits up like this and twitches her tail like crazy--but doesn't really know what to do about them. She has been trained not to attack birds, of course, growing up with Gracie--or to try not to. She knows I don't want her to hurt these little birds, and I doubt she could do a single thing to them with the screen inbetween, regardless.
They are babies. They open their mouths at each other as if wanting somebody to feed them. So much for the maintanence man believing they do not nest later in the year. They are little swallows, I believe. They have come to find these taller apartment buildings perfect for their reproductive needs. I am sure glad that I have the screen up. The first spring here I had a nest of them right on top of the porch light. I didn't disturb them--but what a mess to clean up by the time they left! I put up the screen and they haven't been able to nest on my porch since then. But I see them flying all over the place around the building. So, I am glad I have the screen for many reasons, I guess. Keeps Karma in and the birds and mosquitoes out--hehe! :)

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