Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Yesterday I was sleeping when the men came to fix the windows in the living room. I thought they were just fixing the ones that leaked water, so I told him I had no leakage. But I did have air leakage because I couldn't lock the windows in the winter--they were askew. So, I called the office and told them that--after I was up and showered and had time to think about it. They sent the men back and they worked on the windows until they could close and lock--tada! I have one window that is very hard to open and close and is quite squeaky and loud--but, because it isn't broken--yet--they can't do anything about it. (That is how the bedroom window was before the spring unit broke.)

Then--the Internet was down from the afternoon until late last evening? Was down last week for four hours, also. They must be having problems of some kind? Hope they got them all fixed now. Very annoying!

Dagan and Leah have had more complications with the building of their house. Now they found out that the lot was too small to fit the house on! And they only have the average size that they are making houses these days--nothing extra. Poor planning on the part of the developers--made the cul-de-sac and/or lots too small. They will have problems with other people building there, also! Dagan and Leah were going to try to get another lot, but they had already purchased this one and it would have cost them additional money to get out of this sale on this cul-de-sac lot. So now they have talked to the contractors and have had to kind of redesign the house so that the garage is attached a little back and at an angle, if I understand correctly, (instead of the normal way straight across with the garage forward like they do now) to fit it around the cul-de-sac. It didn't even fit the normal way. Good grief! What next, eh?

Meanwhile, I got the Heroes DVDs and was watching and watching Heroes yesterday! More today! I am as hooked on this show as I was on Deadwood, but for different reasons. Love it!! I taped the new episode that was on last night--the start of season two--but have to wait until I finish many hours of season one DVDs before I can watch it--hehe! And so that is where I am headed now.... :)

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