Monday, September 17, 2007


I finished punching the holes in the entire stack of handmade paper covers for the bookcards, as you can see.
Got started punching the inner pages (need to cut and fold more, too), but my weak arm started to burn (just from pressing and holding the ruler in place) so I had to stop.
I hope to be finished before Leah comes over on Wednesday. :)

It was warmer yesterday--got up to 78 degrees, I believe. Is warmer today, too--but raining and so thickly humid that I had to close it up and put the AC on. Supposed to be raining off and on for days, I guess.

Well, let's see....I love my bluetooth! Will be using my cell phone most of the time now that I don't have any headset for the portable phone anymore. I have had people ask why I have both. Well, Dagan needs a land line phone for his pacemaker checks--to be able to use the machine that sends the information over the telephone. He and Leah do not have a land line (both have cell phones) and I did. So, I am keeping mine and they are paying for my cell phone on their family plan. Does that make sense? Does to us--hehe!

And Leah told me, that since she is using her cell for work, she added more free minutes to their plan. So, she said I can use my cell phone to make appointments and such during the day--where I would have had the headphone when you are waiting and using all the various buttons to get a human being--hehe! I can talk to anybody who has a Sprint phone for free any time of the day or night, I guess. But, I don't think I know anybody who has Sprint--except for Dagan and Leah--hehe! That's okay. After all the years I have lived up here in the North Country (since 1999) away from most of my friends and family, I am not accustomed to using the phone like I did when I lived in Minneapolis, anyways. I am still trying to remember that I CAN call long distance for free at certain times--hehe! Old dog and new tricks...

Leah is taking the pottery class again and starts tomorrow! She is hoping to try to make a teapot this time. That is a complicated piece to make! She had improved so much last time during the course of the class--and this time she might be able to get over there more often, too. I think they can go there any day during the week (besides the class day) when they are enrolled in the class. She might be able to take advantage of that more this time. :) She said she is going to make Karma a set of bowls since Karma loves Leah's handmade bowls so much-- we're not sure why, but she does. Nice of Leah.

Haiying is back home in Australia from her trip to Beijing. She put up some short videos--you can hear the joy in her voice! Going home always refreshes the soul.

Here's the man who carved the seals for us:
And where she bought brushes and paper:

She has many new videos about her trip--snoop if you find them interesting! Myself, I am fascinated! The gigantic ink stone blew me away! And the bookstore with aisle after aisle of art books! Her bike trip down the alleyways--meeting her teacher again from when she was a child--showing the shops and streets--can't help but intrigue a girl from Minnesota, you know--hehe! I just saw she has added more, too!

When her husband comes to the United States later this month he will mail us our orders. You can bet I will have pictures on the blog! hehe!

Well, I guess I had best get back to punching holes if I am ever going to get the table cleared off so I can get the brush painting supplies set up again, right? I haven't even begun to practice writing my I'd better get busy...bye!

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